Why Nurses and Name Badges Are Unstoppable


The world can be a scary place. Fully of uncertainty, bad luck, and terrifying twists and turns of events in our everyday lives. During the course of a standard 24 hrs, thousands are admitted into hospitals across the countries. Sometimes it can be for something as basic as a routine checkup, or as exciting as a baby being born, other times it could be as scary as a multiple car pileup on a highway somewhere, or a sudden debilitating pain that you can’t explain. Regardless of the reason, hospital and doctor’s office visits can be stressful. And while yes, doctors are on call 24/7 and come and go throughout the night, it is the nurses that often find themselves doing the heavy lifting when it comes to actually interacting with patients and their families.

Often overlooked, under appreciated, and undervalued, these men and women work tirelessly to ensure the safety and comfort of their charges and comfort those around them. While the actions of nurses can provide peace of mind to their patients, a warm smile and name badge can bring comfort to the families. What? A name badge? It may sound odd but it’s true!

Name badges for nurses can provide not only a level of comfort with patients and families but also a sense of security. A name badge says “Hi, I am qualified to look after you or your loved one- I am here to help and do my best to ensure your safety.” Nurse’s often don’t receive enough credit for all that they do. A name badge gives patients and families the ability to put a name with the face and thank them either in person, or by card at a later date. Studies show that when a person thanks someone and uses their name, is result has a much greater effect on the individual on the receiving end and tends to mean a great deal more.

Don’t hesitate to thank these hard working men and women who often work the same hours as doctors, and only receive a fraction of the pay and recognition.

The Name Tag Wizard Speaks!


So who exactly is the Name Tag Wizard?

Well given his recent makeover, he’s feeling better than ever and feels that it’s time to introduce himself to the world. So without further ado, I give you The Wizard!

Greetings and Salutations, my dear people!

aflac-tagMy  associates have been spouting the limitless virtues of this internet for decades now and have insisted I learn its magical ways. Given my age of 512 yrs, this may take some time-but seeing as how I am a wizard and therefore possess magical capabilities, I foresee no substantial problems. However, this crystal ball I’ve used the past few centuries has gotten quite cloudy as of late, and may need recharging- leave it to Merlin who  bestowed upon me this ancient heap of rock in the early 1700′s to give me something that needs charging.

zona-tagAnyway. While my name has been lost in time, you may simply call me “The Wizard”. I have no catchy title like Gandalf, who last I heard was ‘getting his tan on’ (so they say in this odd age of flawed grammar and utter disregard for the beauty of the vernacular) I believe somewhere in Barbados. By the way, he ‘ditched’ the beard centuries ago in an attempt to blend in so people would stop coming to him for every little thing- personally I think he’s going through the 1,000 crisis that effects us wizards from time to time, but let’s just keep that between us.

nurse-name-tagIt really has been too long since I have ‘caught up’ with my old friends and fellow wizard colleagues of the magical realms- but I’ve been ever so busy! You see, though I am everywhere and have friends in high places, I am not famous. I’m not in movies, I have not played a crucial role in the Arthurian legend, and I do not have a lightning bolt on my forehead, nor have I bestowed lightning bolts on anyone’s forehead. But I am magical! Over the course of the past 50 years, I’ve been navigating the treacherous wiles of the business world and even though so many have benefited from my wondrous skills, alas I need an ‘online’ presence.

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Now if only I could figure out how to ‘post’ this……

The Prestige of Desk Name Plates


Nothing communicates that you are someone of importance more than a custom Desk Name Plate with your name etched across the front. They may be slightly more pricey than name tags, but far more classy and a sure sign of importance and status if done in the right style for your position and profession.

Shiny and proud, desk name plates are the perfect addition to anyone’s desk no matter if they are a proud and successful CEO, or even a trusted and valued secretary. Here at Nametagwizard.com we offer a fine selection of quality custom desk name plates for you to browse and choose from. We showcase various styles and designs to ensure a perfect fit between you and your new desk accessory regardless of you or your employee’s position.

We know you and your employees work hard all day, so any notice of appreciation or notice of a job well done is always welcomed. Included in our many desk plate options, is the ability to include your company logo as well as your title or the title of the recipient.

At Nametagwizard.com we work hard to make the designing and ordering process for these custom name plates as quick and painless as possible for our customers. To order, simply select the style and design that you wish to purchase followed by what information you would like featured on the plate, submit to us your order, and leave the rest to us! With us you never need to worry about minimum orders! Life is hectic enough, so we work hard to ship your products fast so you can start enjoying the effects of your purchase as soon as possible!

The Importance of Name Tags!


Here at Nametagwizard.com we naturally get a lot of questions about name tags :

“What kind of name tag should I get?”

“What different types of name tags are there?”

“Will my logo show up on this background?”

“Which option is the most affordable?”

“Why exactly is a name tag important?”

That last one is a doozie for us, and as you can imagine, we decided to explain it to our faithful and loyal customer’s blog style! And the truth is- Well, how many times have you found yourself wandering around a store, looking for someone to ask a question who actually works there?

Well there you go.

Name tags let your customers know just who they can ask for help, a suggestion, or just information in general.

And while customers may seldom use an employee’s name when speaking to them about a particular issue or product, the presence of a name tag reminds them that they are speaking to a real person and not a corporate drone or cut-out. Because of this, customers are more inclined to treat your employee’s with the courtesy and respect that they deserve.

And in the event that the actions or attitude of an employee leaves a customer feeling flustered and frustrated, a name tag will allow them to put a name with the face when they go to complain about their experience. After this takes place a supervisor can sit down with the employee to discuss what went wrong and then take whatever appropriate action necessary to fix the issue and make sure that it doesn’t happen again in the future.

And let’s not forget one of the most positive outcomes from wearing a name tag- the valuable sense of togetherness and of belonging to a team. Let’s face it, a happy team is a successful team, and a successful team is able to function together as one cohesive unit sure to inspire more smiles and positive experiences with customers than an unsuccessful one. Name tags help build this bond between your team members and also serve to help them to remember that they are not alone.

With all of this being said, it’s no wonder why and how name tags have proven to stand the test of time where even the most mundane everyday objects are getting new technological face-lifts. It’s safe to assume that name tags will still be here for quite some time and hopefully so will we!

The Comfort Custom Name Badges Can Bring!


Hospitals are busy places. Hundreds of complete strangers all converge on one building throughout any given day, most of the time under unsettling circumstances. In situations like those sometimes a smile can do wonders. Not to mention that when one is faced with so much uncertainty even the most basic of knowledge can be a comfort. Even something as simple as name badges can make a person who just sees chaos, find some sense of structure, clarity, and control.

And out of everyone present in a hospital, it is the nurses who see the most of the patients, therefore it is them who absolutely require the name badges themselves. Constantly looking after their patients, ultimately name badges just save time and remind their charges that they have someone looking after them- someone who has made it their career to care. The doctors come and go, but nurses stay on and continue to care for their charges long after the doctor has gone home for the night.

One of the main duties of a nurse is to provide comfort, to doctors, to patients, and to the patient’s family members. Hospital patients are in a strange place and often scared. Let’s face it, being alone, away from home, and in need of medical assistance would be enough to scare anyone! Patients tend to be more at ease when they know who their nurses are and as an added bonus, proper identification makes it easier for family members to track down the right person.

Even if the patient doesn’t know what’s wrong with them, the least they can do is know the name of the nurse looking after them.

Proper medical name badges help these nurses form valuable professional relationships with patients. And when a patient is finally released, the memory of the nurse’s name will remain, some patient’s go on to send their nurse’s thank you cards for delivering comfort in a most uncomfortable time.

But truly wonderful nurses don’t let the idea of receiving a thank you card drive them to deliver the best service they possibly can- they do that anyway! A nurse’s job is to provide care and comfort no matter what the situation, and it all starts with a smiling face and a name.