How Halloween Stores Can Really Sink Their Teeth Into Sales

halloween store name tags customer serviceGreat ghouls and goblins the Halloween season is upon us! It feels as if almost overnight, a chill has taken up residence in the air and summer is officially over. Fall and Halloween candy and home decor is out in full force and lining the shelves of just about every local grocery store in your neighborhood.

While it may not seem like it, throughout the course of the year and almost as if by magic, countless stores clear out their products and spaces. Before the public even realizes what has happened, the store is gone and you know what’s even creepier? No one even notices. They stop and stare but for the life of them, cannot seem to remember what had occupied the now vacant and abandoned space. Almost as if their memories were wiped by some mysterious force, the store front windows and doors are heavily tinted and the sign is nowhere to be seen and without any holes on the walls to indicate where it had been. This is Halloween.

While most people believe that Halloween is a holiday that occupies just a single day out of the year, they would only be half right. The truth is much more sinister and scandalous! You see, even though the witches, wizards, ghosts and vampires only come out once a year, the magical forces of Halloween are working year after year to ensure that every year tops the last.

spirit halloween storeBut before customers are even consciously aware of it, those mysteriously abandoned store fronts erect their temporary signs and transform themselves into a haunted Halloween superstore ready and willing to meet all of your gruesome and frightening Halloween needs. From talking skeletons, to fog machines, and costumes for the whole family, it’s their job to ensure that everyone is well equipped for the spookiest of all holidays.

So what can those in the business of making Halloween dreams come true do to ensure that their customers leave satisfied and excited for the approaching holiday? Offer them the very best customer service you can manage. So how exactly can you accomplish that without hours upon hours of training? Make sure they’ve got a killer name tag!

Okay, maybe not a killer name tag – but it’s your Halloween store and you can do what you want! Here at Name Tag Wizard we specialize in all sorts of name tags and while you may not think so, name tags can pack a powerful punch when it comes to increasing sales and customer satisfaction. So what makes name tags so supernatural when it comes to sales?

1. Easy employee identification for fellow employees as well as customers

2. Builds a sense of being a part of a team with other employees

3. Professionalism

This third and last point is incredibly important. Even though your store may be designed to frighten and scare, you still want your customers to know that when it comes to spooky Halloween stuff, yours is the only place to go!

Here at Name Tag Wizard, we’ve been in the name tag industry for over sixty years and pride ourselves on our ability to create unique custom name tags for all kinds of businesses! Give your business a boost this Halloween season and order your company name tags today!

Back to School Special Featuring Our PTA Name Tags!

back to school ptaRemember way back when you were just a lowly 6th grader starting middle school for the first time? Think back before your shiny new car, your snazzy apartment, and that awesome new suit you’ve been wanting for the past month. You gathered your pens, pencils, notebooks, and folders – grabbed your backpack and ran out to meet the bus. You found your friends and did your best not to act nervous or intimidated by the 8th graders who seemed to have everything figured out. You went through your first day of classes with ease and managed to find your friends in the lunchroom after a few nerve-wracking minutes- but “what happened to recess?” you asked and then you were told the horrifying news that recess was gone.

But despite your horror, the teachers around you tried their best to be welcoming and give you everything you would need to know to survive not only your first few weeks, but also the year ahead. And as the weeks passed you realized that there were even more fun events than in elementary school. Plays, bake sales, and talent shows are a common occurrence, and while we were all too young to understand what was going on then, we know now that all of these awesome events were the results of an awesome and organized PTA team.

PTA Meeting name tagsFor over a hundred years, Parent Teacher Associations have made it their mission to better the lives of not just parents and teachers, but mostly the children attending the countless number of schools all over the country. For years they have organized newsletters, countless events and fundraising methods all in the hopes of generating more money to be put back in to the schools for all the tools necessary for success. In today’s world, information and technology are constantly evolving, and as a result things like computers and textbooks become outdated in no time at all. Remember when Pluto was no longer considered a planet? Countless science books across the country that haven’t been replaced still say otherwise.

Getting your own PTA group up and organized can be a challenge. To help you out, the official PTA website has dedicated an entire page to helping you set up and organize your very own PTA organization, and a whole other page designed to give you some awesome fundraising ideas to get you started. Remember to order your name tags! For many years, Name Tag Wizard has worked to bring the very best name tags available.  The start of the school year has already arrived! Need a lot of name tags and need them fast? We’re proud to say that most of our orders ship within one business day of being processed.

PTA name tag logo

Summer is almost over, get out there and travel!

For all those enrolled in college campuses across the country, summer is officially gone with the start of August. After nine long months of countless research papers, insane deadlines, and hour lectures that feel as though they have lasted at least four hours each, summer came and all was right in the world again.

Alarm clocks were finally silenced and no one could rush you around your apartment for anything other than a trip to the pool, a party, or the allure of free food. Yes, times were good, but ultimately those sizzling summer days must always come to a close with the end of July and the beginning of August.

But before you order those textbooks, and organize your pens and notebooks- there is still enough time for one last summer hurrah! So why not pack up your bag, grab your luggage tags, and hit the road? It may seem impulsive but now is the time in your life where you really do have the freedom to drop everything in your life and take off and go where you please. According to Elizabeth Landau of CNN, the human brain needs vacations. Summer vacation is one of those gifts from the collegiate gods that should never be taken for granted because someday there will come a point when summer will arrive but you’ll be tied to your kids, or to your job and won’t have the freedom to travel whenever you want. So why not do it now while you’ve got a few weeks left this year?

It may not seem like it, but there can be some awesome benefits traveling right before the start of another busy semester.

1. Keep that mind sharp!

Never would we ever accuse you of actually picking up a book over the course of summer vacation, doing that might take away from all the nice relaxation your brain has been feeling over the past few months. But when we suggest that travel helps keep your mind sharp, it does so in different ways than you might expect. Finding yourself in completely new surroundings excites the mind and prompts your brain to pay special attention to anything and everything, and to soak up your surroundings entirely. This sort of activity keeps your mind firing on all cylinders, which is the perfect state of mind to be in when you start school. Remembering names, dates, and key chapter points will come much easier than before, if you keep your mind active during your down time from school.

2.  A Change In Perspective

Whether you know it or not, traveling is a great way to broaden your horizons and learn to see things in multiple ways, which can prove to be very useful while in school. When traveling, you may end up in situations you wouldn’t normally find yourself in and be forced to see things in a different light. This idea is no different from Couple on a beach encountering a difficult question on a test, and by practicing these skills before the start of the semester’s classes, finding new ways to solve those mind boggling problems will be much easier.

3. There’s No Place Like Home

And finally one of the most important benefits to taking one finally trip before the summer break is over, is the feeling you get when you finally come home. All of a sudden everything is familiar and comforting but you have a number of new stories to tell, maybe a new tan, and even though your mind is relaxed it is still sharp and ready to tackle the upcoming semester.

So before it’s too late, pack your bags, and order some luggage tags, make sure your passport is up to date if you need to, grab a friend, or set off on your own and have one last summer hurrah before fall!


Cam Newton Asked for Name Tags and We've Got Them!

Football season is almost here! Some of us non-sports loving folks are moaning and groaning about more sports updates on our various social media accounts, while others are rejoicing and anxiously counting down the days. But for those who don’t necessarily feel like whipping out the tried and true tailgating necessities that come along with football season, you can take comfort in knowing that it may not all be sunshine and roses for the players either, especially when there are often so many new faces and name to recognize and remember!

Whether you have a child who plays football or you just like to watch it on the big screen at home or at your favorite sports bar, there is a lot of preparation that goes into planning the next season as soon as the first one is over.

After the Superbowl and during the off season any number of things can happen to the players on a team, they could get out of shape, get a new coach or a whole new coaching staff, or even worse they could get cut and switch to an entirely new team altogether. But one thing that is for certain during the off season is that every team will acquire new players.

Whether they are fresh out of college, or from another team, the influx of new players can prove to be a bit overwhelming for the rest of the guys that survived the standard off season restructuring.

Teams don’t always just fit together magnetically. Building professional relationships takes time just like building personal relationships. And even though it may seem like these guys are just playing a game, it’s important to keep in mind that this ‘game’ is a multi-billion dollar industry and when there is that much money on the line at all times, making sure your team becomes one cohesive unit becomes an extremely important priority. This isn’t just a matter who you’re going to each lunch with in the break room- this is football.

youth football name tagsAnd while the stakes may not be quite so high for kids today who play the game, making sure that everyone on the team knows each other and builds a relationship with that person should still be a top priority for every player. Teams that work well together tend to win more games and championships. But with so little time before the school year starts a lot of these kids are already behind in building those relationships with their new team members. So what can be done to speed up the process?

What tricks of the trade to the pros practice to help them come together as a team in a short amount of time? Organized team activities, scheduled practices, and a lot of effort seems to be the way it’s done. As an example, veteran Panther’s QB is finally back at practice after and ankle surgery in March and what he came back to was a whole new core of receivers. So what did he do? He asked them to wear name tags. And when you think about it, it may not be such a bad idea – maybe not for the pro’s but the use of name tags could help the younger generations of football stars get acquainted with one another before school starts back up this fall.

We here at Name Tag Wizard, are no strangers to the name tag industry. Having been working to complete thousands of orders every week, and perfecting our craft over time, our name tags can stand up against plenty of rough wear. We make it our business to offer a wide array of name tags for all of your name tag needs no matter what that may be. Maybe that Cam Newton is on to something. Don’t you think you owe it to your upcoming season to give it a try?

Veterinary Name Tags Are Going to the Dogs!


With their furry little faces and ability to cheer you up no matter how badly your day has gone, it’s not all that surprising that our pets quickly become our family. So when they get sick, there is no doubt that it can be a terrifying experience. While, like children, they depend on their owners for everything, pets are unable to tell you where it hurts or what’s wrong. It’s the uncertainty and the fear that comes along with a sick pet that will drive you to the animal hospital in the middle of the night.

In those terrifying seconds, minutes, and even hours- you’ll find that it’s the most simple of things that bring you comfort. A warm smile, a shared concern by a complete stranger over your pet, and a veterinary name tag can be far more comforting than one might initially imagine. It might not seem as though something as simple as a veterinary name tag could make much of a difference in your mood, but it can.

In stressful situations like that of a sick or injured pet, a veterinary name tag tells you ‘this is a person who can help’. Unlike the average pet owner who may think they know everything about their pet, veterinarians have gone through extensive training to know just where to apply pressure, what tests to run, and what to test for. While you may think you know everything there is know about your pet, vets are there to tell you just why Miss Priss has been crying for 3 hours straight, or why Buddy has stopped eating.

Veterinary name tags also allow you to connect with your vet, not only are they qualified to help you but they’ve made it their life’s work to help animals as well. Being able to see their name lets you know who to send a thank you card to- it also helps to remind you that you are dealing with an actual person- a fact that is easily forgotten when people become stressed and scared.

At NameTagWizard, we offer an assortment of special name tags just for veterinarians. And because we know that some of your patients may not be the most calm of customers, we’ve added the option of multiple backings for your tag to help avoid rips and tears to your clothes!

Name Tag Wizard Embraces The New Hire Checklist!


It’s been a busy month for us here at Nametagwizard! While most manufacturing companies have been forced to lay people off over the past few months and years, our humble store has been lucky enough to survive and then some! This last month in particular we’ve been lucky enough to add 7 new smiling faces to our staff!

But with all these new hires, we knew that we had to get a proper system in place for dealing with all the new changes. In the past, we admit we were a disorganized lot, with random papers being thrown at new hires over the course of their first two weeks, messy parking situations with unhappy neighbors, sporadic training schedules, and delayed uniform and name tag arrivals. It wasn’t a pretty sight.

So the managers got together with our human resources department and came up with a checklist to make the transition from open position to new hire, and jobless to employed as seamlessly as possible. The following is what we discovered works best for us:

1. Basic Paperwork and Forms

So you’ve found your perfect employee. You’ve combed through dozens, if not hundreds, of applications and you have finally managed to find ‘the one’. What now? What do you do next? Lucky for you you’re an HR whiz, and you’ve got a system in place! So as the work day begins and your new hire walks through those doors and is ushered into your office you’ve got a perfectly organized packet all stapled together waiting for them. It includes their application, job description, I-9, optional Direct Deposit form, W-4 for tax purposes, and a sheet set up for basic contact info.

2. Uniform, Name tag, and Parking Decal

parkingGreat! Now that all of those pesky forms are out of the way, we can move on to some other basics like supplying your new hire’s with their new uniform and name tag. Now obviously, we here at NameTagWizard are picky about our tags. For our employee’s we opt to supply them our engraved magnetic name tags. What makes them so great? Our plastic engraved tags consist of the highest quality plastic around. When that plastic is engraved, the results are permanent. The engraving won’t fade over time and you are always left with a bold, professional look.

Why do we decide on the magnetic engraved name tags specifically? We care about or employee’s uniforms! Traditional pin backings on name tags can cause damage to clothes and uniforms over time. They may appear tiny but those small little holes can expand with age. Another added bonus to wearing an engraved magnetic name tag is that in the event your tag gets caught on something, a magnetic backing will not severely damage your clothing. But don’t let this fool you into thinking that these tags will just fall off during the day! Unless you choose to remove it yourself, or some sort of outside pressure is applied-these little name tags aren’t going anywhere!

3. Tour and Introduction To The Team

geeseNext on our new hire checklist is a tour of the facilities! This is always an important part of every new hire check list. This is the point where the new hire can see firsthand all the different departments, not to mention important areas like the conference room, break room, and of course the all important bathroom! At the end of the tour, it’s important to introduce them to those in their own department. You’ll get a good sense of the initial chemistry and they’ll get an opportunity to make a good first impression on their coworkers!

4. Training

trainingGet your new hires moving! Training is a time to learn and gain the essential knowledge that will be needed for them to succeed on a daily basis. And when your employee’s succeed, your overall business does as well. So before you think about ending training early or just bypassing it altogether, remember that without the essentials, your new employee will drown in the pressure, and struggle to succeed.

5. Calendar, Time Sheet Programs, Insurance, and State Notifications and Involvement

Now that your new employee is all set and ready to go, don’t forget to get things in order on your side too! Once they are officially hired, make sure to  include them in emails, get them set up and able to clock-in and out when they come to work, and make sure they are supplied with a company handbook of do’s dont’s and overall policies.  Remember to let your insurance company know that you have a new hire who may be looking to sign up in the near future should they stay a part of your organization! Notifying the state is also a must in order to prevent the abuse of unemployment benefits.


Reorder! Maintain Consistency At Your Business.


As any CEO or businessman or woman will tell you, consistency is key when it comes to being successful. Here at NameTagWizard, it comes as no surprise that we make tons of name tags on an everyday basis; and ultimately, we get a lot of return customers- therefore obviously consistency is crucial for us! But while most places may sell their items in terms of two, three, or even five, with name tags, it isn’t uncommon to sell twenty or more name tags in a single order.

As the economy starts to pick back up, more and more companies are hiring. And along with the new hires comes the constant need for new quality name tags. Here at our factories, we understand the need for buying in bulk, as well as the need to save time. This is why we’ve decided to make it as easy as possible for our customer to buy from us again.

After ordering from us the first time, you will receive a ‘reorder code‘ in your confirmation email below the image of the name tag you ordered.  By providing us with this number, we are able to look up your prior preferences and art work without you having to waste time with options, and uploading files- simply fill out the desired names to be printed on your tag and you’re done!

While we know that it’s our supernaturally speedy turnaround time, and quality products that keep our customers and clients coming back, we like to believe that this added reorder feature doesn’t hurt either. So whether your order is full color printed, engraved, plastic, or aluminum name tag with a swivel clip, traditional pin backing, or a magnetic back option, we’ll have all of your information to ensure top quality results every time. By opting to reorder from us, you’ll be making sure that these new name tag will match your previous for sure- that way you can continue on with your business by presenting a cohesive string of employees from the start.

The Future Is Magnetic!


Here at NameTagWizard, we get a lot of questions when it comes to name tags- and rightly so! The Wizard is a wizard after all and he knows his craft inside and out! But that doesn’t stop us from getting tons of the same questions every week.

What is the future of name tags?

What kind of name tag should I buy?

The truth is that whether you buy a metal name tag, a plastic one, one with or without a logo etc..etc.. is entirely up to you! We’re the experts who make the tags what you want them to be, it’s up to you our beloved customers to decide how to best utilize them and to tell us what works best for your business!

We work hard to provide our customers with as many options as we can manage to ensure that you hard working men and women get exactly what you need the first time around!

And as for the question of where the future lies, the answer is clear. Magnetic name tags have made a gigantic splash in recent years in the name tag market and don’t show any real signs of slowing down anytime soon. They may not sound practical but the magnets used are much stronger than the average refrigerator magnet. Guaranteed to attach to your clothing until you remove it; these guys are top of the line tough!

So what really sets the magnetic name tags apart from the rest? They won’t damage your clothing! Over time, traditional pin backings on name tags leave increasingly more visible puncture marks in your favorite blazers, blouses, and other professional attire. Not to mention with traditional pin backings, wearers run the risk of snagging their clothes on something and the name tag ripping a whole in their clothes or uniform. With the use of magnets, neither of these are an issue.

However, with new and emerging technology being announced everyday there’s no crystal ball in the world that can show what the markets will look like in 20 years! But you can rest easy knowing that NameTagWizard will always offer the latest and greatest in products, manufacturing techniques, and only the highest quality materials for our valued customers! The name tag business has held strong for countless decades and with the emergence of non damaging Magnetic name tags, we don’t see the trend disappearing any time soon.


Why Nurses and Name Badges Are Unstoppable


The world can be a scary place. Fully of uncertainty, bad luck, and terrifying twists and turns of events in our everyday lives. During the course of a standard 24 hrs, thousands are admitted into hospitals across the countries. Sometimes it can be for something as basic as a routine checkup, or as exciting as a baby being born, other times it could be as scary as a multiple car pileup on a highway somewhere, or a sudden debilitating pain that you can’t explain. Regardless of the reason, hospital and doctor’s office visits can be stressful. And while yes, doctors are on call 24/7 and come and go throughout the night, it is the nurses that often find themselves doing the heavy lifting when it comes to actually interacting with patients and their families.

Often overlooked, under appreciated, and undervalued, these men and women work tirelessly to ensure the safety and comfort of their charges and comfort those around them. While the actions of nurses can provide peace of mind to their patients, a warm smile and name badge can bring comfort to the families. What? A name badge? It may sound odd but it’s true!

Name badges for nurses can provide not only a level of comfort with patients and families but also a sense of security. A name badge says “Hi, I am qualified to look after you or your loved one- I am here to help and do my best to ensure your safety.” Nurse’s often don’t receive enough credit for all that they do. A name badge gives patients and families the ability to put a name with the face and thank them either in person, or by card at a later date. Studies show that when a person thanks someone and uses their name, is result has a much greater effect on the individual on the receiving end and tends to mean a great deal more.

Don’t hesitate to thank these hard working men and women who often work the same hours as doctors, and only receive a fraction of the pay and recognition.

The Name Tag Wizard Speaks!


So who exactly is the Name Tag Wizard?

Well given his recent makeover, he’s feeling better than ever and feels that it’s time to introduce himself to the world. So without further ado, I give you The Wizard!

Greetings and Salutations, my dear people!

aflac-tagMy  associates have been spouting the limitless virtues of this internet for decades now and have insisted I learn its magical ways. Given my age of 512 yrs, this may take some time-but seeing as how I am a wizard and therefore possess magical capabilities, I foresee no substantial problems. However, this crystal ball I’ve used the past few centuries has gotten quite cloudy as of late, and may need recharging- leave it to Merlin who  bestowed upon me this ancient heap of rock in the early 1700′s to give me something that needs charging.

zona-tagAnyway. While my name has been lost in time, you may simply call me “The Wizard”. I have no catchy title like Gandalf, who last I heard was ‘getting his tan on’ (so they say in this odd age of flawed grammar and utter disregard for the beauty of the vernacular) I believe somewhere in Barbados. By the way, he ‘ditched’ the beard centuries ago in an attempt to blend in so people would stop coming to him for every little thing- personally I think he’s going through the 1,000 crisis that effects us wizards from time to time, but let’s just keep that between us.

nurse-name-tagIt really has been too long since I have ‘caught up’ with my old friends and fellow wizard colleagues of the magical realms- but I’ve been ever so busy! You see, though I am everywhere and have friends in high places, I am not famous. I’m not in movies, I have not played a crucial role in the Arthurian legend, and I do not have a lightning bolt on my forehead, nor have I bestowed lightning bolts on anyone’s forehead. But I am magical! Over the course of the past 50 years, I’ve been navigating the treacherous wiles of the business world and even though so many have benefited from my wondrous skills, alas I need an ‘online’ presence.

smiley-face-tagSo what exactly is it that I do? Why, I create name tags of course- as well as an assortment of other name related office trinkets! All of my name tags are conjured and constructed out of the very best of materials that even Oz himself couldn’t pull out of his bag! Perhaps that wasn’t the best example, but I gather you understand the general idea.

I’ve made friends with countless other businesses who insist on coming to me for all of their name tag needs. From what I understand some of these businesses are a fairly popular among the people- Coca-Cola, Aflac, Firehouse Subs, Hess are just a few I can mention. Please visit me at my ‘online’ store- my employees have spent hours on it ensuring you do not encounter any problems. Should you like, they’ve recently created a page where you can see what they look like and get to know them- I don’t know where my picture is because I’m really the one with the wand who slaves day and night and…..oh wait! There I am on the front page! Oh those marvelous workers of mine- how sweet of them to think of me! I should conjure them up something delicious as a thank you!

Now if only I could figure out how to ‘post’ this……