Brushed Aluminum Name Tags

Silver Aluminum Name Tags

Aluminum brushed silver name tags add a professional appeal to any uniform. Shop our selection of sizes ranging from 1 by 3 inches to 2 by 3 inches. You can customize silver metal name tags with full color text as well as rounded corners. Also select your backing type, whether it be pin backing, swivel clip or military bar. Give your office a modern feel with a magnetic name tag featuring this sleek silver finish. Each of our silver name tags can be created with aluminum or plastic, depending on what type of durability you're looking for. Once you have selected the size you need, simply use the drop down for "material type" and select metal.

Our in-house full color printing service affords us limitless color choices, and we can match your company's official logo colors! Let each name badge be a branding piece for your organization by adding logos and color matched text.

Looking for gold aluminum name tags? We have those too.