Shop Desk Name Plates for Your Office

Desk plates have several advantages! They're portable, they don't require a fastener or hanger, and they make great gifts. Our professionally designed desk plates are available in lightweight plastic, and high end marble and wood. Find the perfect desk plate for every employee!

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Office Desk Name Plates at Name Tag Wizard

Shop our high quality desk name plates and wedges. Our office desk signs and desk plates identify each member of your staff and make your office look professional. Design your own professional name plates or get cute name plates that feature funny sayings.

We provide custom name plates for your desk which include wedges and blocks. Choose from high quality piano finish wood desk wedges, engraved marble desk wedges and plastic or aluminum desk plates.

Name plates for desks can be customized by engraving or printing. Engraved plates feature two colors. The name and job position (or other text) will be one color, either silver or gold, and there will be the background color. We also have solid wood desk wedges which will be engraved directly into the wood.

Our plastic desk name plates are available in engraved and full color customization. We have a large offering of colors in our engraving plastic! Choose from more than 40 color combinations. Or - if you would like to feature your logo in its original colors, we can use our advanced full color printing on your desk signs! If you provide color codes, we can color match to ensure your branding is kept intact on each desk plate.

We also have aluminum desk plates and front office signs. These are offered with our full color printing option.

Options for Desk Name Plates

  • Choice of style: desk block or wedge or desk sign/plate
  • Choice of customization: Engraved or full color name plate
  • Choice of material: wooden, marble, clear acrylic or plastic
  • If you select wood or marble, your product will be engraved
  • Engraved plastic is available in more than 40 color combinations!
  • Size choice: 2" x 8", 2" x 10" & 3" x 10"
  • Frame style choice: plastic or aluminum (for desk signs)
  • Name plates for desks can feature job title, name and logo