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Medical Name Tags

Personalized name tags help foster personal connections between staff and patients. Outfit each member of your team, from assistants to physicians with quality name tags made specifically for the medical field!

Medical Name Tags and Badges Made to Last

Create stronger connections with patients and bring attention to the people behind your practice with customizable medical name tags. Our collection of professional badges are designed with doctor’s offices, clinics, surgical centers, imaging centers, treatment centers and hospitals in mind.

Our simple customization tools make bulk ordering and re-ordering new badges for doctors, nurses and all healthcare workers easy. Choose from one of our pre-designed templates or create your own custom color coded hospital ids to make your medical staff recognizable and easy to identify.

  • Upload your hospital or medical logo to create custom uniform badges that are personalized for your medical practice
  • We have a selection of pre-designed templates including formal medical symbols, mortar and pestles, the Caduceus, pills, stethoscopes, and DNA strands to make creating your medical IDs fast and simple
  • Create custom badges for all of the doctors, surgeons, nurses, techs and medical staff at your facility

Our collection of medical IDs and name tags create a trustworthy and professional medical environment for all of your patients and staff. Click here to shop our collection of secure Medical Photo ID Badges!