Medical Photo Ids

Easily create and order as many photo IDs you need for your medical staff. We have pre-designed medical IDs with spaces for bar codes, QR codes, photos, names, credentials and logos. From pharmacist to nurse and M.D., our ID cards can be customized for any healthcare professional.

Medical Photo ID Badges

Shop photo IDs for hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities. Medical identification with photos help create a secure and comfortable environment for patients. Customize an ID badge for your facility by uploading your logo and staff information. Perfect for using your pharmacy, medical center, hospital or private office logos. Our collection of medical photo ID templates includes horizontal and vertical designs. Pick the backing that goes best with the scrubs, lab coats or other uniform worn by your staff. From basic lanyards to magnetic backings, you can find the preferred accessory to go with your badges. Make your security more secure by using designs with bar codes and qr codes.