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Make Lasting Connections with Metal Name Tags that Stand the Test of Time

Make a statement with durable metal name tags from Name Tag Wizard. Our high quality aluminum and brass name tags are made to last through every long work day. Get the details you need to spark creativity, team building and trust with your clients, like:

  • Your official company logo
  • Staff names and job titles
  • A traditional, trustworthy silver or brass finish
  • A creative touch like a favorite quote

Why Choose Metal Name Tags?

Custom metal name badges are traditional and long lasting. Whether you choose gold or silver, a metal badge looks professional on any staff member, whether they are an executive or assistant. Metal name tags help create a cohesive aesthetic for your entire company, and our metal tags are made of aluminum, so you can trust they won't rust. Different backings can be applied, whether you choose magnetic backing for easy removal, or swivel clips for trusted fastening. Every industry, from retail to food service should take advantage of metal name tags that can feature engraved names and job titles.

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