Name Plates for Walls & Cubicles

Our name plates come with backings that make them easy to install on doors, walls and cubicles. Designate every work station with a professional name plate. Hanging styles include adhesive tape, magnetic tape, Velcro, partition frames and fabric pins.

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Custom Office Wall Name Plates

At you will find a vast assortment of quality wall and cubicle nameplates. We offer 4 main types of name plates, these include wall plates, door name plates, cubicle name plates (or name tags) and desk plates.

Our wall and cubicle name plates are designed to hang from or adhere to walls, doors and cubicles. We provide different hanging types to make it easy to install each name plate. These include magnets, velcro, partition frames and double stick tape. We've recently updated our selection to include bar signs with interchangeable plates.

Click to shop our office desk plates and wedges, which are designed to sit on desks.

About our Cubicle Name Plates & Wall/Door Plaques

This page features our cubicle plates, door plates for the office, and wall name plaques, which are offered in a few sizes and styles, also including magnetic name plates. Our most popular sizes are 2" x 10" and 2" x 8". You can find metal and plastic inserts, as well as metal or plastic frames to hold the plates. See our inserts here.

Wall & Cubicle Name Plate Options

  • Customization styles: 2 color engraving or full color printing
  • Your choice of aluminum or plastic frame
  • Your choice of frame/holder color: Black, brown, grey, tan, silver, rose gold or gold
  • Your choice of fastener: adhesive, Velcro, magnetic, double stick tape
  • Size options include: 2" x 12", 2" x 8", 2" x 10" or 4" x 8" bar sign
  • Bar and Wave signs also available