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Funny Desk Plates

Upgrade your office accessories with a funny desk plate! These make for the perfect comedic office gift or simply a fun way to liven up your home or office work space. Our trendy desk plaque designs will make your desk look chic. Plus, each amusing saying will keep the positive vibes going even on the busiest days.

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Custom Funny Desk Plaques To Liven Up Your Office Space

Shop our funny desk plate assortment to liven up your office space! When your coworkers or employees come to the office, they'll be greeted with trendy and entertaining desk accessories! Whether it’s an inspirational saying, a funny joke as a job title, or a proclamation of how good you are at your job, our selection of funny desk plates can improve office morale in more ways than one.

  • Mix and match color combinations
  • Select from four desk plate holders, made of durable anodized aluminum
  • Wide selection of full color or engraved styles
  • Select the design that suits your style, ranging from inspirational to hilarious
  • Boost employee and office morale
  • Get your professional desk plates fast with our 99% next business day shipping promise

Desk signs are perfect for creating a fun and lively environment in your work or home office. Pair your funny desk plate with a more professional custom name plate to have all of the essential desk décor.

Customize your name plates with our engraving or printing processes.

Engraved Desk Plates

Engraved plates feature two colors, selected by you. We use laser engraving technology that carves away the top layer of plastic to reveal the letters in your chosen color.

This style is perfect for adding a simple yet classic feel to your desk plate.

UV Printed Full Color Desk Plates

UV printed desk plates feature many fun and vibrant colors. We use UV printing technology that applies ultraviolet light to quickly dry the UV ink, leaving a clean and colorful design.

Printed desk plaques are perfect for giving your office space a bright and uplifting vibe!