Add A Little Magic To Your Classroom With Our New Educational Name Tags!


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Without all the support and help from his many, many professors, the Name Tag Wizard wouldn’t be the confident spell caster he is today. Throughout his educational career, the Wizard spent many nights toiling over his cauldron and perfecting many spells much too complex for our mere mortal minds to comprehend!

It is these days of scholarship and learning have inspired his newest creation – the Educational Name Tag! Employees across the retail and office spectrum sport name tags to ease interaction, but now the trend is catching on in schools. Even daycare franchises with hundreds of employees can afford to get a custom ID tag for everyone on payroll. Discover how the Wizard’s new tags can transform your classroom experiences, whether you run an educational daycare center or manage an entire district of public schools.

Make Students Feel Comfortable

By making name tags a part of the daily routine in your school, you’re making the day easier on the students. It’s most helpful in classrooms with students that struggle with memory or verbal skills, but even graduate students can benefit from a quick reminder of which teacher they’re addressing. A clear visual indicator also encourages students to feel comfortable asking for help when interacting with a teacher they’ve never met before.

Encourage Parents To Interact

Aside from assisting the student during regular class time, name tags also get parents talking to teachers. Hosting a conference day is often tricky because parents feel uncomfortable showing up to discuss their kids when they can’t recall each teacher’s name. Name tags reduce that tension and creates higher attendance rates for these important events. Let parents know the teachers will wear name tags when you send home notes a week or two in advance.

Identify Strangers For Safety

name tag wizard educational name tagsIf students are picked up by parents and caregivers instead of sent home on a bus, using name tags is the best way to keep strangers from leaving with a student without authorization. Students of all ages will quickly learn to only follow tagged staff members and teachers. Even if your staff doesn’t wear the identification on a daily basis, it’s worth the cost to keep name tags on hand for field trips and emergencies. It’s far more affordable to purchase custom name tags than printed t-shirts or safety vests.

Advertise Your Facility

Putting the name of your daycare center, after school program, or summer camp on the tag is an easy way to advertise to other parents. Anyone who sees one of your employees wearing their ID could become a future customer. This benefit obviously isn’t so important for public schools, but it’s helpful for any kind of private educational facility that needs more advertisement.

Educational name tags are inexpensive and easy to order. Your entire staff can be identified and unified within a week when you buy a set of customized name tags. Make an ID the newest addition to the school’s professional dress code so your teachers spend more time focusing on helping students. Our colorful designs add flair to each tag, allowing you to match the artwork to the individual style of your school.

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