All About Sharing Pronouns in the Workplace

Achieving inclusivity in the workplace is no easy task, but promoting the use of preferred pronouns is one step in the right direction. In order for all employees to feel they truly belong in your company, they must first feel comfortable being themselves. When you put in the effort to create an open environment for all, your business will certainly see positive results.

What Are Preferred Pronouns?

According to, a person’s pronouns describe what they wish to be referred to by in the singular third person. While cisgender individuals go by traditional pronouns such as she/her and he/him, many non-binary and gender-nonconforming individuals are adopting more gender-neutral terms. This could include they/them, all pronouns, no pronouns at all, or many other pronouns.

Importance of Sharing Pronouns in the Workplace

Within the past 4 years, there has been a significant increase in Americans using gender neutral pronouns. The Pew Research Center found that 42% of Americans personally know someone who is transgender, and 26% of Americans know someone who goes by a gender neutral pronoun. As more businesses seek to expand diversity and inclusivity, being educated on preferred pronouns and gender identity is crucial.

When someone is continuously misgendered, it can leave them feeling alienated and distressed. Because people’s exteriors don’t necessarily match their identities, it can be difficult to know what their pronouns are. This is why normalizing the use of pronouns on the job makes it much easier for both transgender and cisgender employees to communicate.

How to Incorporate Your Pronouns at Work

Making small changes in the office environment can be incredibly effective. These changes can be as simple as installing all-gender restrooms, getting rid of outdated dress codes, and adding pronouns to external and internal communications. Even if you use traditional pronouns, sharing your preferred pronouns sends the signal that you are an ally to non-binary and transgender people. Some of the ways you can easily share your pronouns are:

  • Pronoun name tags
  • Email signatures
  • Company directories
  • Display names
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Desk plates

Pronoun Name Tags

Creating an open-minded workplace starts with letting coworkers know they are safe to be themselves. In order to encourage the use of preferred pronouns, you can wear them right on your name tag. This will make it easy for team members to understand each other’s gender identity and form long-lasting bonds. Check out some of our unique custom name tag designs:

Full Color Photo ID Badge

Our full color photo ID badges will proudly display your favorite image and your pronouns. This design is perfect for employees who want to stand out and self-express freely.

Hello My Name Is Name Tag

Our personalized name tags with pronouns are ideal for workers who want a simple yet stylish design. These are available in different colors and fonts so you can choose the one that suits your personality.

Custom Pronoun Photo ID Badge

Our custom pronoun ID badge allows you to show off your profile picture and job title. Your pronouns are accented in the color of your choice for easy readability.

Custom Logo Photo ID Badge

Add your company logo to this custom ID badge for a more professional look. This sleek and white design is perfect for adding personal touches while still presenting a modern look.

Take the step toward gender inclusivity at your job today by ordering a custom pronoun name tag. For under $10, you can inspire your coworkers to openly talk about their pronouns and be a part of a more welcoming office. Not only can you increase productivity and morale by sharing your preferred pronouns, but you will build stronger relationships with your teammates.

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