How to Get the Perfect Gift for Remote Employees

With remote work becoming increasingly more popular, learning how to keep remote employees satisfied is vital to the success of your company. Making positive interactions and improving company culture is always important, whether your coworkers are in-person or at home. One way to achieve this is by practicing gift-giving during the holidays, or for any occasion, in order to give thanks to those that help your business thrive. These gifts don’t necessarily have to be store-bought, but they should let your employees know you care.

Why Gifts Are Important To Your Business

Remote workers can often feel alienated from the rest of the team. Getting them holiday gifts can be a great way to help them feel included and engaged. Gifts can also act as a symbol of appreciation for your remote workers. It is important to let them know all of their hard work has not gone unnoticed just because they aren’t in the office. Gift-giving is beneficial for the entire team as well. Even on-site employees will be more motivated to produce high-quality results when they know their dedication is being rewarded. Getting gifts for employees can also:

  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Encourage loyalty
  • Boost the morale
  • Create positive memories
  • Show gratitude 
  • Strengthen bonds

Gift Ideas for Remote Workers

If you wish to get gifts for your remote employees and coworkers but you don’t know what to get them, we can help! Here are some gift ideas that are sure to be a holiday hit:

Desk Name Plate

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Perfect for adding some functional style to your home office

Decorating your work space comes with many benefits that help boost your productivity and overall energy. Although distance workers cannot personalize their desk at the office, they can still get the same benefits from adding décor to their desks at home. Gifting your remote workers a customized desk name plate can instill a sense of importance and belonging that they might be missing.

Name Tag

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Customized with your own name and job title

Name tags not only give workers a sense of identity, but they establish your company brand as well. Getting your distance workers their own personalized name tag will show them they are part of team and highlight their specific duties. Name tags can also be a great way to spread awareness about your business, especially if your remote employees are working at different public locations.

Luggage Tag

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Because remote employees can work from anywhere, there is a good chance they could be travelling. A custom luggage tag can be very helpful when flying frequently so they can keep track of their baggage and prevent suitcases from getting lost. A remote employee’s bags can be storing equipment that they need for work, so keeping them safe is crucial for your business.

Indoor Plants

Plants are a great gift for employees as there are many different ones to choose from. All you have to do is make sure the plants are safe for indoors, and that they can continue to grow. Placing plants near your work area comes with countless benefits such as:

  • Reducing stress
  • Increasing productivity
  • Replenishing focus
  • Heightening creativity
  • Cleaning the air
  • Preventing sickness


Employees working from home may struggle with unavoidable interruptions such as children, pets, and housework. Employees working at public locations, like a coffee shop or library, may also have a hard time focusing while being in the same room as many other people. Gifting them some new headphones gives them the option to cancel out external noises and play music of their choice.

Daily Planner

With all the distractions that remote workers encounter on a regular basis, it could be difficult to stay on task. Keeping your home neat and organized is stressful enough, and that only intensifies when your home is also your office. A daily planner could be useful when trying to meet deadlines and stay motivated to finish projects. Planners can also be helpful for life outside of work, and this gift could be the boost they needed.

Streaming Services

While gifting your employees with items that can help their work is a great option, sometimes they may want something to help them kick back and relax. Streaming services have become a popular way to watch movies and shows without having to leave your home. Gifting a subscription to any streaming service can be done virtually through email or text which makes it easy for remote workers.

Food Delivery

With new food delivery service apps, getting food at your door is more convenient than ever. No matter where your remote workers live, gifting them with an online food delivery is easy and accessible. Make sure you know what types of foods your distance employees enjoy, and then send them a wonderful treat.

Gift Card

If you aren’t well informed on your remote worker’s likes and dislikes, you can always play it safe with a gift card . Similar to other virtual gifts, a gift card can be sent online without having to meet with your remote employees in person. Your remote workers will appreciate getting the choice of how to use their reward. Everyone can benefit from a gift card that they can use to purchase whatever they may need.

Key Takeaways

Although getting gifts for remote employees is not as easy as walking down the hall to a colleague’s desk, it is worth the extra effort. Some gifts can make your remote coworkers’ lives easier, while others just show that you value them and all the work they do. Simply put, you should strive to get a gift that will make your employees happy. If you are still unsure of what to get distance workers, we’ve got you covered! Follow these quick tips to ensure successful gift-giving:

  • Get to know your remote employees
  • Try to think outside the box
  • Make the gifts more personal and meaningful
  • Don’t just give away your company swag
  • Consider the employee’s location
  • Don’t forget about the presentation
  • Be inclusive toward all demographics
  • Continue practicing gift-giving after the holidays

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