Do You Have Appropriate ID For The Summer Travel Season?

Find out Which Forms of ID you may need for Each Mode of Transportation

As the summer travel season kicks off, airports and major public transportation hubs often heighten their security measures. Safety precautions can include anything from random bag checks to TSA hand screenings. Increased traffic in airports, bus and train stations often increases the need for passengers to be prepared to show proper photo identification. Whether you plan to travel by air, train, bus or car, be sure to pack proper ID along with your toothbrush and sunblock this summer. This article will help you understand what type of ID may be required for each mode of transportation.

If you’re traveling by air, know that the Transportation Security Administration requires that anyone over the age of 18 show a photo ID to board any foreign or domestic flight. The appropriate forms of identification include a driver’s license, permanent resident card, passport, tribal ID and other forms of identification.

If you plan to take in the sights via Amtrak train transportation this summer, know that you’ll need a photo ID card if you are leaving city limits. (Local subway systems in large cities may not require ID if you’re staying in town.) Amtrak requires photo ID for anyone over age 18 when they obtain their ticket and to check or store bags. To buy a ticket, one must be at least 16 years old, and valid forms of ID include a driver’s license, passport, student ID card or military ID.

Travel by Train

Are you planning to save a few bucks by traveling by bus? If you’re staying within a metro area, all you need is a schedule and fare, but if you’re traveling across a few states to visit family or old friends, you will need a photo ID to ride with Greyhound. Although you can purchase Greyhound tickets online and use your password to pick your tickets up, you’ll still need to show a picture ID card upon boarding.

Interior of Bus

Road trips are a great way to experience new places and they offer the freedom to venture outside of a planned route, unlike air travel and public transit. For your next trip across the states, you’ll still obviously need a driver’s license, but you may also need other ID upon check-in to hotels, roadside attractions and other destinations. Exploring America’s beautiful national parks and camping spots may also pose the need for a picture ID card, especially for discount pass holders or for activities like mountain climbing. If you have children or teens travelling with you, they should bring their student photo ID cards to ensure everyone can take part in every activity.

Feet Out the Window on Road Trip

Looking to kick back and avoid driving or navigating? A cruise is most likely what you have in mind. If you’re setting sail on a luxurious major cruise line like Carnival, depending on where you’re headed, you could be asked to show anything from a passport to a driver’s license not only upon boarding, but to take part in events on the ship, order alcoholic beverages and more.

Cruise Ship Sails at Sunset

Wherever you’re headed this summer, stay safe and be ready to show your ID! Don’t let lack of preparation spoil the fun on your next trip.

Celebrating National Receptionist Day

Every year on the second Wednesday in May, we celebrate the receptionists who keep our offices running smoothly. A receptionist often gives customers the very first impression of a company, whether on the phone or in person, but their responsibilities don’t even begin to end there. They handle paperwork and records, keep organizations running on schedule along with other miscellaneous tasks, all while maintaining a pleasant demeanor. This year, we recognize our receptionists’ hard work on May 10th, 2017.

With over a million receptionists in the United States alone, it’s no surprise we choose to honor them on their own day within the year. National Receptionist Day was created in 1991 by the Director of National Receptionists Association in efforts to “gain awareness and appreciation of the role of receptionists in a business setting and to provide community and support for receptionists nationwide.” Although, other countries across the globe, like Canada, Australia and the UK, now choose to recognize receptionists on this day as well.

Making a good first impression and connecting with customers is one of the most important roles of a receptionist. When a customer enters an office for the first time, it’s the receptionist’s job to make them feel welcomed. When they return, it’s their duty to make sure they feel appreciated. Receptionists should always be equipped with the tools to succeed in doing just that. Name tags and desk plates are great tools to help receptionists connect with customers instantly. By connecting names to faces, your customers will feel like they’re engaging with another person and not just an employee.

If you own or manage an office, you can join the celebration by either giving your receptionists a day off or finding a way to thank them. By surprising your hard-working receptionists with flowers, lunch, professional gifts or even awards, you’re sure to show them how appreciated they are. You can even take over their role for the day so you can better understand all the important tasks they juggle on a daily basis. Customers can thank their favorite office’s receptionists by giving them a card or a thoughtful gift.

To learn more about National Receptionist Day, you can visit You can also observe this important holiday by using #nationalreceptionistday on social media.

What Kind Of Artwork? For Name Tags, Photo ID Badges, Name Plates & More

A business is nothing without the employees behind it. Here at Name Tag Wizard, we find our purpose in giving you the tools you need to equip those employees for success. Whether they need name tags for customer interactions or a custom desk plate to make their workspace look professional, our specialty is connecting names to faces! Designing personalized products is easy with our design wizard, but today we’re here to make it even easier. Follow these tips and tricks for uploading your artwork and ordering your custom products.

Using the Wizard

The best thing about the design wizard is the ability to preview a real-time proof of your product. From the rounded edges on your name tag, to the logo you need on your desk plate, you can view everything before you click “add to cart”. With all of these features, be sure to explore all of the opportunities for personalization. For a video tutorial on how to use our design wizard, click here.

Uploading your Artwork

Once you’ve chosen your product and have selected the appropriate colors and texts, it’s time for the real fun! Uploading your company’s logo or any other artwork is as easy as the click of a button.

• On the product page, select the “images” tab and click on “upload file”.

• Original vector files, AI or EPS, are preferred but we also accept PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and BMP files.

• Please provide artwork with a resolution of at least 72 dpi for all products.

• Maximum file size for upload is 8 MB.

We’ve put all of these standards in place in efforts to make ordering your custom products easy, however, our Customer Focus Team is always here to help if you find you have further questions! Whether you’re having difficulties using the design wizard or need a higher resolution image, reach out to us and we’ll help you find a solution. Are you ready to order your photo ID badges, luggage tags or business card holder? Shop here!

Why Administrative Professionals’ Day Was Created

Administrative Professionals’ Day was created to acknowledge the contributions of administrative staff, and is also often referred to as Secretaries Day. Receptionists, executive assistants and secretaries are devoted to maintaining a professional appearance and friendly rapport for the companies they work for, and they manage important filing, faxing, welcoming, billing and especially incoming phone traffic so that the rest of the business can flow evenly and professionally.

Many employers and large corporations recognize Administrative Professionals’ Day, which is celebrated on the last Wednesday of April, and they celebrate by rewarding personal assistants, receptionists and other vital office support with lunches, flowers, employee awards or desk plates and of course, recognition. However, did you know that this professional holiday has an interesting history?

The idea for Secretaries’ Day, or Admin Day, came about during World War II, due to a shortage is administrative staff caused by a decline in birthrate during the Depression, along with strong growth in business after the war. The National Secretaries Association was founded in 1942 not only to appreciate the work of office professionals, but to entice interest in the profession. Business was booming post-war and companies needed skilled receptionists and support staff to handle the influx of office traffic. Secretaries’ Day was first celebrated in June 1952, and was sponsored by the National Secretaries Association. The National Secretaries Association became the International Association of Administrative Professionals in 1998, and the holiday is now observed the last week of April.


Friendly Receptionist at Work


This holiday has a long history and is well known and much appreciated among office personnel. This year Admin Day is observed Wednesday April 26th. Don’t forget to recognize the friendly smiling faces that greet your customers and clients every day, in order to keep your business flowing smoothly.

4 Benefits Of Photo ID Badges

When choosing a security system for your business, what industry you’re in, how many employees you have and how strong of a system you need are all important things to consider. In modern times, establishing a strong security system is crucial to your company’s success and can even increase productivity over the long-term. Employee photo ID cards are a cost efficient and effective way to ensure the safety of your company, its products and even your employees. Name Tag Wizard makes it easy to order your employee ID cards online and get them fast, but if you’re still not sure what the real importance of employee ID cards are, here are four undeniable benefits:

1. Ensure Safety

If your company employs a large number of people, photo ID badges are the easiest way to identify an employee. By distinguishing the difference between employees and non-employees, your staff is easily able to recognize someone out of place and notify the appropriate party to avoid a potential security breach. In the same way, restricted areas of your building can also be kept safe from customers or guests with the use of scanning ID cards.

2. Personalize Security

There are a number of ways ID badges with barcodes can increase efficiency and heighten security, and every card can be customized with your security systems’ specific code. By designing custom ID badges, you can choose who in your company has access to specific areas on an individual basis. Whether you invent industry-changing products waiting to be patented, or just want to secure your employees personal information, you can keep this information secure at all times.

3. Increase Productivity

With employee photo ID cards, your employees can focus on the task at hand instead of worrying about remaining secure. By personalizing the ID cards with scanning barcodes, you’re also able to keep track of how employees are spending their time and how it can be more efficiently managed.

4. Establish Relationships

As name tags connect names to faces, photo ID cards make establishing friendships even easier. Whether they help your team connect with customers or one another, being personable is something we should all encourage within our employees. Name badges can also classify a team member based on their department or managerial level.

Whether you own or manage a small business and use employee photo ID cards as your main security system, or run a monopoly and utilize this powerful tool as an effective fraction of a larger security system, the benefits of employee photo ID cards are indisputable. Customize your ID badges so each one is easily distinguishable with Name Tag Wizard today. For tips on how to design the perfect photo ID card, read ‘Creating the Perfect Name Tag and Knowing How to Wear it.

5 Industries That Require Name Tags

No matter what the nature of your business is, your goal is to connect with your customers. Whether you’re helping them achieve personal, fitness goals, serving drinks at the town’s most hip bar, or caring for someone while they are ill, we all want to engage our customers. But what’s the very first step in establishing a relationship? Wearing a name tag will break down the wall between you and your customers and make you approachable. Name Tag Wizard is the easiest way to design your own name tags, whether you need hospitality name tags, retail name tags or secure photo ID badges.

Easily customize your name tags (read tips for designing the perfect name tag here) and grow your business today! Studies have shown wearing a name tag makes customers more comfortable, and while there are many different lines of work where name tags are extremely helpful, these are the five industries where name tags are absolutely necessary. Here’s why:

1. Hospitality Name Tags

While there are a few different aspects of the hospitality industry, name tags are consistently important throughout them all. There’s food and beverage, accommodations and travel – all of which rely on establishing connections with your customers. If you work within the hospitality industry, you know how important taking care of your guests is. Vacations are a luxury and something many people save throughout the whole year to afford. This puts a lot of pressure on the establishment to impress their guests. Be equipped to create a valuable relationship with each guest by making yourself approachable with a personalized hospitality name tag.

2. Physical Trainer Name Tags

Physical fitness is another industry that is all about establishing a relationship with your customers. Whether you’re a personal trainer or support staff at a gym, people are coming to you because they want to 1) change their lifestyle or 2) take their physical fitness to the next level. Either way, they’re trusting you to help them achieve their goals. Creating a bond with your customers is the first step in showing them they can trust you. Custom physical trainer name tags show them you’re inviting them to ask you questions or share their concerns on their path to achieving their goals.

3. Healthcare Photo ID Badges

Whether you are a registered nurse in a hospital or a primary doctor, your patients’ well-being is your number one priority. Often times in healthcare, doctors and nurses are responsible for the difficult task of telling their patients things they don’t necessarily want to hear. In other fields, you could also help a family bring a new member into their life. No matter what the situation is, establishing trust within these relationships is the first step in showing them you care for them and their well-being. Break down barriers from the very beginning with a photo ID badge so they not only remember your name, but feel comfortable asking you any questions they may have.

4. Journalist Photo ID Badges

In media, you’re responsible for giving the public valuable information so they can understand what is happening all around them. Whether you cover breaking news, politics or health, it’s your job to inform society so they can understand how everyday topics and issues will affect their lives. In order to gain the information you need to keep the public educated, you must first establish your personal credibility. When you attend press conferences or interviews, it’s important for others to know who you are. Wearing a press pass or photo ID badge is an easy way for others to know you’re a member of the media and they can trust you to accurately share information.

5. Retail Name Tags

When selling any product, establishing trust and providing value to your customers is the best way to make a sale. The retail industry is highly competitive and if your customer doesn’t choose to purchase their product from you, chances are there are a wealth of other places they can purchase that same product. Retail name tags are the most powerful tool in connecting with customers within this industry. It immediately removes all barriers and allows them to ask you questions and express their concerns. The more answers you can provide or concerns you can subside, the more likely they are to not only give you their business, but keep coming back.

Whether you’re selling a computer or helping others achieve their fitness goals, establishing a trusting relationship is the key to creating a solid customer base. Making yourself more approachable with custom name tags will quickly eliminate any barriers between you and your potential customers. There are a variety of different industries where name tags have been proven successful. Easily design your own name tags complete with your company’s logo today and watch it work wonders for your business!

5 Tips For Business Travel

Traveling for business is exciting, especially if it’s to a place you’ve never been before. Whether business trips bring you closer to co-workers you only knew from inside the office or give you the chance to meet partners you’ve never met in person, they’re an excellent opportunity to connect. But moving away from your comfortable desk space and adding a lengthy itinerary can quickly turn your trip from exciting to stressful. Next time you’re preparing for a business trip, keep these five tips in mind to ensure an experience you’ll enjoy.

1. Pack with a Strategy

Know what your itinerary will be, who you will meet on your trip and pay attention to the weather forecast. From there, create a packing list for the outfits you’ll need for different occasions. Utilize the master “roll don’t fold” technique and fit twice as much in your suitcase as you would with folded clothing. Rolling your clothes will also save them from the deep wrinkles folds cause. Once you’re packed, consider using a luggage tag. A personalized luggage tag is a great way to always be able to identify your suitcase. Lost luggage can very quickly escalate to a ruined trip.

2. Keep an Itinerary

Create a schedule that includes everything from your flight times to breakfast meetings. If you’ve never heard of TripIt, it’s definitely worth the download. Just forward your confirmation emails to the app and it will keep it all organized for you in a calendar. Once you have your itinerary, make room for some fun. Whether it’s a trip to a museum or wandering through a new city, give yourself some down time.

3. Break Down the Language Barriers

Communication is easily the most important factor in a business relationship. If you’re travelling outside of your home country and don’t know the native language, download iTranslate. This app allows you to break down the language barriers no matter what country you’re in.

4. Ride in Style

Uber now provides car services across the globe, so no matter where you are, you won’t have to worry about finding a ride. Handle ordering your car, seeing when it will arrive and paying for the service all with the app on your mobile device. Each driver and vehicle receives ratings so you’ll always know what to expect and they offer economy, premium, accessibility or carpooling services.


5. Send Thanks

Business trips are a great opportunity to meet new people, whether it’s on purpose or by accident. When you meet someone you’d like to stay in contact with be sure to send them a ‘Thank You’ card afterwards. Establishing connections is one of the most important and useful things you can do no matter what industry you’re in.

Next time you travel for business, be sure you’re prepared for an enjoyable and successful trip. Planning your days and keeping yourself organized is one of the easiest ways to ensure your trip is both productive and fun. Take advantage of your opportunity to see a little bit more of the world with these five easy tips.

4 Different Name Tag Backings And Their Use

When designing the perfect name tag, the possibilities are endless! There’s colors, font styles, shapes and sizes all to consider, but the one thing we often forget about are the backings. A backing is very important because it holds your name tag in place the way you want it displayed to customers and business partners. Many don’t realize how many different options there are when choose a name tag backing, so we’re here to explain each one and when they will be most useful for you.

1) Magnetic Backing

The first is the magnetic backing which is a great way to securely fasten your name tag onto your clothing. Name Tag Wizard’s magnetic backings are hard to beat because they really hold! But magnetic backings have another advantage aside from how well they hold – they won’t damage your clothing. Many of us wear suits, blouses and some of our nicest clothing to work. A magnetic backing will eliminate the need to poke holes in your clothing therefore making your clothes last longer.


2) Plastic Badge Pin

A plastic badge pin has many great uses as well – it all depends on what you’re looking for. Plastic badge pins allow you or your employees to securely attach a name tag efficiently and with ease. These backings are also fairly less expensive than a magnetic backing and are a great alternative when ordering a large quantity of name tags.


3) Swivel Clip

A swivel clip is also a great, economically friendly backing for your name tags. This backing can hold a photo ID as well as a traditional name tag. Like the magnetic backings, it will not puncture holds in your clothing. It has an extra stable spring that is great for securely holding name tags in place.


4) Mylar Clip

A mylar clip is a great backing option as it can be reused. If you like to change your name tag or photo ID often, this may be the backing choice for you! Just attach your name tag using the clear vinyl mylar strip and you’re ready to engage with customers and business partners. Best of all – this clip will also leave your clothing damage free.

As you can see, there’s a number of options to choose from when deciding which name tag backing to use. Not all backings are created equally! Just like a name tag, your backing choice depends on what works best for you. If you have questions related to a name tag backing or anything else Name Tag Wizard related, we invite you to leave a comment down below!

Creating The Perfect Name Tag And Knowing How To Wear It

Whether your business is at the top of its industry or you’re just getting it off the ground, your identity and making yourself known is vital to your success. Name tags are a powerful tool because they welcome others and make you more approachable. This will allow you to communicate and make connections with ease. However, your name tag can do the exact opposite if it’s not designed and worn properly. Follow these tips to ensure your name tag is effective in growing your business relationships and ultimately your company.

Tip #1: Make it Legible

Beginning with size, your name tag should be legible from 10 feet away. Choose a simple font and a font size large enough that potential business partners and customers won’t struggle to read it. Make your name the spotlight of your name tag! Your title should be smaller than your name, but still easy to read.

Tip #2: Add Color – But Not Too Much

When choosing colors for your name tag, make sure they don’t distract from your company’s logo. Select a background and font color that will compliment your logo instead of take away from it. Black or dark blue are classic, professional font colors and many prefer a white background as it allows maximum visibility.

Tip #3: Be Informative, Not Distracting

As you decide what information to include on your name tag, be selective. Your name, title and company’s logo is generally all that’s necessary. Too much information will cause clutter and be distracting.

Tip #4: Know How to Wear it

If you’ve chosen a name tag that will be pinned or magnetized to your shirt, know where it should sit. In any case, the most effective location is three inches below your collar bone. Name tags of this sort should always be positioned to one side or the other to minimize obstruction. For populated events like trade shows and conventions, it’s suggested to wear your name tag on the left side so those approaching you can read it with ease. If you’re in a more intimate business setting, you should wear your name tag on the opposite side you use to shake hands. For example, if you generally shake hands with your left hand, wear your name tag on the right. This will position your name tag in the direct line of sight for those you’re greeting.

Tip #5: Avoid the “Turnaround”

If you’ve chosen lanyard or necklace style name tag, it is likely to be turned around and defeat the purpose of a name tag. A simple solution to this problem is printing the same information on both sides.

Remember these tips each time you add your name tag to your business attire! Welcome new relationships and partnerships by presenting yourself in an approachable and professional way. When you work hard and give yourself the keys to succeed, nothing will stand in your way!

Design Wizard Tutorial


Standard name tags are a thing of the past! Our name-tag-creating “Design Wizard” helps our customers completely customize their name tags. Whether you choose full color, oval, text only or engraved name tags, our design wizard tool gives users ultimate design power! Add logos, change color components or select curved edges to ensure your name tags perfectly represent your brand.

We’re thrilled to be able to provide our customers with a tool that allows them to create the name tags of their dreams. With so many different options and capabilities, there are often questions. Follow these step-by-step instructions to help simplify your name tag designing process.

  1. Decide which name tag best meets your needs (custom name tags, engraved name tags, pre-designed name tags, metal name tags) Choose the size and background (color, silver or gold) for your name tags
  2. If you picked a custom name tag with a colored background, you’ll now select your color
  3. Under the “options” tab, upload your logo or image you would like on your name tag (if any) and choose its positioning
  4. To add the employee’s name, select the “text” tab and “add new text box
  5. Type in the name and choose your desired font, color and size
  6. To add the employee’s title, click “add new text box” again
  7. Enter the title and choose your desired font, color and size
  8. Select the “options” tab and choose the material, backing and how you’d like the name tags’ corners to appear
  9. For larger orders, click on “upload name list” to add a list of your employees’ names, then change the quantity directly below to match the number of names on the list
  10. Click the “notes” button to add any additional instructions
  11. When you’re finished, click “add to cart”
  12. If you need to order another name tag of the same design once you’re in your cart, just click “order a new design based off this design”
  13. Change the text on the name tag as desired and select “add to cart”
  14. You’ll now see you have two name tags in your cart
  15. To fix any errors, click “update your design” to make any necessary changes and select “update design”

We hope this tutorial will make designing your name tags a seamless and enjoyable experience! If you have further questions, feel free to leave a comment below. For immediate assistance you can call our Customer Focus Team at (866) 574-3353 or send an email to