Making QR Code Name Tags Work for Your Business

Keeping up with the latest trends and technology is a crucial part of running any business. The more you can offer your customers and clients the better chance you have of making a sale or creating a partnership. QR codes are one of the newer applications that can keep your business running efficiently. Whether you manage a start-up, local food chain, or small business, this modern system can greatly benefit the way you run things.

qr-code-name-tags-scanWhat is a QR Code?

A QR Code, aka quick response code, is a label made up of black squares on a white background. Much like a traditional barcode, this unique label is read by imaging devices like the camera on your mobile device. This one-of-a-kind code essentially links to specific information or data on a website or application.

Getting your unique QR code is simple. Money sharing apps like Cash App, Venmo, and PayPal give you a code that is personal to you when you sign up. There are also a ton of free websites that offer a QR code generator, which helps you create your marketing materials in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is create an account to acquire your code. There are many uses for QR codes! They can be applied to money-sharing apps, menus, informational pages, websites, social media pages, and more.

Man wearing a QR code accessible name tag that is being scanned

How do you scan a QR code name tag?

  1. Get out your smartphone and open your camera app
  2. Point and focus the camera on the QR code you wish to scan
  3. Wait for your phone to notify you of the scan and provide a link
  4. Click on the link to be sent to the landing page or app

Here are a few ideas on how you can implement QR codes in your business!

Create separate accounts on a money sharing app for each sector of your business. For example, a small restaurant may choose to have different QR Codes for inside tables, patio seating, bar, and valet. Then, provide your essential employees with their own QR code name tags and buttons. This way, customers or clients can easily tip or pay hands-free! Money sharing apps make splitting costs among guests easy. Instead of performing multiple transactions for one table, individuals can divide the bill among themselves. This creates a seamless checkout process. This added convenience is sure to lead to increased tips and business! Each transaction on the app includes a comment section. You can ask patrons to add their waiter or waitress’s name and the bill number. They can even leave a quick review of their experience.

QR codes can even help you create your personal marketing campaign. A QR code name tag can act as your tech savvy business card. Send recruiters or potential customers or clients to your LinkedIn page. With a quick scan of the dynamic QR codes on your custom badge, clients can instantly save your phone number and other contact information into their phone so they can reach out to you later.

Established businesses may not feel the need to update their processes, but as we’ve learned in the past few months, nothing is guaranteed. Outside factors can have major affects on the stability and longevity of a business. COVID-19 is just one instance, where taking proactive measures can keep your business from shutting down. Wearing a simple professional name badge will remain a timeless, professional accessory, but with certain businesses it is wise to also wear a QR code accessible badge.

Benefits of QR Codes

Implementing products like QR code buttons or name tags to your business, is just one of the tools you can use to be a few steps ahead of the curve. Whether you work for a big corporation or a small business, there are benefits that QR codes can bring to any industry.

  • Accessible – You do not have to provide a QR code reader, everyone with a mobile device has their very own QR code scanner. QR codes work on both iPhone and Android devices. This easy accessibility will turn potential customers into happy customers.
  • Safe – With COVID-19 taking over the way business are run, wearing face masks and implementing hands-free payment options is vital.  QR codes offer a contactless solution to paying, which helps keep your staff members and patrons safe!
  • Easy to Use – All customers need is their mobile device. In three quick steps a bill can be paid for. It’s as simple as scanning the QR code name tag, clicking the link, and sending the money!
  • On the Go – As stated, these unique codes can be used in practically any industry or business. With a QR code name tag, business that offer on-the-go services like valets or bar carts can make instant transactions on the spot. Your employees won’t have to go back and forth to swipe a credit card. Clients or customers can simply scan, pay, and be on their way!
  • No Fees – With the quick scan of a QR code, no fee is taken out. Certain card readers can be attached to your phone. They plug in and allow cards to be swiped, but most of these devices take a commission on your sales. In this case, providing convenience to customers won’t lose you any money.
  • Instantaneous – You can see all transactions instantaneously. Owners and managers don’t have to wait until the end of the day to see sales and revenue. They can pull out the money sharing application, log into the desired account, and see all purchases immediately. (For example, you could set up a “bar tips” account on Venmo, and a separate account on Venmo for “section 3 tables.”)

Take the time to create QR codes for your business, they will be well worth the effort. Offering custom QR code products to your valued staff members will help your business run safely and efficiently. Not only can they increase tips, but they can help you get through difficult economical times. Custom QR codes bring convenience to you and your customers. Test our one-of-a-kind badges and let us know how they work for you. Share your success stories and photos with us by tagging @nametagwizard in your social media posts.


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