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Face Masks for Businesses

Keep your face covered from harmful particles and substances with our cloth face masks. Available in custom and pre-made design options, our face masks help keep you and your family safe. All our masks feature elastic ear bands to keep the cover secure around your face. Your order ships next business day!

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Custom and Pre-designed Face Masks

Protect your mouth and nose from harmful substances like dust, cold, pollen, allergies, and more with our durable cloth face masks. Made of 100% polyester, our cloth masks are comfortable but will provide you with the proper protection. Our face masks are reusable and washable, so that you feel clean while staying safe. Each mask comes equipped with elastic ear bands to secure your mask in place.

Stay safe while showing off your stylish side. Our masks come in a variety of fun designs, including floral, camouflage, animal print, and more! Best of all, Name Tag Wizard has custom masks and logo face masks that show off your business. Provide all employees with a logo mask to showcase your brand while protecting your staff and spark potential client and customer interest by adding your custom logo onto your mask. You can even showcase a design you love by simply uploading a photo!