Tips For Hiring Remote Workers

Despite all the setbacks the pandemic might have caused, businesses have learned to adapt to the situation. Most have utilized new technologies, created new goals, and adjusted work schedules in order to succeed during the pandemic. The most common change that occurred in the workplace was the increase in remote work. Even with businesses returning to normal, it looks like remote work is here to stay.

What Is Remote Work?

Working remotely has become the norm with many companies today. Even if you have been working in person for a while now, chances are your job allows you certain days to work from home, or has a few full-time remote workers. Remote work is defined as employees working from a location other than a traditional office environment. This could be any place such as your home, a coffee shop, a library, or anywhere else that offers access to the internet.

Benefits of Remote Work

While hiring remote workers can be more difficult than hiring traditional employees, it does come with many advantages. Some of these benefits include:

  • Greater flexibility
  • Better work-life balance 
  • No geographical limitations
  • Less commuting stress
  • Lower overhead costs 
  • Decreased carbon footprint 
  • More comfortable environment
  • Increased inclusivity

Tips For Hiring Remote Workers

If you think hiring remote workers could be a great addition to your team but you don’t know where to start, we are here to help! Here are some of our tips to help you hire the right person for the job:

Make Use of New Technology

Even though you cannot meet with this potential employee face-to-face, new technology allows for a smooth interview process. Instead of relying on emails and phone calls, schedule a video chat so you can make a more accurate evaluation. Online services such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Facetime, and many more can still offer the same personal connection you could get in your office. Similar to the benefits of remote working, virtual meetings offer the same cost efficient and flexible advantages.

Ask the Right Questions

A remote worker will need a different set of skills to be successful than a traditional employee would, therefore you should ask a different set of questions. Because remote workers make their own schedules most of the time, it is important for you to ensure they have decent time management skills. Remote workers will also need a good sense of self-direction and self-discipline since they do not have the ability to constantly check in with the rest of the team. Testing your potential employees on their technological abilities is crucial in order to maintain regular communication with them and keep business flowing as planned.

Arrange Personality and Skills Tests

Although remote workers will not be in the office with other employees, it is still important that they fit in and add to the company’s culture. Personality and skills tests can reduce the chances of hiring the wrong person for the job. These tests will help you understand the candidates better and give you some insight on their unique traits. You can also use the information you gain from these tests to see how employees coordinate with others, solve problems, and manage their workload.

Contact Their References

If you still feel unsure about hiring a remote worker, you can always contact some of their references to make sure they are a good fit at your company. Previous managers and coworkers can be a great resource to you, and they can let you know about some of the candidate’s accomplishments at their last job. Performing reference checks can also help you confirm that the person you are interviewing is in fact who they say they are. 

Create a Welcoming Environment

Just because you are interviewing a potential employee online, does not mean you should not treat it the same as an in-person meeting. The candidate will benefit from you being as open and informative as possible so that they can get a better understanding of your company’s needs. You can even get creative and take them on a virtual tour of the building or introduce them to other employees so that they feel included and know the ins and outs of the work culture.

How Name Tags Can Benefit Remote Workers

Because remote workers are not meeting face-to-face with other employees, keeping them in the loop is necessary for them to be successful. Giving them the opportunity to have their own personalized name tag or desk plate can make a big difference when it comes to open communication and inclusivity. Here are just a few of the benefits of getting your remote workers their own custom name tags and desk name plates:

  • Makes them feel valued and appreciated
  • Shows them they are a part of the team 
  • Improves their productivity even at home
  • Highlights specific job roles and duties
  • Helps to build trust among coworkers

Check out some of our custom name tags and name plates that can help your remote employees feel like truly belong at your company:

Name Tag With Job Title

A name tag that includes your remote employee’s full name and job title can be a great way to  help them feel confident and proud of their new role.  This custom name tag could also be beneficial for other workers to know exactly who they are communicating with online.

Full Color Acrylic Desk Plate

A unique desk plate that displays your remote employee’s name could help them stay motivated even when working from home. Giving them the chance to decorate their own space with this name desk plate could also increase productivity and overall energy.

Customizable name tags or desk plates can be a great way to make your remote employees feel included and special.  It is beneficial for the whole team when everyone is working together and communicating properly.

Tips For Rebuilding Teams in the Office

The pandemic has had a large impact on many aspects of our lives, and our jobs are no exception. Returning to normal after over a year of Covid-19 related changes is no easy task. If you are struggling to find your rhythm again at the office, we are here to help. Here is a guide we have put together to help you get back on your feet:

Reflect On Time Spent Outside the Office

Acknowledging that the pandemic shook things up at your job is the first step toward recovering. Along with making work-related tasks difficult, the pandemic also affected many people’s personal lives. These are some things to think about in order to learn and grow from pandemic troubles:

Disrupted Work Relationships

If you miss eating lunch with your coworkers, working on projects with your staff, or chatting with other employees about weekend plans, you are not alone. Getting to form relationships with your coworkers not only makes work more fun, but it can also make you more productive. Although working from home has resulted in many new online forms of communication, it is admittedly not the same as meeting in person.

Benefits of A Positive Work Culture

Inspiring your team to reestablish a positive work culture is key to getting stronger as a company. Here are just a few of the goals you can achieve when working together with your team and forming bonds:

  • Engaged employees
  • Enhanced creativity  
  • Boosted morale
  • Increased profitability 
  • Faster learning
  • Decreased stress 
  • Improved customer service 
  • Increased trust

Try gifting your teammates with some elegant name tagsbadges, and name desk plates to keep the positive energy circulating. These personalized gifts can help to unify your team and improve employee satisfaction.

Tips For Rebuilding Office Teams

If you are ready to see your business flourish again, follow our tips for rebuilding your team:

Provide Safety Measures

Many of your coworkers might still be worried about the dangers of the pandemic. In order to make your employees feel more comfortable at the office, it is important to prioritize their health and safety. Some of these protocols can include encouraging employees to wear a mask, staying home if you feel sick, taking workers’ temperatures, and arranging desks to be six feet apart. 

Be Lenient With Deadlines and Schedules

Getting accustomed to working all day at the office again will take some time after working remotely for so long. You can help your employees get back on track with their regular routines by letting some things slide. For example, allowing employees to arrive a few minutes late while they get used to traffic can be extremely helpful for the first couple weeks back at the office. On the other hand, scheduling meetings at 9 AM sharp and expecting full participation is not very realistic and can be overwhelming. 

Get Employee Feedback

Giving employees the space to deliver feedback will enable teams to work more effectively toward their goals. Taking the time to listen to your coworkers’ thoughts can help to build trust and transparency. During a time when workers are still adjusting to their schedules, it is important to give them the confidence to come forward with any issues they are having. Not only will this show your coworkers that you care about their needs, but it will also lead to higher productivity overall. 

Plan Low-Risk Activities

Just because your office is practicing social-distancing, does not mean you cannot still have fun. There are plenty of Covid-safe activities you and your team can plan out to help reform work relationships. Some of these activities can include company potlucks, brainstorming sessions, competitions, outdoor games, and much more. Fun activities can help employees relax and take their minds off the pandemic while giving them a chance to catch up.

Set New Goals

In order to lead your team and company to success, setting goals is critical. After spending so much time apart, regrouping and defining a new purpose will encourage your team to stay motivated. Especially during a crisis like Covid-19, common goals can help you bounce back and get stronger together. Reestablishing goals can also trigger new behaviors and help you stay focused on your task at hand despite the craziness. Once your team accomplishes one of these goals, your confidence will skyrocket and you will want to keep the ball rolling.

Be Inclusive Toward Remote Workers

Some of your coworkers might be vulnerable to Covid-19 or live with someone that is too high-risk to get back in the office at this time. Even if they cannot be there in person to contribute to the team, they are still valuable employees. Having meetings that are also available to join on online platforms can help your remote workers stay in the loop. Keeping in communication with them is important for them to feel included and for your other team members to feel more united.

Be Kind to Your Coworkers

No matter where you work, being patient to the people you work with is beneficial. Some might be having a harder time than others during the pandemic, and showing kindness will always be appreciated. Extending grace so your coworkers feel supported will result in a more positive environment that everyone can enjoy.

How Name Tags Can Help You Rebuild Office Teams

Investing in name tags for your company can make a big difference when trying to increase communication and transparency. Here are just some of the ways custom name tags or name plates can lead to a stronger team:

  • Increased workplace safety 
  • Stronger identification
  • Better customer relations 
  • Interpersonal communication 
  • Established company brand
  • More style and personalization  

Here are a couple name tag and desk plate ideas to help get your team feeling excited and ready to tackle any pandemic obstacles:

Floral Name Tag

This name tag with a floral background adds a pop of color and shows off your employee’s style! Not only will this name tag let you know more about your coworker, but it also makes communicating more fun for the office.

Colorful Desk Block

Decorating office desks can be a whole lot more fun with a full color desk name plate! This name plate can add a lot of personality to workers’ desks and create a better company culture.

Customizable name tags can be a fun and creative way to get to know your coworkers better. No matter where you work, there are name tags that best represent your brand. You can even create your own unique name tags if you want identification that really stands out. Whether you want to rebuild your team or spruce up your work space at home, Name Tag Wizard has got you covered!

Desk Plates that’ll Liven Up Any Work Space

custom acrylic desk plate

Working from home – Some people love it. Others loathe it. Remote work has its ups and downs, but we’ve got some new and colorful products and ideas that will liven up your work from home space. The best part is, these work from home accessories will easily travel back to the office with you later. Desk plates are the ultimate desk accessory for professionals who want to show their status, and feel connected to the company they work for.

Tips to Match Desk Plates to Your Personality and Desk Theme:

Acrylic Desk Plates

A clear acrylic desk plate adds a touch of style to your work space, and it goes with almost any theme or color palette. For the minimalist who likes a clean work space, to the art lover who wants pops of color, this acrylic desk plate is perfect for anyone! These also make great gift ideas for remote workers, and new hires who you want to energize and connect with as they work from home.

Acrylic Botanical Theme Desk Plate

For the minimalist:

  • Keep it simple! Customize with only a name
  • Pair this clear botanical desk plate with with a touch of greenery! A faux or real plant will bring the outdoors in, and keep you calm during long work days
  • Simplify and reduce. Clear away unused papers, pens, business cards and other clutter for the ultimate Zen space.
Hot Pink and Orange Acrylic Desk Plate

For the art and design lover:

  • Get color crazy! This pink gradient acrylic desk plate makes a statement
  • Customize with your name, title or meaningful quote
  • Pair it with colorful accessories, such as a bright colored pen holder and a fun figurine
Clear Acrylic Desk Plate with Diamond Border

For the refined:

  • Simple yet decorative, this clear desk plate with diamond border is perfect for the employee who’s the perfect blend of artsy and minimalistic
  • Customize with a name and job title
  • Pair it with elegant desk accessories, like silver or rose gold wire pen holder and file organizer

Chalkboard Desk Plates

Chalkboard write-on desk plates are great for teachers and students, and just about anyone who likes the flexibility of writing a new message every day. Some of our new schoolhouse inspired desk plates come customized with a name, and others are a blank slate, waiting for your daily hand written message. Here are 3 great uses for our new chalkboard desk plates:

Teacher’s Desk Plate with School Subjects

For Teachers Teaching Remotely

  • Help teachers feel supported and connected to their students and other staff! Gift a learning themed desk plate with school subjects, and hand writing inspired font
  • Educators can have fun pairing their new desk plate with their favorite grading stamps, red pens, and adorable notes from their students
  • These teacher desk plates are also perfect for displaying in classroom when the time comes!
Handwriting Practice Desk Plate for Kids

For Young Students Learning to Write

  • These name tracing desk plates help younger students learn to write their name
  • Children can also use this blank chalkboard desk plate to write a new word every day!
  • School staff can send these desk plates as gifts to connect students and teachers who’ve learned remotely for a long time

For The Creative Who Likes to Doodle

  • Chalkboard desk plates are great for the creative employee who loves to write a creative or inspirational message each day
  • They’re also versatile for writing new employee names or trainee’s names

New Desk Plate Card Holders

Stay organized and true to your unique style with our new designs in card holder name plates. These new designs will liven up any work space, whether it’s a home office desk, a breakfast table that’s been turned into a work space, or an office cubicle that needs a pop of color.

We have a card holder for everyone, from art the lover, to new business owners and company executives.

Gifts for Artsy Employees

Our new art lover desk plate with card holder is reminiscent of Picasso and Mondrian! Any lover of the visual arts will adore this new abstract mahogany card holder desk plate. Easily customize it with a name and send it as a gift to your art-loving employee, or get it for yourself!

Abstract Mahogany Card Holder Name Plate

Gifts that Inspire and Reconnect Your Team to your Company Goals

Customize one of these new company logo desk plate card holders for every member of your team, and send them as gifts to remote workers. These gifts are sure to revive team members who may be feeling disconnected from the company and their team members.

Company Logo Card Holder Desk Plate

Working and learning from home has not been ideal, but dedicated workers, students and teachers have put their best foot forward during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you are looking for a way to spruce up your work space at home, the office, or you need a gift that will reconnect your team members to your company’s core values – custom desk plates have several benefits. We’ve updated our assortment to include fun new colors and designs to help you get the most out of your work from home, or socially distanced work day! Shop the full collection of desk plates here.

shop custom name plates for your desk space, use code ntw20 for 20% off, shop now

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Costume-Friendly Face Masks For Halloween 2020

trick or treat custom face mask with bats

With Coronavirus safety standards in place, Halloween is sure to look a little different this year. Whether you’ll be celebrating with a small group of close friends, taking your kids out for some socially distant trick or treating, or you’re just looking for a fun way to get into the Halloween spirit, face masks make it easy to stay safe and keep things spooky.

Make the most out of this spooky season! Custom face masks give you the opportunity to incorporate your mask into your costume and create something that’s unique to you.

If you’re looking for creative ways to stay safe on the spookiest night of the year, we’ve got you covered with tons of creative face mask designs and design-your-own options that let you take your one-of-a-kind costume to the next level. Here are some of our top Halloween 2020 face mask ideas to help you start planning your seasonal attire and creepy costumes:

One-of-a-Kind Spooky Season Face Masks

custom boo face mask

Custom face masks allow you to take control with your creativity and design something that perfectly matches your Halloween costume or something that can be worn all season long. For a face mask that embraces the Halloween spirit but is still wearable for everyday use, out and about, or at the office, design a mask inspired by your favorite seasonal phrases like “boo” or “trick or treat”.

Create a simple face mask design with Halloween or fall-inspired elements like bats, falling leaves, cobwebs, ghosts, ghouls, goblins or any type of seasonal icons and drawings.

Scary Mouth Costume Masks

woman with stitch mouth halloween face mask

Push the envelope with a scary mouth face mask design. Create your perfect design inspired by scarecrows, witches, werewolves, or any of your favorite classic Halloween characters.

With design-your-own mask options, the possibilities are endless. Build your costume around your custom mask or create a mask to complement your existing costume.

Be Yourself Costume Face Masks

man with a face face mask

Be Yourself! For a fun and easy-to-put-together costume that’s perfect for Halloween at the office, dress up as yourself.

Create a custom “your face” face mask by uploading an image of yourself to our easy-to-use design tool and adjust your image for the appropriate sizing. Put together an outfit featuring your normal attire and put on your custom face face mask for a Halloween costume that’s unique to you.

Classic Jack-O-Lantern Face Masks

girl with custom jackolantern face mask

Create a face mask with a custom jack-o-lantern smile for a costume that’s a Halloween classic. Jack-o-Lantern masks make the perfect addition to any pumpkin costume or the perfect finishing touch to any outfit throughout the spookiest season of the year.

At Name Tag Wizard we offer face masks in two sizes, for adults and children, to fit all of the pumpkins in the patch.

Skeleton Costume Face Masks

custom skeleton face mask with skeleton costume

Keep things creepy with a custom skeleton face mask. Completing your bone-rattling skeleton costume is easy with a custom sugar skull or skeleton face mask!

Put personality into your classic costume by creating your own design and showing off your own one-of-a-kind skeleton mask.

Vampire Costume Face Masks

vampire halloween costume with fang face mask

Add the perfect finishing touch to your blood-thirsty vampire costume with a custom vampire fang face mask. Design a mask that matches your vampire costume and shows off your frightening fangs.

DYO vampire fang face masks let you stay safe and stay in character throughout all of your Halloween plans.

Joe Exotic Costume Face Masks

man in custom joe exotic face mask and tiger king costume

tiger print face maskCreate a recognizable costume as the Tiger King himself, Joe Exotic. Build a funny costume with everything tiger print and an outfit inspired by Joe Exotic.

Complete your wild Tiger King look with a tiger print face mask or a custom mask inspired by the king of wild cats.

Carole Baskin Costume Face Masks

carole baskin halloween costume with cool cat face mask

leopard/ cheetah print face maskFor all of the cool cats and kittens that are Team Carole this Halloween, put together a costume inspired by Carole Baskin. Create a custom face mask featuring animal prints or your favorite Carole Baskin phrases, or opt for a simple wild cat print mask to complete your look.

Use custom face masks to create a group costume with Carole Baskin, Joe Exotic, and all of your favorite members of the Tiger King cast of characters!

Scary Clown Costume Face Masks

clown halloween costume with clown makeup face mask

Create your own killer clown costume with a custom face mask as the finishing touch. Our easy-to-use design tool lets you create your perfect clown makeup-inspired mask to complete your costume.

Whether you’re looking to put together the scariest costume on the block or you’re searching for the perfect addition to your everyday seasonal office attire, custom face masks give you the freedom to get creative. Create your perfect costume or turn heads with an everyday face mask inspired by your favorite fall seasonal elements.

create your own halloween masks, use code ntwcostume at checkout for 20% off, shop and save now

Happy Halloween from Name Tag Wizard! We’re here to help you create your perfect costume and stay safe this spooky season. For a costume that’s complete from head to toe, check out our entire Halloween costume collection filled with creative costume name tags and face masks!

Share your one-of-a-kind unique costume ideas with us @NameTagWizard and don’t forget to follow us to stay up-to-date with all things name tags.

kyndall oakley is an seo assistant and member of the hc brands content teamOther Blogs You Might Like:

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Fostering Creativity at Work Can Start with Name Tags

custom floral name tag

Creativity and individuality are among the most important things employers are looking for when recruiting new talent. Even the smallest things can make an enormous impact on the overall culture and attitude of a business, right down to the details on employee name tags. Incorporating creative, fun, and exciting details on name tags for your employees will create a less strict atmosphere where employees can express themselves. Anything you can do that makes your company culture stand out will make customers more likely to choose you over your competitors.

Creative name tags…..

  • allow employees to express themselves in a unique way
  • boost overall performance
  • create a more  accepting environment to work in
  • inspire innovative thinking
  • unlock the door for exciting & creative contests and prizes

Creative Name Tags Allow Employees to Express Themselves

custom wooden name tag

Self-expression allows people to fully be themselves, and lets their unique talents thrive. Younger employees often feel they’re being put into boxes of how to act, dress, talk, and work. Every business has rules and safety measures to create orderliness, but there are ways to let each employee’s individuality shine. Name tags are an incredible way to help your employees or community members express themselves in whatever way they feel.

Allowing employees to add a creative or unique quote or characteristic to their name tag can boost their performance.

leaf-shaped custom wood name badge

Name tags serve a deeper purpose than just communicating a name. Name tags have the power to unlock a part of your team members that customers wouldn’t otherwise know. Unique name tags can represent who each person is such as their interests and values.

For example, if you own a small business that sells board shorts and sunglasses, your employees will exemplify a love for the ocean when wearing a Beach Banner Shaped Name Tag. Customers notice small details, and a unique ocean themed badge communicates to your customers not only an employee’s name, but a strong support for the products you’re selling.

Name Tags are a Blank Canvas for Your Staff Members to Express Themselves

personalized flower name badge

In most workplaces, employees are required to wear professional attire or a uniform. Although there are pros to this, as it adds a sense of orderliness to a workplace, it does remove the ability to express oneself with clothing.

Dependent on the type of industry you are in, self-expression is vital to morale and creativity. Name tags are a blank canvas for people to add their own expressions, quotes or experiences.

For example, if you own a flower shop, you could customize this wooden name badge with engraved flowers, and the name of each employee’s favorite flower. This could not only spark conversation between staff and customers, but could help a customer make a final purchase decision. No matter what type of name tag you currently have, even the simplest of name tags can be spruced up to include an interest or passion.

How Companies are Making their Employees Stand Out

custom name badge with hometown

A company that really accomplishes this well is the founder of the chicken biscuit, Chick-Fil-A. If you go into any Chick-Fil-A location, you will immediately be greeted by an employee with the most genuine smile, and a unique name tag that displays his or her dream occupation. When you learn that your local Chick-Fil-A employee wants to be an astronaut or a doctor when they are older, you instantly feel more connected to him or her. This is the power of the name tag!

Name tags give you a glimpse into who a person truly is outside of their day to day duties. It is with this that we can start to build stronger connections between people who work together, and between customers and employees.

Create a Less Strict and More Accepting Creative Environment

custom cosmetologist name badge

Younger job seekers are often looking to work for companies that foster free expression and open thought.

Harvard Business Review said in their article, Creating the Best Workplace on Earth, that you must “let people be themselves” to create the ideal workplace. If you are trying to create a more accepting and creative work environment, it is necessary to allow employees to be themselves. Personalized and creative name tags are a small, but impactful step in the right direction!

Allowing openness and expression makes staff members more comfortable being a part of a working community, and can initiate improved relationships between employees and customers. Your staff members and the customer experience they provide is the first and most lasting interaction the public has with your brand. The right name tags can inspire thoughtful and memorable communication.


This kind of communication and expression has also proven to boost morale and make employees happier in their jobs. Name tags can give your staff a platform and a voice!

Name Tags Can Inspire More Innovative Thinking & Creativity at Work

stylist name tag

People are truly the product of their environments. If your employees or community members are surrounded by creativity, they’re likely to feel an intrinsic push to match that creative thinking in their own work. This sense of innovation and out-of-the-box thinking will spread to every part of your business! You will see your company as a whole become a hub of creative energy and innovative ideas that put you miles ahead of your competition.

Creative Ideas for Name Tags

Themed Name Tags for the Season or Year

car shaped custom name tag

People are looking for freshness in their daily routines. We tend to get tired of the same old routine, uniform or style. We are constantly seeking new trends, new ways of doing things, and new ways of dressing – this includes name tags.

Companies can be innovative and allow this human need for freshness to inspire new name tags. Every year employee name tags can be updated, changed, or even re-styled, and each time you could allow employees to have input on the theme. It is important to show your employees that you care about them, and that you want to add a bit of excitement to the workplace.

Name Tag Design Contests

personalized orthodontist name tag

Contests provide a great opportunity to engage your staff and to foster creativity. A name tag contest will push people to think outside the box when it comes to stylizing a name tag design. Name tag contests could be the event that so many of your employees look forward to. Employees will want to work with their colleagues to think of different ideas and get creative to come up with the best name tag styles. Even if the prize is as simple as a gift card to a desired restaurant or a household item that anyone can use, people will be motivated to get involved.

get creative with custom name tags, use code ntw20 at checkout for 20% off your order, shop and save now

Other Creative Ideas to Include on Name Tags

• Nicknames
• Favorite movie quotes
• Inspirational quotes
• Home town
• Hobbies or interests
• Aspiring career or life goal

Allowing people to express themselves with their name tags is one of the easiest ways to foster individuality in the workplace and create an inclusive atmosphere.

Matthew joseph, marketing intern at HC Brands and business management student at Indiana university

Remote Work & Your Family

Girl in Glasses on a Laptop

Incorporating Your Family Into Your Work Day

While many Americans are stuck at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you have an opportunity to strengthen the bonds between the members of your household.

While the Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Foundation® has suspended National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day until some time in late 2020 due to the virus, you can still show your children what you do if you’re working remotely. Or, you can help encourage your employees to participate and keep the day fun and educational.

Make sure you stay organized and productive, though. We have a few tips for working from home to ensure you keep up with your job.

Benefits of Working From Home

Working from home offers a unique chance to show your family what you do without much work. You still need to ensure your day is productive, but it’s a good way to connect with your children.

Reconnecting with Family & Pets

Family Drawing with Child

Staying at home boosts morale. You or your employees don’t need to bother with the commute or being away from the house all day.

This extra time at home gives people a chance to spend more time with their kids, spouses, and pets. For the time being, you no longer have a commute. When you’re done for the day, you’re done. You now have the opportunity to play or talk with your children, take your dog for more walks, or reconnect with your spouse or significant other.

It can be hard to find the right balance of work and home life. Now that many of us are home stuck, we can improve our relationships or better catch up with each other.

All of this contributes to happier employees and a more positive outlook on their work. Happy employees work harder and are more motivated while performing their duties. So, this means your business benefits from this as well.

Introducing Families

Work Video Call

Working remotely also means you have an easier time introducing your family to your co-workers. No need to wait for a company event or schedule a lunch or dinner, you can do it over a video chat.

You might have mentioned your family to your co-workers and vice versa. This creates a closer connection between your work and family and helps in socializing your children.

Communication Skills for Your Kids

Woman and Girl Writing on Clipboard

If you don’t work with ultra-sensitive topics, you can have your kids join you on conference calls.

It’s important for your children to develop competent communication skills. Including them on your video conference calls gives them an insight into how adults communicate.

This is an important part of growth for your child. Improving their communication skills builds confidence and competence. It means they’ll be better equipped to convey their thoughts and feelings as they mature.

Additionally, they’ll learn cooperation skills. As you work with your co-workers, you will all demonstrate how to effectively

Make sure you let your co-workers know. You don’t want to have your kid present if you’ll be discussing classified or private information. Not only could this be illegal but you need to be careful on not spreading information your company doesn’t want released. Also, your co-workers might not appreciate having a child present without prior knowledge.

Showing Off Your Job

With Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Days postponed, you have a unique opportunity to show your child what you do at work without much organizing.

While you should still work with your supervisor, you won’t have to work out the logistics of bringing your kid with you to your office. You won’t need to worry about safety, organizing activities, or maintaining constant supervision. You just need to ensure you’re clear to show your child the ins-and-outs of your job.

Puzzle Piece Name Tag Example

Show them your daily duties. At least, what you can do remotely. If you have clearance, include them in your conference calls and show them what you do to help your co-workers. Including your child in your day helps them understand and grow into more competent adults.

You can make a day of it too!

Let your kid help you “around the office” by organizing papers, having lunch together, and talking about work. Get matching name tags so they feel like they’re really “on-the-job.”

Preparing for the Future

With the immediate future uncertain, it can be hard to prepare for the actual Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. But, you and your work may be able to sort something out once things return to normal.

Many schools may remain closed for the rest of the year. This makes coordination easier should your work place decide to host an event. It may not need to be a full day. You could schedule out a lunch tour of your work to get the kids out of the house and make some effort towards continuing their education.

HC Brands Author Bio - Broderick Cornett

While the world had to change so much, we need to remember how important the development of our children is. Many American workers can take this opportunity to reconnect with pets and loved ones. And, your work force may be happier while they work since they’ll get to spend more time with their family. Take Your Kid to Work Day may have been postponed, but you can still help them to grow while your work from home. You can foster a growth in communication and interpersonal skills.

Maintaining Professionalism in the Age of Social Distancing

Empty Conference Room

The COVID-19 outbreak has altered our lives dramatically in a short period of time. Although quarantine and initial fears over social distancing will end, the coronavirus has likely changed the way we interact with one another for a long time to come.
As businesses continue to operate remotely, or with limited hours, it’s important to maintain friendly, professional interactions. Businesses, especially restaurants that are focusing on to-go orders and curbside service, are maintaining professional and courteous social distance by:

    • Allowing customers to remain in their vehicle for service or take-out products
    • Actively enforcing social distancing between employees
    • Actively maintaining friendly social distance between staff and customers or clients
    • Requiring immunocompromised workers to wear special ID cards

High Risk Visitor Badge

  • Requiring visitors to wear visitor ID badges and keep a healthy distance from others

When schools and businesses are back to normal operation, new social distancing practices will likely be the new norm. Businesses can help prepare their buildings by:

  • Placing wash hands signs where customers and staff can see them
  • Making hand sanitizer readily available to staff and customers
  • Placing social distance courtesy signs and desk plates at reception counters, check-in desks and registers
  • Requiring all visitors to wear a temporary badge while on the premises
  • Requiring all staff to wear an ID badge with an enlarged font that can be read from 6 feet away

numbered visitor card

Although the coronavirus pandemic has altered our professional and social lives, it has positively impacted our lives at home, with our pets, and with our coworkers. Businesses are bringing their employees together and boosting morale in difficult times by:

  • Having staff share fun selfies
  • Hosting remote video chats and happy hours
  • Introducing family members and pets online

Name tags are a tradition in the workplace, and are effective in creating connections between people. These connections can still be made, despite social distancing. Here are a few tips for creating name tags that are effective in the age of social distancing:

    • Keep name tags simple! Include name and job title in a larger font that can be read from a few feet away

Dry Erase Name Tag Reading Jane Smith

  • Replace traditional name tags with ID cards, which are larger and have space for logos, names, and photos. Design your own IDs now!
  • Order bold color name tags or IDs. Use your company brand colors to make them stand out
  • Make sure the badges are worn closer to eye level
  • Order them with clips that can be attached to shirt pockets or collars
  • Pocket badges can also come in handy for this purpose

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As we all work to flatten the curve of the spread of COVID-19, we can also do our part in creating healthy, happy relationships with our coworkers, family, neighbors and the public. Keep a 6-foot distance from others, but don’t be afraid to smile, make eye contact and say hello.

Top 10 Employee Appreciation Day Gift Ideas

Updated: 2/23/21

What is Employee Appreciation Day?

Employee Appreciation Day began as a day to show appreciation to employees everywhere and to strengthen relationships between employers and employees. The first Friday in March marks this unofficial annual holiday, celebrated this year on March 5th.

Not only are recognition and appreciation key for motivating employees, showing your sincere, genuine appreciation for valued personnel goes a long way in maintaining employee job satisfaction. We’ve compiled our favorite 10 ways to show employees how much they’re appreciated. There’s something for everyone!

Put Pen to Paper! Write Employee Thank You Notes

Pen a genuine, sincere, handwritten thank you note for each of your employees expressing your thanks for their dedication and a job well done all year long! A personally penned thank you is more meaningful than a standard email destined for a future in cyberspace!

Desk Name Plate with Wood Pattern Insert

Personalize Gifts for Your Employees

Give personalized gifts to your employees they’re sure to appreciate. From engraved desk plates to personalized pens, tumblers, and more, they will enjoy putting your thoughtfully chosen gifts to good use!

Enjoy a Team Outing Digital Get Togethers

Prior to the current state of the world, taking your team out for lunch or a team-building event was a great way to show your appreciation. But, now it’s ill-advised.

So, until things return to some semblance of normal, consider digital get togethers.

Maybe set aside a time for your team to a screen-shared movie night. Send digital greeting cards to brighten their day. Or, if you have the means, get everyone together for a digital board game session.

Arrange a Volunteer Day

Giving back to your local community (or creating packages to be shared around the world) is a winner for volunteers and recipients alike. You will not only fulfill an essential need, your team will enjoy strengthening social bonds with one another along the way!

Plan an Extraordinary Treat

Whether it’s a special delivery of warm, freshly baked cookies from a local bake shop or hiring your team’s favorite food truck for a made-to-order lunch, your employees will appreciate you as much as you appreciate them!

Thank Your Staff by Bringing in Temporary Assistance

Share a few temporary workers between employees and departments for a few days or even a week. Catching up on the piles of busywork that have been pushed aside will have employees humming a happy tune all week long!

Enjoy the Local Lunch Scene

Explore your local cuisine by assigning each person on your team a restaurant to visit and write a review about afterward. And of course, have the company pick up the tab!

Order curbside to enjoy a socially distanced lunch.

Reusable Hello My Name Is Name Tags

Elevate Your Employee Break Room and Coffee Stations

Offer complimentary fruit or snacks and upgrade your coffee post with ceramic mugs and spoons, a selection of hot teas, and a variety of creamers, syrups, and coffee toppings. Don’t forget to include weekly Friday treats to start the weekend on a sweet note!

Create an Employee Recognition Campaign

Design a platform where employees can enjoy cheers from their peers! Whether it’s an intranet platform where employees can give a personal shout out to a colleague for a job well done, or actual certificates that are awarded, meaningful gestures of recognition are sure to be appreciated.

Start a Holiday Weekend Early

Surprise employees the morning before a long weekend and call it a day a little early. Whether it’s just before lunch or a little later, this is one surprise everyone will love!

Make employee appreciation an everyday event!

Simple gestures like being polite, saying hello, or flashing a smile to whomever crosses your path are effortless ways to show employees individual respect and appreciation all year long!

Easy Ways to Improve Workplace Security (5 Tips for 2020)

Improving Workplace Security Tips from Name Tag Wizard, Server Room with Text
Table of Contents
1. Control Access
2. Provide Identification
3. Train Your Staff
4. Workplace Culture
5. Secure Documents

How secure are your premises? Do you trust your employees with sensitive information? What measures can you take to improve workplace security? Why is security important in the workplace?

If you own a growing or successful business, maintaining a secure workplace is integral to your continued operations. A security breach could lead to safety concerns or even cost your business thousands of dollars. Businesses are often targeted by thieves and hackers attempting to access customer, financial, and other records. Increasing or tightening your business’s security is imperative for ensuring you avoid costly mistakes.

Here are five easy tips you can follow to prevent a security breach in your workplace.

  1. Reduce Access to Your Building(s)
  2. Provide Employee Identification
  3. Train Your Staff
  4. Foster a Workplace Culture
  5. Secure Sensitive Documents

#1: Reduce Access to Your Building(s)

White Restricted Area Authorized Persons Only Door

Minimize access and mark areas to prevent unauthorized entry. If you allow guests to visit your workplace, make sure they are clear on where they are and are not allowed to go.

The more people who have access to your building and its contents, the harder it is to maintain security.

Many office spaces handle sensitive information. Whether it’s financial documentation or customer information, you need to ensure that only authorized personnel have access. Post signs or electronic security access points for server or filing rooms.

Your office most likely has guests from time to time. Whether they’re investors, interviewees or customers, people who are not employees may visit your workplace.Guest Speaker You need to watch after visitors and ensure they don’t enter off-limit areas. Have a member of your administration, or other upper level staff member, stay with guests. This is an easy method of keeping private areas secure.

But, maintaining tight access isn’t limited to guests.

Your employees should also recognize and follow restricted area policies. Not every member of your staff needs access to every room. This is especially so if you own a larger company; the more employees, the more difficult it is to track them.

How can you prevent unauthorized employee access?

Limit employee access by marking restricted rooms. You can give keys to authorized workers to ensure only they have access to rooms or safes. If your business can afford it, you can install electronic scanners tied to specific QR code badges. Another electronic method of limiting access is providing programmable keypads with alpha-numerical codes to designated staff members.

Ensuring access to your building and certain areas is a huge element of reducing the chances of a security breach.

#2: Provide Identification

Hospital Photo ID Badge

Name tags and badges are excellent for identifying authorized personnel and guests.

Supply your staff with photo ID badges for quick and easy confirmation. You can design badges to your specifications making them harder to copy. Ensure your staff then follow all policies on keeping their ID on their person while on premises.

If you have an electronic access system, you can increase security with ID badges. This leads back to restricting access on your property, but you can find or make badges with bar or QR codes for your system. Combining an employee photo with a unique code makes it harder for thieves to copy the design, which prevents unauthorized entry to sensitive information.

Name Tag on Orange ShirtClip-on or lanyard badges are pretty standard for many businesses from retail to hospitals. Magnetic or pin back name tags are common too.

If you allow visitors, provide them with guest passes or badges. While it is still a best practice to have an administrative member accompany guests, providing visitor passes gives other employees peace of mind. It also ensures easy identification of unwelcome guests or trespassers.

Sometimes it’s not reasonable for a member of staff to follow guests. Visitor badges make it easier for employees to identify authorized guests with a quick glance.

Identification badges allow easy tracking of authorized personnel and have a wide variety of uses. No matter your sector or business, your workplace will benefit if you provide clear and easy-to-read badges or name tags.

#3:Train Your Staff

Woman Reading a Computer Screen and Taking Notes

Training feels obvious, but it is integral to your security. You must educate your employees on proper security measures and policies.

Where and how do you file customer information? Does your location have restricted areas? What is proper procedure for a security breach?

If your staff isn’t trained, then how can they follow security procedures?

They can’t.

Training encourages a safe and secure environment.

Two Mean at a LaptopYou should ensure your training programs address every aspect of an employee’s duties. This doesn’t mean they need to know how to do everything. If they handle customer records, they need to understand how to maintain discretion. If they deal with finances, they need to know when and how to file their documents.

Ensure your programs are comprehensive. If an employee hesitates or doubts how to follow a security procedure, risk of breach is high.

Training also gives administrative staff a chance to further vet employees.

If an employee breaks procedure multiple times, you should provide further education, or potentially terminate the employee. This is especially so for sensitive documents. Anyone who handles, transports, files, or fills customer or classified company information must understand and follow proper procedures.

Your training regimen could include online courses, in-person presentations, on-the-job and hands-on experience. Find the best ways of presenting your information.

Investing time and money into educating and training your staff ensures your security measures don’t fail.

#4: Foster a Positive Workplace Culture

Woman at a Company Outing

All the training in the world won’t help if your employees don’t care about your company.

If your staff wants to do their best for the business, your security measures benefit. In contrast, if they don’t enjoy their work or feel underappreciated, mistakes happen and they are likely to ignore policies.

Every business benefits from building a better workplace culture. Employees are more motivated and will want to encourage or enforce security policies. If they enjoy working for you, they’ll want to do everything they can to follow proper procedures.

Unhappy employees don’t care about your business. They don’t care to follow policies. They don’t care to fulfill the full extent of their work duties. And, they don’t care about the security of the business as a whole.

Professional Women Sitting at a TableRemedy this by acknowledging recurring complaints and other reasons for the lack of motivation.

Part of this is encouraging personal growth and appreciating their work. Your employees are people, so they need to know the importance of their job.

If everyone in your company enjoys at least some aspect of their work, your security will improve. Happy and motivated employees want what’s best for your business. They perform better and follow established security guidelines and policies to ensure safe operation of the company.

You can build your company’s culture through team activities, company lunches, or by acknowledging the work of your employees.

There are many ways to improve workplace positivity and culture. Find and explore the best options that fit your business and staff.

#5: Secure Sensitive Documents

Old Filing Cabinets and Index Books

It seems obvious to secure important documents, but it should be addressed. Store sensitive documents in secure areas!

If you handle customer information of any kind, keep it classified. Privacy breaches can cost your business thousands if not millions of dollars in damages paid to individuals. Limiting access to this kind of information is integral for increasing security.

Only allow certain staff members access to these documents. Give them physical keys, bar code badges, or key codes, whatever your business has the budget for and access to. Storing documents in locked filing cabinets in a locked room is an easy, low-tech way of securing information.

The same goes for your company records.

Employee information, financial records, and other documents need to be treated with the same care. Store them separate from each other to avoid confusion and potential filing errors.

Woman with Laptop Checking on Storage ServerDigital files are a bit trickier with the constant improvement of technology.

Ensure your servers are secure and encrypt all files. Limit access to programs and server rooms to proper staff. Digital information is easy to copy onto a flash drive, unlike physical records. Implementing as many security measures as possible lessens the chances of a breach.

An accidental or deliberate entry to your stored files could mean a potential and costly security incident.

Disposal of sensitive records needs consideration. Shredding physical files is one of the most popular methods. It’s fast and easy, and if you run a smaller business, you likely don’t have hundred or thousands of documents to dispose of. To further ensure secure disposal, completely black-out private information, on the front and back, with a security marker.

If your business handles thousands of invoices or customer records, find a local shredding company. Many of them can either pick up your documents or can leave a locked box for you to deposit physical records for them to retrieve and dispose of monthly.

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Name Tag Wizard is your one-stop-shop of custom identification products for businesses. Increase your company’s security with customized name tags and badges to keep track of authorized staff and guests.

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Wood Name Tags – An Ecofriendly Choice for Your Business

From neighborhood businesses lining Main Streets in small town America to international corporations spanning the globe, companies are reshaping their images to be seen as sustainably focused and ecofriendly in the eyes of their valued customers. Known as green marketing, these efforts are made to earn the trust, respect, and business of increasingly environmentally savvy consumers.

Going green is arguably the best practice competitive businesses can implement today.


Show Sustainability Matters to your Business

There are countless ways for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to caring for the planet, beginning with that first face-to-face interaction with potential customers or clients. Employees who greet guests wearing wood name tags make an ecofriendly impression with every handshake.

Additionally, wood name tags offer an exceptionally professional look, are laser engraved from a variety of wood types, and can include images or logos to compliment just about any business.



Wooden name tags are especially nice for complimenting uniforms for outdoor and sporting goods stores, garden nurseries, parks, campgrounds, and other outdoor recreation areas, coffee shops, health food stores, and more!

Wood – A Natural Choice

A renewable natural resource, wood is plentiful, durable, eye-catching, and economical. Additionally, wood grows cleanly, gathering its energy naturally from the sun.

Wood is a sustainable, ecofriendly material that requires minimal processing and emits some of the lowest greenhouse gas emissions, air and water pollution rates for harvesting and milling. By choosing this renewable resource, harmful carbon is kept from the atmosphere, helping to lessen the effects of climate change.



In addition to wood being a naturally renewable resource, this ‘green’ choice is good business that also offers benefits to neighborhoods and communities across the country. The production of wood creates zero waste because it grows from, and returns to, nature. The entire tree can be used for economic and environmental purposes, including bark as mulch for landscaping.


Additional Benefits of Wearing Name Tags

In addition to displaying a professional appearance, name tags play a role in branding your business, encourage interaction between employees and customers, and provide an added level of security by identifying employees authorized to represent your business.

Whether you’re a local small business or an international corporation, name tags offer unique benefits from that initial greeting through completed transactions, and more. Designing thoughtful name tags for your business is a small investment in time and resources that has the potential to grow your relationships, and your bottom line, for years to come!