Tips For Rebuilding Teams in the Office

The pandemic has had a large impact on many aspects of our lives, and our jobs are no exception. Returning to normal after over a year of Covid-19 related changes is no easy task. If you are struggling to find your rhythm again at the office, we are here to help. Here is a guide we have put together to help you get back on your feet:

Reflect On Time Spent Outside the Office

Acknowledging that the pandemic shook things up at your job is the first step toward recovering. Along with making work-related tasks difficult, the pandemic also affected many people’s personal lives. These are some things to think about in order to learn and grow from pandemic troubles:

Disrupted Work Relationships

If you miss eating lunch with your coworkers, working on projects with your staff, or chatting with other employees about weekend plans, you are not alone. Getting to form relationships with your coworkers not only makes work more fun, but it can also make you more productive. Although working from home has resulted in many new online forms of communication, it is admittedly not the same as meeting in person.

Benefits of A Positive Work Culture

Inspiring your team to reestablish a positive work culture is key to getting stronger as a company. Here are just a few of the goals you can achieve when working together with your team and forming bonds:

  • Engaged employees
  • Enhanced creativity  
  • Boosted morale
  • Increased profitability 
  • Faster learning
  • Decreased stress 
  • Improved customer service 
  • Increased trust

Try gifting your teammates with some elegant name tagsbadges, and name desk plates to keep the positive energy circulating. These personalized gifts can help to unify your team and improve employee satisfaction.

Tips For Rebuilding Office Teams

If you are ready to see your business flourish again, follow our tips for rebuilding your team:

Provide Safety Measures

Many of your coworkers might still be worried about the dangers of the pandemic. In order to make your employees feel more comfortable at the office, it is important to prioritize their health and safety. Some of these protocols can include encouraging employees to wear a mask, staying home if you feel sick, taking workers’ temperatures, and arranging desks to be six feet apart. 

Be Lenient With Deadlines and Schedules

Getting accustomed to working all day at the office again will take some time after working remotely for so long. You can help your employees get back on track with their regular routines by letting some things slide. For example, allowing employees to arrive a few minutes late while they get used to traffic can be extremely helpful for the first couple weeks back at the office. On the other hand, scheduling meetings at 9 AM sharp and expecting full participation is not very realistic and can be overwhelming. 

Get Employee Feedback

Giving employees the space to deliver feedback will enable teams to work more effectively toward their goals. Taking the time to listen to your coworkers’ thoughts can help to build trust and transparency. During a time when workers are still adjusting to their schedules, it is important to give them the confidence to come forward with any issues they are having. Not only will this show your coworkers that you care about their needs, but it will also lead to higher productivity overall. 

Plan Low-Risk Activities

Just because your office is practicing social-distancing, does not mean you cannot still have fun. There are plenty of Covid-safe activities you and your team can plan out to help reform work relationships. Some of these activities can include company potlucks, brainstorming sessions, competitions, outdoor games, and much more. Fun activities can help employees relax and take their minds off the pandemic while giving them a chance to catch up.

Set New Goals

In order to lead your team and company to success, setting goals is critical. After spending so much time apart, regrouping and defining a new purpose will encourage your team to stay motivated. Especially during a crisis like Covid-19, common goals can help you bounce back and get stronger together. Reestablishing goals can also trigger new behaviors and help you stay focused on your task at hand despite the craziness. Once your team accomplishes one of these goals, your confidence will skyrocket and you will want to keep the ball rolling.

Be Inclusive Toward Remote Workers

Some of your coworkers might be vulnerable to Covid-19 or live with someone that is too high-risk to get back in the office at this time. Even if they cannot be there in person to contribute to the team, they are still valuable employees. Having meetings that are also available to join on online platforms can help your remote workers stay in the loop. Keeping in communication with them is important for them to feel included and for your other team members to feel more united.

Be Kind to Your Coworkers

No matter where you work, being patient to the people you work with is beneficial. Some might be having a harder time than others during the pandemic, and showing kindness will always be appreciated. Extending grace so your coworkers feel supported will result in a more positive environment that everyone can enjoy.

How Name Tags Can Help You Rebuild Office Teams

Investing in name tags for your company can make a big difference when trying to increase communication and transparency. Here are just some of the ways custom name tags or name plates can lead to a stronger team:

  • Increased workplace safety 
  • Stronger identification
  • Better customer relations 
  • Interpersonal communication 
  • Established company brand
  • More style and personalization  

Here are a couple name tag and desk plate ideas to help get your team feeling excited and ready to tackle any pandemic obstacles:

Floral Name Tag

This name tag with a floral background adds a pop of color and shows off your employee’s style! Not only will this name tag let you know more about your coworker, but it also makes communicating more fun for the office.

Colorful Desk Block

Decorating office desks can be a whole lot more fun with a full color desk name plate! This name plate can add a lot of personality to workers’ desks and create a better company culture.

Customizable name tags can be a fun and creative way to get to know your coworkers better. No matter where you work, there are name tags that best represent your brand. You can even create your own unique name tags if you want identification that really stands out. Whether you want to rebuild your team or spruce up your work space at home, Name Tag Wizard has got you covered!

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