Desk Plates that’ll Liven Up Any Work Space

Working from home – Some people love it. Others loathe it. Remote work has its ups and downs, but we’ve got some new and colorful products and ideas that will liven up your work from home space. The best part is, these work from home accessories will easily travel back to the office with you later. Desk plates are the ultimate desk accessory for professionals who want to show their status, and feel connected to the company they work for.

Tips to Match Desk Plates to Your Personality and Desk Theme:

Acrylic Desk Plates

A clear acrylic desk plate adds a touch of style to your work space, and it goes with almost any theme or color palette. For the minimalist who likes a clean work space, to the art lover who wants pops of color, this acrylic desk plate is perfect for anyone! These also make great gift ideas for remote workers, and new hires who you want to energize and connect with as they work from home.

Acrylic Botanical Theme Desk Plate

For the minimalist:

  • Keep it simple! Customize with only a name
  • Pair this clear botanical desk plate with with a touch of greenery! A faux or real plant will bring the outdoors in, and keep you calm during long work days
  • Simplify and reduce. Clear away unused papers, pens, business cards and other clutter for the ultimate Zen space.
Hot Pink and Orange Acrylic Desk Plate

For the art and design lover:

  • Get color crazy! This pink gradient acrylic desk plate makes a statement
  • Customize with your name, title or meaningful quote
  • Pair it with colorful accessories, such as a bright colored pen holder and a fun figurine
Clear Acrylic Desk Plate with Diamond Border

For the refined:

  • Simple yet decorative, this clear desk plate with diamond border is perfect for the employee who’s the perfect blend of artsy and minimalistic
  • Customize with a name and job title
  • Pair it with elegant desk accessories, like silver or rose gold wire pen holder and file organizer

Chalkboard Desk Plates

Chalkboard write-on desk plates are great for teachers and students, and just about anyone who likes the flexibility of writing a new message every day. Some of our new schoolhouse inspired desk plates come customized with a name, and others are a blank slate, waiting for your daily hand written message. Here are 3 great uses for our new chalkboard desk plates:

Teacher’s Desk Plate with School Subjects

For Teachers Teaching Remotely

  • Help teachers feel supported and connected to their students and other staff! Gift a learning themed desk plate with school subjects, and hand writing inspired font
  • Educators can have fun pairing their new desk plate with their favorite grading stamps, red pens, and adorable notes from their students
  • These teacher desk plates are also perfect for displaying in classroom when the time comes!
Handwriting Practice Desk Plate for Kids

For Young Students Learning to Write

  • These name tracing desk plates help younger students learn to write their name
  • Children can also use this blank chalkboard desk plate to write a new word every day!
  • School staff can send these desk plates as gifts to connect students and teachers who’ve learned remotely for a long time

For The Creative Who Likes to Doodle

  • Chalkboard desk plates are great for the creative employee who loves to write a creative or inspirational message each day
  • They’re also versatile for writing new employee names or trainee’s names

New Desk Plate Card Holders

Stay organized and true to your unique style with our new designs in card holder name plates. These new designs will liven up any work space, whether it’s a home office desk, a breakfast table that’s been turned into a work space, or an office cubicle that needs a pop of color.

We have a card holder for everyone, from art the lover, to new business owners and company executives.

Gifts for Artsy Employees

Our new art lover desk plate with card holder is reminiscent of Picasso and Mondrian! Any lover of the visual arts will adore this new abstract mahogany card holder desk plate. Easily customize it with a name and send it as a gift to your art-loving employee, or get it for yourself!

Abstract Mahogany Card Holder Name Plate

Gifts that Inspire and Reconnect Your Team to your Company Goals

Customize one of these new company logo desk plate card holders for every member of your team, and send them as gifts to remote workers. These gifts are sure to revive team members who may be feeling disconnected from the company and their team members.

Company Logo Card Holder Desk Plate

Working and learning from home has not been ideal, but dedicated workers, students and teachers have put their best foot forward during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you are looking for a way to spruce up your work space at home, the office, or you need a gift that will reconnect your team members to your company’s core values – custom desk plates have several benefits. We’ve updated our assortment to include fun new colors and designs to help you get the most out of your work from home, or socially distanced work day! Shop the full collection of desk plates here.

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