All About Sharing Pronouns in the Workplace

Achieving inclusivity in the workplace is no easy task, but promoting the use of preferred pronouns is one step in the right direction. In order for all employees to feel they truly belong in your company, they must first feel comfortable being themselves. When you put in the effort to create an open environment for all, your business will certainly see positive results.

What Are Preferred Pronouns?

According to, a person’s pronouns describe what they wish to be referred to by in the singular third person. While cisgender individuals go by traditional pronouns such as she/her and he/him, many non-binary and gender-nonconforming individuals are adopting more gender-neutral terms. This could include they/them, all pronouns, no pronouns at all, or many other pronouns.

Importance of Sharing Pronouns in the Workplace

Within the past 4 years, there has been a significant increase in Americans using gender neutral pronouns. The Pew Research Center found that 42% of Americans personally know someone who is transgender, and 26% of Americans know someone who goes by a gender neutral pronoun. As more businesses seek to expand diversity and inclusivity, being educated on preferred pronouns and gender identity is crucial.

When someone is continuously misgendered, it can leave them feeling alienated and distressed. Because people’s exteriors don’t necessarily match their identities, it can be difficult to know what their pronouns are. This is why normalizing the use of pronouns on the job makes it much easier for both transgender and cisgender employees to communicate.

How to Incorporate Your Pronouns at Work

Making small changes in the office environment can be incredibly effective. These changes can be as simple as installing all-gender restrooms, getting rid of outdated dress codes, and adding pronouns to external and internal communications. Even if you use traditional pronouns, sharing your preferred pronouns sends the signal that you are an ally to non-binary and transgender people. Some of the ways you can easily share your pronouns are:

  • Pronoun name tags
  • Email signatures
  • Company directories
  • Display names
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Desk plates

Pronoun Name Tags

Creating an open-minded workplace starts with letting coworkers know they are safe to be themselves. In order to encourage the use of preferred pronouns, you can wear them right on your name tag. This will make it easy for team members to understand each other’s gender identity and form long-lasting bonds. Check out some of our unique custom name tag designs:

Full Color Photo ID Badge

Our full color photo ID badges will proudly display your favorite image and your pronouns. This design is perfect for employees who want to stand out and self-express freely.

Hello My Name Is Name Tag

Our personalized name tags with pronouns are ideal for workers who want a simple yet stylish design. These are available in different colors and fonts so you can choose the one that suits your personality.

Custom Pronoun Photo ID Badge

Our custom pronoun ID badge allows you to show off your profile picture and job title. Your pronouns are accented in the color of your choice for easy readability.

Custom Logo Photo ID Badge

Add your company logo to this custom ID badge for a more professional look. This sleek and white design is perfect for adding personal touches while still presenting a modern look.

Take the step toward gender inclusivity at your job today by ordering a custom pronoun name tag. For under $10, you can inspire your coworkers to openly talk about their pronouns and be a part of a more welcoming office. Not only can you increase productivity and morale by sharing your preferred pronouns, but you will build stronger relationships with your teammates.

How to Get the Perfect Gift for Remote Employees

With remote work becoming increasingly more popular, learning how to keep remote employees satisfied is vital to the success of your company. Making positive interactions and improving company culture is always important, whether your coworkers are in-person or at home. One way to achieve this is by practicing gift-giving during the holidays, or for any occasion, in order to give thanks to those that help your business thrive. These gifts don’t necessarily have to be store-bought, but they should let your employees know you care.

Why Gifts Are Important To Your Business

Remote workers can often feel alienated from the rest of the team. Getting them holiday gifts can be a great way to help them feel included and engaged. Gifts can also act as a symbol of appreciation for your remote workers. It is important to let them know all of their hard work has not gone unnoticed just because they aren’t in the office. Gift-giving is beneficial for the entire team as well. Even on-site employees will be more motivated to produce high-quality results when they know their dedication is being rewarded. Getting gifts for employees can also:

  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Encourage loyalty
  • Boost the morale
  • Create positive memories
  • Show gratitude 
  • Strengthen bonds

Gift Ideas for Remote Workers

If you wish to get gifts for your remote employees and coworkers but you don’t know what to get them, we can help! Here are some gift ideas that are sure to be a holiday hit:

Desk Name Plate

Click to buy this desk plate
Perfect for adding some functional style to your home office

Decorating your work space comes with many benefits that help boost your productivity and overall energy. Although distance workers cannot personalize their desk at the office, they can still get the same benefits from adding décor to their desks at home. Gifting your remote workers a customized desk name plate can instill a sense of importance and belonging that they might be missing.

Name Tag

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Customized with your own name and job title

Name tags not only give workers a sense of identity, but they establish your company brand as well. Getting your distance workers their own personalized name tag will show them they are part of team and highlight their specific duties. Name tags can also be a great way to spread awareness about your business, especially if your remote employees are working at different public locations.

Luggage Tag

Click to buy this luggage tag
Uniquely displays your information for easy identification

Because remote employees can work from anywhere, there is a good chance they could be travelling. A custom luggage tag can be very helpful when flying frequently so they can keep track of their baggage and prevent suitcases from getting lost. A remote employee’s bags can be storing equipment that they need for work, so keeping them safe is crucial for your business.

Indoor Plants

Plants are a great gift for employees as there are many different ones to choose from. All you have to do is make sure the plants are safe for indoors, and that they can continue to grow. Placing plants near your work area comes with countless benefits such as:

  • Reducing stress
  • Increasing productivity
  • Replenishing focus
  • Heightening creativity
  • Cleaning the air
  • Preventing sickness


Employees working from home may struggle with unavoidable interruptions such as children, pets, and housework. Employees working at public locations, like a coffee shop or library, may also have a hard time focusing while being in the same room as many other people. Gifting them some new headphones gives them the option to cancel out external noises and play music of their choice.

Daily Planner

With all the distractions that remote workers encounter on a regular basis, it could be difficult to stay on task. Keeping your home neat and organized is stressful enough, and that only intensifies when your home is also your office. A daily planner could be useful when trying to meet deadlines and stay motivated to finish projects. Planners can also be helpful for life outside of work, and this gift could be the boost they needed.

Streaming Services

While gifting your employees with items that can help their work is a great option, sometimes they may want something to help them kick back and relax. Streaming services have become a popular way to watch movies and shows without having to leave your home. Gifting a subscription to any streaming service can be done virtually through email or text which makes it easy for remote workers.

Food Delivery

With new food delivery service apps, getting food at your door is more convenient than ever. No matter where your remote workers live, gifting them with an online food delivery is easy and accessible. Make sure you know what types of foods your distance employees enjoy, and then send them a wonderful treat.

Gift Card

If you aren’t well informed on your remote worker’s likes and dislikes, you can always play it safe with a gift card . Similar to other virtual gifts, a gift card can be sent online without having to meet with your remote employees in person. Your remote workers will appreciate getting the choice of how to use their reward. Everyone can benefit from a gift card that they can use to purchase whatever they may need.

Key Takeaways

Although getting gifts for remote employees is not as easy as walking down the hall to a colleague’s desk, it is worth the extra effort. Some gifts can make your remote coworkers’ lives easier, while others just show that you value them and all the work they do. Simply put, you should strive to get a gift that will make your employees happy. If you are still unsure of what to get distance workers, we’ve got you covered! Follow these quick tips to ensure successful gift-giving:

  • Get to know your remote employees
  • Try to think outside the box
  • Make the gifts more personal and meaningful
  • Don’t just give away your company swag
  • Consider the employee’s location
  • Don’t forget about the presentation
  • Be inclusive toward all demographics
  • Continue practicing gift-giving after the holidays

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Looking for more gift inspiration? Check out some of our other accessories and gifts that can be personalized for any worker!

Tips For Hiring Remote Workers

Despite all the setbacks the pandemic might have caused, businesses have learned to adapt to the situation. Most have utilized new technologies, created new goals, and adjusted work schedules in order to succeed during the pandemic. The most common change that occurred in the workplace was the increase in remote work. Even with businesses returning to normal, it looks like remote work is here to stay.

What Is Remote Work?

Working remotely has become the norm with many companies today. Even if you have been working in person for a while now, chances are your job allows you certain days to work from home, or has a few full-time remote workers. Remote work is defined as employees working from a location other than a traditional office environment. This could be any place such as your home, a coffee shop, a library, or anywhere else that offers access to the internet.

Benefits of Remote Work

While hiring remote workers can be more difficult than hiring traditional employees, it does come with many advantages. Some of these benefits include:

  • Greater flexibility
  • Better work-life balance 
  • No geographical limitations
  • Less commuting stress
  • Lower overhead costs 
  • Decreased carbon footprint 
  • More comfortable environment
  • Increased inclusivity

Tips For Hiring Remote Workers

If you think hiring remote workers could be a great addition to your team but you don’t know where to start, we are here to help! Here are some of our tips to help you hire the right person for the job:

Make Use of New Technology

Even though you cannot meet with this potential employee face-to-face, new technology allows for a smooth interview process. Instead of relying on emails and phone calls, schedule a video chat so you can make a more accurate evaluation. Online services such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Facetime, and many more can still offer the same personal connection you could get in your office. Similar to the benefits of remote working, virtual meetings offer the same cost efficient and flexible advantages.

Ask the Right Questions

A remote worker will need a different set of skills to be successful than a traditional employee would, therefore you should ask a different set of questions. Because remote workers make their own schedules most of the time, it is important for you to ensure they have decent time management skills. Remote workers will also need a good sense of self-direction and self-discipline since they do not have the ability to constantly check in with the rest of the team. Testing your potential employees on their technological abilities is crucial in order to maintain regular communication with them and keep business flowing as planned.

Arrange Personality and Skills Tests

Although remote workers will not be in the office with other employees, it is still important that they fit in and add to the company’s culture. Personality and skills tests can reduce the chances of hiring the wrong person for the job. These tests will help you understand the candidates better and give you some insight on their unique traits. You can also use the information you gain from these tests to see how employees coordinate with others, solve problems, and manage their workload.

Contact Their References

If you still feel unsure about hiring a remote worker, you can always contact some of their references to make sure they are a good fit at your company. Previous managers and coworkers can be a great resource to you, and they can let you know about some of the candidate’s accomplishments at their last job. Performing reference checks can also help you confirm that the person you are interviewing is in fact who they say they are. 

Create a Welcoming Environment

Just because you are interviewing a potential employee online, does not mean you should not treat it the same as an in-person meeting. The candidate will benefit from you being as open and informative as possible so that they can get a better understanding of your company’s needs. You can even get creative and take them on a virtual tour of the building or introduce them to other employees so that they feel included and know the ins and outs of the work culture.

How Name Tags Can Benefit Remote Workers

Because remote workers are not meeting face-to-face with other employees, keeping them in the loop is necessary for them to be successful. Giving them the opportunity to have their own personalized name tag or desk plate can make a big difference when it comes to open communication and inclusivity. Here are just a few of the benefits of getting your remote workers their own custom name tags and desk name plates:

  • Makes them feel valued and appreciated
  • Shows them they are a part of the team 
  • Improves their productivity even at home
  • Highlights specific job roles and duties
  • Helps to build trust among coworkers

Check out some of our custom name tags and name plates that can help your remote employees feel like truly belong at your company:

Name Tag With Job Title

A name tag that includes your remote employee’s full name and job title can be a great way to  help them feel confident and proud of their new role.  This custom name tag could also be beneficial for other workers to know exactly who they are communicating with online.

Full Color Acrylic Desk Plate

A unique desk plate that displays your remote employee’s name could help them stay motivated even when working from home. Giving them the chance to decorate their own space with this name desk plate could also increase productivity and overall energy.

Customizable name tags or desk plates can be a great way to make your remote employees feel included and special.  It is beneficial for the whole team when everyone is working together and communicating properly.

Tips For Rebuilding Teams in the Office

The pandemic has had a large impact on many aspects of our lives, and our jobs are no exception. Returning to normal after over a year of Covid-19 related changes is no easy task. If you are struggling to find your rhythm again at the office, we are here to help. Here is a guide we have put together to help you get back on your feet:

Reflect On Time Spent Outside the Office

Acknowledging that the pandemic shook things up at your job is the first step toward recovering. Along with making work-related tasks difficult, the pandemic also affected many people’s personal lives. These are some things to think about in order to learn and grow from pandemic troubles:

Disrupted Work Relationships

If you miss eating lunch with your coworkers, working on projects with your staff, or chatting with other employees about weekend plans, you are not alone. Getting to form relationships with your coworkers not only makes work more fun, but it can also make you more productive. Although working from home has resulted in many new online forms of communication, it is admittedly not the same as meeting in person.

Benefits of A Positive Work Culture

Inspiring your team to reestablish a positive work culture is key to getting stronger as a company. Here are just a few of the goals you can achieve when working together with your team and forming bonds:

  • Engaged employees
  • Enhanced creativity  
  • Boosted morale
  • Increased profitability 
  • Faster learning
  • Decreased stress 
  • Improved customer service 
  • Increased trust

Try gifting your teammates with some elegant name tagsbadges, and name desk plates to keep the positive energy circulating. These personalized gifts can help to unify your team and improve employee satisfaction.

Tips For Rebuilding Office Teams

If you are ready to see your business flourish again, follow our tips for rebuilding your team:

Provide Safety Measures

Many of your coworkers might still be worried about the dangers of the pandemic. In order to make your employees feel more comfortable at the office, it is important to prioritize their health and safety. Some of these protocols can include encouraging employees to wear a mask, staying home if you feel sick, taking workers’ temperatures, and arranging desks to be six feet apart. 

Be Lenient With Deadlines and Schedules

Getting accustomed to working all day at the office again will take some time after working remotely for so long. You can help your employees get back on track with their regular routines by letting some things slide. For example, allowing employees to arrive a few minutes late while they get used to traffic can be extremely helpful for the first couple weeks back at the office. On the other hand, scheduling meetings at 9 AM sharp and expecting full participation is not very realistic and can be overwhelming. 

Get Employee Feedback

Giving employees the space to deliver feedback will enable teams to work more effectively toward their goals. Taking the time to listen to your coworkers’ thoughts can help to build trust and transparency. During a time when workers are still adjusting to their schedules, it is important to give them the confidence to come forward with any issues they are having. Not only will this show your coworkers that you care about their needs, but it will also lead to higher productivity overall. 

Plan Low-Risk Activities

Just because your office is practicing social-distancing, does not mean you cannot still have fun. There are plenty of Covid-safe activities you and your team can plan out to help reform work relationships. Some of these activities can include company potlucks, brainstorming sessions, competitions, outdoor games, and much more. Fun activities can help employees relax and take their minds off the pandemic while giving them a chance to catch up.

Set New Goals

In order to lead your team and company to success, setting goals is critical. After spending so much time apart, regrouping and defining a new purpose will encourage your team to stay motivated. Especially during a crisis like Covid-19, common goals can help you bounce back and get stronger together. Reestablishing goals can also trigger new behaviors and help you stay focused on your task at hand despite the craziness. Once your team accomplishes one of these goals, your confidence will skyrocket and you will want to keep the ball rolling.

Be Inclusive Toward Remote Workers

Some of your coworkers might be vulnerable to Covid-19 or live with someone that is too high-risk to get back in the office at this time. Even if they cannot be there in person to contribute to the team, they are still valuable employees. Having meetings that are also available to join on online platforms can help your remote workers stay in the loop. Keeping in communication with them is important for them to feel included and for your other team members to feel more united.

Be Kind to Your Coworkers

No matter where you work, being patient to the people you work with is beneficial. Some might be having a harder time than others during the pandemic, and showing kindness will always be appreciated. Extending grace so your coworkers feel supported will result in a more positive environment that everyone can enjoy.

How Name Tags Can Help You Rebuild Office Teams

Investing in name tags for your company can make a big difference when trying to increase communication and transparency. Here are just some of the ways custom name tags or name plates can lead to a stronger team:

  • Increased workplace safety 
  • Stronger identification
  • Better customer relations 
  • Interpersonal communication 
  • Established company brand
  • More style and personalization  

Here are a couple name tag and desk plate ideas to help get your team feeling excited and ready to tackle any pandemic obstacles:

Floral Name Tag

This name tag with a floral background adds a pop of color and shows off your employee’s style! Not only will this name tag let you know more about your coworker, but it also makes communicating more fun for the office.

Colorful Desk Block

Decorating office desks can be a whole lot more fun with a full color desk name plate! This name plate can add a lot of personality to workers’ desks and create a better company culture.

Customizable name tags can be a fun and creative way to get to know your coworkers better. No matter where you work, there are name tags that best represent your brand. You can even create your own unique name tags if you want identification that really stands out. Whether you want to rebuild your team or spruce up your work space at home, Name Tag Wizard has got you covered!