Improve Your Patient’s Experience With Medical Name Tags!


doctors name tags emergencyA well-run medical office functions a little like a ship. Every team member knows their responsibilities and works with the rest of the team to get through the day. From the high-pressure setting of an emergency surgery clinic to a quiet dental practice, name tags clearly define different parts of the office. Set up a better experience for your patients while enjoying a more organized system by getting a custom name tag for every member of your medical team.

Reduce Awkwardness

How do you feel when you can’t remember the name of your postal carrier or the door man of your building? Eliminate this kind of awkwardness in your office by requiring everyone working in the office to wear a name tag. Your visitors can greet the front office team with confidence, even if they can’t exactly recall their names from memory yet. Enjoy a steady flow of new patients visiting your office once word gets out that your workers all wear tags to make them feel welcome.

Prevent Fraud

It sounds unthinkable, but there’s a surprising amount of fraud going on in hospitals and medical clinics across the country. For example, a teenager in Florida posed as an OB/GYN for over a month before being discovered. This kind of activity erodes confidence in your employees and can put sensitive data at risk for theft. Make it clear who’s an official member of the team and who doesn’t belong with attractive custom name tags. Oval or rectangular medical name badges list your employee’s name and the title of the clinic, making it much harder for a fraud to sneak in and scam your customers. For even greater security, choose larger tags with space for a bar code sticker that controls access to restricted hospital areas.

Streamline The Process

Speed up the process of getting patients in and out with name tags too. When you need to direct your customers to the front desk for billing or insurance filing, name tags work with signs to send visitors the right way. There’s no need to worry about locking doors or lost income when your staff wear identification. It’s also easier to complete the initial intake process when your physician’s assistant identifies themselves from the first tag wizard custom medical name tags for doctors hospitals and clinics

How To Pick The Right Name Tags

Not all medical name tags work well for all facilities. For example, full-color photo IDs are not necessary for small town offices with just two or three people working at once. Small and discreet etched metal tags work better in cozy and comfortable settings. In contrast, those high-end tags covered with extra information prove necessary when you’re managing a full-scale emergency hospital.

Consider how you plan to scale the expansion of your office or clinic as the years pass. If you’re going to invest in scanners and access controls in a few years to keep your place secure, go ahead and buy printed plastic tags that feature photos and bar codes. You don’t want to spend a fortune buying brand new name tags for the entire team just to accommodate a change you already knew was coming.

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