The Name Tag Wizard Tackles Back To School! Part 2

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Enjoy our post last week? We decided to take our dedication to outfitting teachers with everything they need to successfully head back to school another step forward. While yes the wizard supplies countless name tags suitable for teachers of any subject – there’s more that we can do! No, the Wizard is unable to cast any protective spells or charms over your school, but he’s still got a few tricks up his sleeves!

In an age where school safety is of the utmost importance, there has never been a better time to re-examine your school security system than before the start of a new year! With parents more concerned than ever about their child’s safety while at school, news outlets, blogs, and countless articles have popped up online with the hopes of steering schools into the right direction when it comes to important safety measures.

So what are some major tips for school’s looking to beef up their security before the school year starts?

1. Visitor Badges

One of the quickest and easiest adjustments for any school to make to keep their property and students safe is to mandate the use of Visitor Name Badges. In fact, many schools already do this, but for those that do not – name badges for visitors ensure that no unauthorized personnel are wandering your halls.

Here at Name Tag Wizard, we manufacture way more than just name tags! One of our latest products to feature is our School Visitor ID Badges. Sold in packs of 25 or 50, these badges are made of a high quality plastic material, come with a lanyard or a bulldog clip, as well as the option to personalize with your school’s logo, mascot, or artwork.

2. Teamwork

One of the best things your school can do to is to form an emergency response team. In the event that something happens at the school, having a group of trained responders can be your best bet when it comes to holding down the fort before backup arrives. The group could be a team of teachers and staff, or even actual law enforcement personnel. Many schools (especially middle schools and high schools) have a resident deputy on campus at all times to handle any official complaints students may wish to register against another student or an adult that goes beyond the ability of a guidance counselor.

3. The Best Offense Is A Good Defense

Ultimately when it comes to protecting your school’s hallways, the best thing to do is to talk to your students. Every year hundreds of schools across the country make it a point to engage with their students with handouts, safety and security protocols, as well as what to be on the lookout for when roaming the halls and listening to idle gossip.

Every school has a full and lengthy list of activities that are not allowed on school campus as well as items that are also prohibited. Make sure your student familiarize themselves with this list and know when to confide in an adult.

Make sure that your staff takes the time to thoroughly inspect your school grounds before the start of a new year!

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