The Name Tag Wizard Breaks Into The Bar Biz!

busy baltimore bar rules
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Everyone who has had the pleasure of working with our beloved Wizard knows that he likes to kick back and relax occasionally (especially when his friends are in town). You wouldn’t believe the mess that we had to clean up after his 600th birthday party – we played host to Santa, Gandalf, Merlin, and a very rambunctious leprechaun.

The wizard may produce some of the best high quality custom name tags on the web today – but the man can throw a party and keep up with the best of them. As for the after effects – well how would you feel being over six hundred years old with a hangover. Magic or not, it’s not fun.

Regardless of the after effects, it’s incredibly safe to say that the Wizard has visited his fair share of bars over the centuries. Taverns, pubs, bars, clubs, and alcohol in general have become much more regulated over the past century alone (prohibition was a dark and difficult time for the Wizard and a time we prefer not to speak of). But with all the age limits, and cut off times, the Wizard wants to help businesses display their venue’s policies without their staff having to communicate their rules every five seconds.

As business owners ourselves, we know how crazy and hectic things can get – especially our customer service team. Day in and day out they deal with some of the exact same questions – we can only imagine how bartenders, owners, and bouncers feel. This is why our team of designers have created a series of new buttons inspired by some of these things we’re sure people who work in and operate bars and clubs around the country want their patrons to know without even having to ask.

Each of our buttons are made up of high quality parts, and designed with bold colors in order to get the attention that they were intended to receive. Made for a variety of club and bar related jobs, these buttons will let your visitors and potential customers know the rules. We know there’s no shortage of underage kids out there who would like nothing more than to grab a couple drinks before they are legally allowed – but if they manage to do this in your establishment, that could spell big trouble for you and your employee’s, as well as liquor license.

Having your employee’s wear these flashy new buttons will not only keep your guests in the know as to your stance on the laws, but it will also make sure that your employee’s stay mindful of the rules as well as when it comes to the distribution and sale of alcohol. The last thing the Wizard wants is for any bar or night club to find itself in hot water over underage drinking allegations. Each of our bar buttons are 2 ¼” in diameter and come with a secure traditional pin backing so your employees can be sure that it stays in place all night.

Want to retrace the Wizard’s ancient steps? Check out a few of his favorite bars around the world!

The Name Tag Wizard Tackles Back To School! Part 2

New School Year Security Measures Name Tag Wizard Blog
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Enjoy our post last week? We decided to take our dedication to outfitting teachers with everything they need to successfully head back to school another step forward. While yes the wizard supplies countless name tags suitable for teachers of any subject – there’s more that we can do! No, the Wizard is unable to cast any protective spells or charms over your school, but he’s still got a few tricks up his sleeves!

In an age where school safety is of the utmost importance, there has never been a better time to re-examine your school security system than before the start of a new year! With parents more concerned than ever about their child’s safety while at school, news outlets, blogs, and countless articles have popped up online with the hopes of steering schools into the right direction when it comes to important safety measures.

So what are some major tips for school’s looking to beef up their security before the school year starts?

1. Visitor Badges

One of the quickest and easiest adjustments for any school to make to keep their property and students safe is to mandate the use of Visitor Name Badges. In fact, many schools already do this, but for those that do not – name badges for visitors ensure that no unauthorized personnel are wandering your halls.

Here at Name Tag Wizard, we manufacture way more than just name tags! One of our latest products to feature is our School Visitor ID Badges. Sold in packs of 25 or 50, these badges are made of a high quality plastic material, come with a lanyard or a bulldog clip, as well as the option to personalize with your school’s logo, mascot, or artwork.

2. Teamwork

One of the best things your school can do to is to form an emergency response team. In the event that something happens at the school, having a group of trained responders can be your best bet when it comes to holding down the fort before backup arrives. The group could be a team of teachers and staff, or even actual law enforcement personnel. Many schools (especially middle schools and high schools) have a resident deputy on campus at all times to handle any official complaints students may wish to register against another student or an adult that goes beyond the ability of a guidance counselor.

3. The Best Offense Is A Good Defense

Ultimately when it comes to protecting your school’s hallways, the best thing to do is to talk to your students. Every year hundreds of schools across the country make it a point to engage with their students with handouts, safety and security protocols, as well as what to be on the lookout for when roaming the halls and listening to idle gossip.

Every school has a full and lengthy list of activities that are not allowed on school campus as well as items that are also prohibited. Make sure your student familiarize themselves with this list and know when to confide in an adult.

Make sure that your staff takes the time to thoroughly inspect your school grounds before the start of a new year!

The Name Tag Wizard Tackles Back To School!

teacher reading to kids in classroom
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It’s that time of year again! School buses across the country are gassing up, teachers are stocking up on classroom décor and supplies, and parents are getting ready to send their kids off to school for yet another year. New school years are a time for new beginnings, second chances, and a chance to change things up in your classroom – so why not make the most of it?

For months we’ve been gearing up for the start of a brand new school year (since May actually). We just can’t wait to send all of our little ones back to the teachers who are, no doubt, just bubbling over with excitement!

Despite all of his grumblings, the Wizard really is a lenient man. For the past couple months it hasn’t been all that uncommon to see the occasional child sticking out from under a desk. They bring their summer readings, play with their parents tech toys, and draw all over our white boards but it hasn’t really been too bad.

Leave it to the Wizard to get struck with a lightning bolt of inspiration during the hottest days of summer when most of us are struggling to even make it through our normal task load. But our grand Wizard has done it again, and just in time for the new school year!

Save 20% on Photo IDs with Code NTWSTUDENT at Name Tag Wizard, School Bus Badges Resting on Red Notebook

We know that countless schools across the country are always looking for new ways to evolve and change with the times. And while some schools may not find it necessary for personnel to wear any sort of name tags or badges, other schools are realizing just how important it is! With that being said, the Wizard has whipped up a whole treasure trove full of specially designed name tags that are perfect for school use! From chalkboards to geographical world globes, we’ve got a name tags for every subject and teacher on your payroll!

Here at Name Tag Wizard, we treat all of our products as if we were going to be using them ourselves. Over the years, we believe it has been our continued commitment to delivering to our customers only our very best results. We have always made it our mission to give our customers the very best customer service that we can manage. Prior to your new products leaving our facilities, they are checked for quality and durability.

Being a company that specializes in the manufacturing of name tags, we know how much a company’s image matters. This is why we would never compromise our image by sending any of our customers a sub-par product. And while we know that a school isn’t exactly a company, our same rule applies.

For teachers all across the country, the last few remaining months of summer vacation are something to be cherished and held on to – they shouldn’t be spent wondering if or when your new name tag will arrive. Here at Name Tag Wizard we get all of our orders processed and into production in no time – most of our orders ship anywhere between one and three days of being received so that way, you’ll be sure to get your new name tags on time for the start of the new school year! Order yours today!

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream!

santa beach florida summer christmas in julyWe have a visitor! All the way from the ice and snow covered tundra way up in the North Pole, Santa Clause has decided to venture down south and get some sun during the off season. And while we’re all quite sad that he couldn’t bring his reindeer (because we had so much fun last time they visited) we are extremely thankful that he brought us a little winter chill. A little known fact about Santa is that the man brings winter-like temperatures wherever he goes!

To be quite honest, it was getting a bit hot down here in our Florida based Name Tag Wizard factories. For the past few weeks we’ve been wandering around like zombies in the heat – flip flops, tank tops, and all – we even broke out our portable desk fans. Now don’t get us wrong, we live in Florida, so we’re used to it – but even we have our limits!

Not only are we excited to have a guest but the Wizard is as well! As you all know, he and the Wizard go way back, so it’s always nice when the two can make time in their busy schedules to see each other.

Name Tag Wizard Ice Cream 1 Line Name Tag imageThe Wizard in all his blue robes of glory has decided to commemorate Santa’s visit with some new name tag designs. In his wisdom, he has decided to take the best of winter and the best of summer and combine them to create our first ever Christmas in July event! And as an added bonus, the wizard has made some new ice cream inspired name tags perfect for any local ice cream parlor or sweet shop!

Santa has applauded the idea and thought it wonderful! In fact, since he arrived, the jolly man himself just can’t get enough of the chilly treat! Who could blame him? With this year’s temperatures heating up the way they are, we may all have to start eating our weight in ice cream. We may just be the Wizards workers, but we’re willing to bet that we’re not alone in thinking this!

Summer is the perfect time of year to take your small ice cream truck or store to the next level! Whether you operate an ice cream truck on the beach, or a small standalone store, business is bound to heat up during the summer! Make sure that your employees look their best when interacting with your new customers. Name tags often give businesses a clean, polished and put together look that often makes customers feel more at ease. Not to mention, the fact that name tags give your workers a sense of being on a team, and of working together to accomplish a single goal.

So how do you get access to our super awesome Christmas in July sale? You’ve got to be on our mailing list! No, you don’t need to be a fellow wizard to join our ranks and be in the know, you just have to be a fan of special site wide sales, coupon codes, and new product releases. In our bi-monthly emails, we send out plenty tips, tricks, and coupon codes to help you take your business to the next level with the help of the Name Tag Wizard himself. Join us today!

Prepare Employees for Pest Control Season!

professional pest controlDid you know that the Pest Control Industry represents $12 billion dollars in annual sales, according to IBIS? With the annual bug boom happening every summer, there’s no arguing over why. Pests and insects can cause all sorts of problems from just being plain unsightly and creepy, to creating several severe health concerns in your home and for your family and pets. It’s true, pests carry any number of diseases from the seriously dangerous and life threatening Lyme disease found in some ticks, to less severe but still serious and potentially life-threatening asthma.

Over the past number of years, countless studies are beginning to show that children in homes with more cockroaches show higher rates of asthma and breathing issues than children in homes without. With more and more homes becoming infested with cockroaches and other pests, it’s no wonder pest control services are in need!

The demand for pest control is always highest during the summer months when the creepy-crawly bugs start to venture out into the open where they can be seen. This is the time when people start leaving food around, and bugs don’t hesitate to take swift advantage of the freebies! So get all of your pest control employees ready for the big season ahead by making sure they have absolutely everything they need!

So what do we suggest?

1. Test and maintain all of your equipment if you haven’t already done so. Make sure your pumps are working properly and your equipment is clean, free from defects, and ready to roll! Give each set up a few trial tests before passing it on to anyone else. You want to ensure you are supplying the absolute best pest control equipment right from the start, and you’ll look unprofessional and unprepared if you don’t.

2. Presentation is absolutely key so make sure that you service and clean all vehicles! Because even if it is parked in the street outside the house, you never know when a customer will look inside a vehicle! Neighbors, joggers, and even the mailman can and probably will look inside the cab. Make sure you detail every one of your vehicles and inspire your pest control representatives to keep their vehicles clean.

pest control rectangle name tag 3 line silver3. Double check every single uniform for tears, rips, stains and general wear and tear. Uniforms may be made up of higher quality materials, but that doesn’t mean that they will last forever! Make sure your employees uniforms are still in professional shape. This ensures your employees make the best possible impression at every home that they visit. Just remember with every successful house call your exterminators make, your business’s good reputation will spread!

4. Be sure to update all of your marketing materials! This includes stationary, billing forms, legal paperwork and of course, your employee name tags! Your pest control name tags are a vital link between customers and your employees. Connect with your client’s right from the start and get fresh new custom name tags before the pest season starts!

5 Steps To Help Your Business Gear Up For The Spring And Summer Bakery Season

***Appended with new content 11-25-2015

bakery sales projectionsThe Holidays are just around the corner and baked good sales are beginning to rise! From holiday cookies, to apple pies, pumpkin pies, and anything and everything pumpkin related, there’s no shortage of things to buy in the bakery section of your local grocery store! Some grocery chains like the southeastern Publix stores, Walmart, and Trader Joe’s are looking to get people back into their kitchen and making their own baked goods with specialty recipes, made with ingredients purchased from their stores of course.

So how can you keep your local bakery full of customers this fall and not in their kitchens spending more money on ingredients than necessary? Take a page or two from Trader Joe’s whimsical Fearless Flyer! It’s fashionable design (in that new old-fashioned sense) strikes customers as trendy, unique, and not to mention a far cry from the same old cookie cutter type ads that have shown up in Sunday papers for as long as anyone can remember. An eye-catching flyer might be just what your business needs to get more people in the door this fall and winter season!

Pictures of your scrumptious and made to perfection baked goods (not to mention maybe a coupon or two) is just the thing you need! After all, it’s easy to see some super delicious looking treat either on TV, or in a magazine but to actually make it is an entirely different thing altogether and not often as fast and easy as your prospective customers may think. Not to mention it’s extremely rare for something to come out looking as good as something seen on Pinterest, a food blog, or a magazine!

Ultimately, offering your neighborhood the convenience of fresh baked good without the hassle will be most appreciated when everyone is feeling the pressure this holiday season. Use a fun but still professional looking flyer to get them in the door and then let your employees handle the rest!***

name tag wizard bakery season
Image courtesy of Flat Rock Village Bakery

Crafting sweet pastries and mouth-watering breads is a year-round task. However, bakeries located in big cities and tourist destinations both experience higher levels of traffic during the spring and summer. The Name Tag Wizard himself seldom brings donuts into the office for everyone, but once in a while he feels particularly generous, and we get to reap the rewards. But as the weather gets nicer, people tend to want to spend more time outdoors enjoying a tasty snack or two, and we here at Name Tag Wizard are no different. With that being said, Spring is the perfect time for making a few changes in your bakery for improved sales! These five tactics are all affordable and easy to implement in just a week or two which will leave you and your employees with plenty of time to enjoy the rush!

Work On Alternative Options

With food allergies on the rise and many people pursuing alternative diets, it’s a good time for expanding your menu to reach a broader audience. Start out with a few gluten-free ideas, even if you can’t convert your entire kitchen over to a completely allergen-free environment. Consider some vegan products that don’t use any animal byproducts, or breads made with minimal ingredients for customers that react to flavoring additives and dough conditioners.

custom bakery name tagsAdd Name Tags

It’s always smart to polish up the professionalism of your bakery and the crew running it. Start with name tags for all your employees so your customers know who to address when placing a custom order. For a touch of charm, pick one of our bakery name tag designs that features a bread loaf icon to match your bakery’s theme. Dozens of color options help you pair the name tags with the uniforms your employees usually wear.

Standardize Your Labeling

Once you start adding vegan or low-sugar muffins to your sales case, you’ll need to differentiate between these new products and the other options. Try taking some time to standardize your approach to labeling products in the bakery. From identification cards in the bakery case to prices listed on board signs, you need to update the information across the board to reflect your changes. Be sure to update your employees on what the new signs say as well to avoid mistakes at the counter or checkout lane.

Spice Up The Displays

Blooming flowers and budding leaves make for great displays, both inside the cold cases and in the windows of your bakery. Draw attention to your business with the power of nature’s beauty. Even the Name Tag Wizard can appreciate a cute daffodil or delicate orchid, even when he won’t admit it. Edible flowers also attract attention during the spring and early summer months. Topping cupcakes with violets or rose petals is a fun way to brighten up your products.

Expand Your Advertising

After taking the time to make these changes in your bakery, let the community know with an advertising campaign. There’s no point in changing menu items or sprucing up your employees when no new customers drop by to appreciate your hard work. A single ad in a local newspaper or magazine is enough to get the ball rolling with attracting new traffic. Your customers will quickly become regulars as they get to know your friendly team and enjoy your tasty treats.

Improve Your Patient’s Experience With Medical Name Tags!


doctors name tags emergencyA well-run medical office functions a little like a ship. Every team member knows their responsibilities and works with the rest of the team to get through the day. From the high-pressure setting of an emergency surgery clinic to a quiet dental practice, name tags clearly define different parts of the office. Set up a better experience for your patients while enjoying a more organized system by getting a custom name tag for every member of your medical team.

Reduce Awkwardness

How do you feel when you can’t remember the name of your postal carrier or the door man of your building? Eliminate this kind of awkwardness in your office by requiring everyone working in the office to wear a name tag. Your visitors can greet the front office team with confidence, even if they can’t exactly recall their names from memory yet. Enjoy a steady flow of new patients visiting your office once word gets out that your workers all wear tags to make them feel welcome.

Prevent Fraud

It sounds unthinkable, but there’s a surprising amount of fraud going on in hospitals and medical clinics across the country. For example, a teenager in Florida posed as an OB/GYN for over a month before being discovered. This kind of activity erodes confidence in your employees and can put sensitive data at risk for theft. Make it clear who’s an official member of the team and who doesn’t belong with attractive custom name tags. Oval or rectangular medical name badges list your employee’s name and the title of the clinic, making it much harder for a fraud to sneak in and scam your customers. For even greater security, choose larger tags with space for a bar code sticker that controls access to restricted hospital areas.

Streamline The Process

Speed up the process of getting patients in and out with name tags too. When you need to direct your customers to the front desk for billing or insurance filing, name tags work with signs to send visitors the right way. There’s no need to worry about locking doors or lost income when your staff wear identification. It’s also easier to complete the initial intake process when your physician’s assistant identifies themselves from the first tag wizard custom medical name tags for doctors hospitals and clinics

How To Pick The Right Name Tags

Not all medical name tags work well for all facilities. For example, full-color photo IDs are not necessary for small town offices with just two or three people working at once. Small and discreet etched metal tags work better in cozy and comfortable settings. In contrast, those high-end tags covered with extra information prove necessary when you’re managing a full-scale emergency hospital.

Consider how you plan to scale the expansion of your office or clinic as the years pass. If you’re going to invest in scanners and access controls in a few years to keep your place secure, go ahead and buy printed plastic tags that feature photos and bar codes. You don’t want to spend a fortune buying brand new name tags for the entire team just to accommodate a change you already knew was coming.

The Wizard Tells All: Optimize your Luggage Tags For An Even Better Vacation!

name tag wizard tropical vacation spotWith late winter storms dumping snow and ice across the country when March began, the Name Tag Wizard is looking forward to his next tropical trip now more than ever! Whether you prefer to join the jetset crowd or want to take a leisurely cruise around the Caribbean, you need to keep track of your luggage during this spring break and for every other vacation throughout the year! Getting a brand new set of luggage tags reduces the chance that you’ll end up spending two weeks in the sun with only one change of clothes (or robes). With all the traveling our friendly wizard has done throughout his lifetime, it’s safe to say he’s picked up on a few tips and tricks when it comes to making sure your luggage doesn’t get misplaced along the way. With that being said, let the Wizard guide you through the process of creating new tags that help streamline your Spring Break experience!

Rule #1: Choose a Bright Color!

luggage tags on vacation baggageThe Name Tag Wizard doesn’t just recommend bright colors for luggage tags because of his sky blue robes – turns out there’s a method to the madness! Bold red or reflective gold helps catch your eye when the luggage carousel is spinning around and around in a hypnotic fashion. And if you don’t have luggage with a leopard print or a unique design, a bold and bright luggage tag is an easy way to make it more noticeable among a sea of black and dark blue bags. Our aluminum and gold brass tags are visible enough, but our blue and red acrylic luggage tags offer the biggest pop of color. If your luggage is already eye catching, the clear and black acrylic options stand out just as well against a bright background!

Rule #2: Update Outdated Information!

Despite his age and crotchety ways, the Name Tag Wizard has moved around quite a bit in his life. Like most people, he craves the new and exciting vs. the old and decaying. With that being said, he is constantly changing his address and needing new luggage tags. Are yours up to date? Have you like the wizard recently moved? No one likes to imagine losing their luggage, but in the event your bag gets lost and then found, it will end up sent to the wrong address if your tags haven’t been updated!

Making a claim for a lost bag helps very little when the staff searching through the unclaimed bags find luggage tags that don’t match the information you provide. Many airlines require you to verify your name and address with a bill or driver’s license, so even knowing the details on the old tag won’t convince them to hand over the luggage.

Rule #3: Maintain Privacy!

While we know it’s important to keep your address updated, a luggage tag is not necessary meant to be exceptionally personal. Luggage tags are visible to everyone who gets close to your suitcase, so think twice about the personal details you add. The Name Tag Wizard is a very private guy, so he uses his work address and office phone number instead. He can simply flash his magical business card to prove his identity in case of a lost piece of luggage. You can also try email addresses in place of phone numbers.

A new, updated, easy to spot luggage tag is a small investment to make before Spring Break. You’ll get in and out of the airport faster and deal with less lost luggage struggles in the process. With the help of the Name Tag Wizard, you can keep track of your bags to spend less time worrying and more time relaxing on the beach.


Add A Little Magic To Your Classroom With Our New Educational Name Tags!


the name tag wizard study
Photo By Pranile

Without all the support and help from his many, many professors, the Name Tag Wizard wouldn’t be the confident spell caster he is today. Throughout his educational career, the Wizard spent many nights toiling over his cauldron and perfecting many spells much too complex for our mere mortal minds to comprehend!

It is these days of scholarship and learning have inspired his newest creation – the Educational Name Tag! Employees across the retail and office spectrum sport name tags to ease interaction, but now the trend is catching on in schools. Even daycare franchises with hundreds of employees can afford to get a custom ID tag for everyone on payroll. Discover how the Wizard’s new tags can transform your classroom experiences, whether you run an educational daycare center or manage an entire district of public schools.

Make Students Feel Comfortable

By making name tags a part of the daily routine in your school, you’re making the day easier on the students. It’s most helpful in classrooms with students that struggle with memory or verbal skills, but even graduate students can benefit from a quick reminder of which teacher they’re addressing. A clear visual indicator also encourages students to feel comfortable asking for help when interacting with a teacher they’ve never met before.

Encourage Parents To Interact

Aside from assisting the student during regular class time, name tags also get parents talking to teachers. Hosting a conference day is often tricky because parents feel uncomfortable showing up to discuss their kids when they can’t recall each teacher’s name. Name tags reduce that tension and creates higher attendance rates for these important events. Let parents know the teachers will wear name tags when you send home notes a week or two in advance.

Identify Strangers For Safety

name tag wizard educational name tagsIf students are picked up by parents and caregivers instead of sent home on a bus, using name tags is the best way to keep strangers from leaving with a student without authorization. Students of all ages will quickly learn to only follow tagged staff members and teachers. Even if your staff doesn’t wear the identification on a daily basis, it’s worth the cost to keep name tags on hand for field trips and emergencies. It’s far more affordable to purchase custom name tags than printed t-shirts or safety vests.

Advertise Your Facility

Putting the name of your daycare center, after school program, or summer camp on the tag is an easy way to advertise to other parents. Anyone who sees one of your employees wearing their ID could become a future customer. This benefit obviously isn’t so important for public schools, but it’s helpful for any kind of private educational facility that needs more advertisement.

Educational name tags are inexpensive and easy to order. Your entire staff can be identified and unified within a week when you buy a set of customized name tags. Make an ID the newest addition to the school’s professional dress code so your teachers spend more time focusing on helping students. Our colorful designs add flair to each tag, allowing you to match the artwork to the individual style of your school.

The Wizard Has Found Love!

name tag wizard in love hearts for valentines dayEditors of the wizarding presses! Alert your magical staff and tell them to start sharpening their quills! After centuries of surly disposition, and grumbling about ‘that meddlesome fool of a Cupid’, the Name Tag Wizard himself has at long last found love! And not a moment too soon if you were to ask any of us – every year around this time he just seemed to get progressively harder and harder to deal with.

snow covered mountains name tag wizardAll of us had to keep our flowers under our desks, our chocolates in drawers – he did however show some leniency with stuffed animals, but that’s only because he has such a soft spot (no pun intended okay maybe it was) for animals real or fake. For years we’ve suspected that maybe he was still carrying a torch for Mrs. Clause, or maybe he had contracted a horrible case of Grinch-Itis when he last went hiking through the Suessical Mountain Range with that talking cat and his obnoxious hat. (You didn’t know that the Cat in the Hat was a wizard?! Honestly now, how else could he have managed everything he did!)

Whatever the reason, our darling wizard finds himself in the most wretched of moods this time of year. But this year something is different. On numerous occasions he’s been spotted smiling to himself, exchanging in pleasantries with passersby’s, the other morning poor Petunia over in our engraving department forgot to hide the flowers her husband had sent her and when the wizard walked by we braced ourselves for the worst. But just what did our wizard do? He stopped and smelled them! No yelling, no screaming, no tantrums in sight. It really was most peculiar behavior for him given that it’s February. Naturally we were all very confused, but most of all we were curious. What could be the reason behind this change from traditional Valentine’s Day behavior for the wizard?

glinda good witch name tag wizardWhat began as whispers, grew to murmurs, and then before we knew it we were shouting with joy! Yes, at long last the wizard has found love! Okay, well maybe not love exactly, but from what we gather they’ve gone on a few dates and so far nothing catastrophic has happened! That’s a good sign! So just who is the lucky lady that’s caught our wizards eye? None other than the famed Glinda the good witch of the north!

After figuring out all the lovey-dovey shenanigans the Wizard and his new main squeeze have been up to, we thought now might be the perfect time to ask him about new marketing strategies, specifically a new coupon code to share with all of our lovely followers and friends. Under normal circumstances around this time of year, the very idea of sending out a coupon code to celebrate Valentine’s Day was absolutely repulsive to the Wizard, but this year we find him whistling a different tune (literally). As a result, we managed to get the Wizard to agree to free shipping in honor of Valentine’s Day!

We’re all so very pleased and excited to see the wizard in such a good mood, not to mention all the orders coming in! But you’d better hurry and capitalize on this deal while you can! Who knows how long before these fair northern winds of love and happiness from Glinda will turn West.

Use our coupon code USPS at the checkout and the Wizard will magically get rid of any and all shipping charges for your order!