The Comfort Custom Name Badges Can Bring!


Hospitals are busy places. Hundreds of complete strangers all converge on one building throughout any given day, most of the time under unsettling circumstances. In situations like those sometimes a smile can do wonders. Not to mention that when one is faced with so much uncertainty even the most basic of knowledge can be a comfort. Even something as simple as name badges can make a person who just sees chaos, find some sense of structure, clarity, and control.

And out of everyone present in a hospital, it is the nurses who see the most of the patients, therefore it is them who absolutely require the name badges themselves. Constantly looking after their patients, ultimately name badges just save time and remind their charges that they have someone looking after them- someone who has made it their career to care. The doctors come and go, but nurses stay on and continue to care for their charges long after the doctor has gone home for the night.

One of the main duties of a nurse is to provide comfort, to doctors, to patients, and to the patient’s family members. Hospital patients are in a strange place and often scared. Let’s face it, being alone, away from home, and in need of medical assistance would be enough to scare anyone! Patients tend to be more at ease when they know who their nurses are and as an added bonus, proper identification makes it easier for family members to track down the right person.

Even if the patient doesn’t know what’s wrong with them, the least they can do is know the name of the nurse looking after them.

Proper medical name badges help these nurses form valuable professional relationships with patients. And when a patient is finally released, the memory of the nurse’s name will remain, some patient’s go on to send their nurse’s thank you cards for delivering comfort in a most uncomfortable time.

But truly wonderful nurses don’t let the idea of receiving a thank you card drive them to deliver the best service they possibly can- they do that anyway! A nurse’s job is to provide care and comfort no matter what the situation, and it all starts with a smiling face and a name.