Magnetic Name Tags: FAQ About Magnets

Looking to purchase name tags for the staff members of your company? Make sure you get name badges that will last and provide employees a fast and convenient way to identify themselves to clients and customers. Magnetic name tags are by far the most popular style.

Among the many name tag fasteners we offer, magnets are best for wearing with professional clothing because they do not leave holes or tears, like traditional pins do. If you want to ensure that your staff members wear name tags that won’t get lost, these magnets provide a strong hold to all types of clothing.

Here are the most common questions about our magnetic name tags:

How do Magnetic Name Tags Work?

Once you have your name badges designed using our design tool, select magnets as your backing type and this is how they will appear on the back of your badges:

Name Badge Magnet
Back View of Magnetic Name Tag

The metal strip is firmly applied with durable adhesive onto the back of plastic or metal name tags, depending on which you choose. These are convenient and allow for easy on-and-off use that won’t leave holes in clothing. The blue plastic strip features 3 strong magnets that will hold the name badge onto all types of clothing, whether it is a thin business shirt or a wool blazer.

Magnetic Strip
Magnetic Strip Applied to Metal Strip on the Back of a Name Tag

Are magnetic name tags harmful?

Magnets are potentially harmful, yes. The blue plastic strip that contains the 3 round magnets features a warning to remind anyone with a pacemaker not to use magnets. “Caution – Magnetic Device, Do Not Use with Pacemaker.” If you are in charge of ordering name badges for your office staff, it is important to be aware of employees who have a pacemaker.

What happens when you put a magnet on a pacemaker?

Magnets are known to interfere with pacemakers, and can inhibit arrhythmia therapy. Individuals with pacemakers are not advised to use magnets. Consult your physician before using magnetic devices. Find more information about magnets and pacemakers here.

What clothing can magnetic badges be worn with?

To ensure the badge is held strongly in place, we suggest only wearing magnetic badges with shirts or other thin material. The magnets are not ideal for thick fleece and jackets.

Magnetic Name Badge on Shirt
Magnetic Name Tag Applied to Collar

Magnets give employees the chance to wear their name tag with different outfits. These can either be affixed to their shirt collar, shirt pocketĀ or anywhere else that is convenient for the type of attire they are wearing.

Can magnets harm computers?

When a magnet is close to a computer’s hard drive, its magnetic field can disrupt the hard drive and destroy contents. Magnetic name tags are generally safe and will not come in close contact with computer hard drives, however.

What types of magnetic name tags do you offer?

Magnets can be applied to every name tag we make, this includes photo IDs and traditional plastic or metal name tags. We also offer magnetic name plates for cubicles.

Our magnetic name tags include:

If you have further questions about magnets or name badges available at, contact our Customer Focus Team. We will be glad to assist you in placing an order!

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