5 Proven Ways to Connect with your Customers

Connecting with customers will always be important to the success of any business. These days, there are endless opportunities to do so, giving businesses a huge advantage. In order to be successful, we must first listen to what our customers have to say. We need to understand their needs and how we can better serve them. Knowing who your customers are and how they communicate is the first step, but there are proven ways across the board that will help many different types of businesses.

1. Talk, But More Importantly, Listen

Listening is key in any relationship. By listening to your customers, you’ll learn something about not only them but also about your business. Things are changing everyday no matter what industry you belong to, and being able to identify your customer’s needs and provide answers to those needs goes a long way.


2. Write a Blog

The next step after listening to your customers and understanding what they need is providing them with information to help meet their needs. You don’t have to give everything away, but by giving your customers valuable information they’ll be more likely to trust you, your products and your company. Write tutorials, answers frequently asked questions, and show the people who make up your business.

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3. Be Relatable

Humanize the people behind your business and make yourselves relatable. Customers enjoy buying tools, products, services, etc. from a person they can relate to, not just an employee there to earn a paycheck. Name tags and desk plates are great tools for breaking down barriers and making employees more relatable. By connecting names and faces, your customers will feel more comfortable with your employees and in turn be loyal to your business.

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4. Send a Handwritten Card

This timeless token on your gratitude is a gesture that will not go unnoticed. During holidays or on customer’s birthdays, send them a handwritten card. It could be in celebration of something or to show your gratitude for their business. Sending letters and cards may seem old school to some, but there’s not many more profound ways of showing your appreciation.


5. Be Active on Social Media

If you own a business, it’s more likely than not that your customers are on social media. Since you want to be where your customers are, create profiles on the networks that suite your business best. If you’re running a restaurant, create an Instagram or Snapchat account. If you sell name tags, be present on LinkedIn and Facebook. These outlets are just another method of communicating with your customers. Social media networks are also a great way to share a message with your customers whether you’re wishing them a happy holiday or advertising a sale.

Developing solid relationships with your customers isn’t something that happens overnight, but with these proven ways to connect with them and good intentions your efforts will definitely be rewarded. Customers are more likely to be loyal to a business they can relate to and feel they can trust. By listening to your customers, providing them with value and sharing your gratitude, you’re guaranteed to build a solid customer base that will make your business a success.

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