How to Design your Photo ID Badges

woman wearing photo id badge

Implementing a photo ID badge system for your company has many different benefits, from helping your employees connect with customers to keeping your grounds safe. If you’ve decided ID badges are a good option for your team, there are a few important factors to consider before you begin the design process. Whether you’re ordering photo IDs for your team of 10, 100 or 1,000, having a plan in place for your new badges will make everything more efficient and leave you with professional, cohesive badges.

What information needs to be on each card?

To help you answer this question, first consider what your photo ID badge’s main purpose is. Are they to help your team interact with customers? Do you want to increase your building’s security? Once you recognize the main goal of your badges, you’ll be able to better select what information needs to be included. Don’t get carried away with adding information that isn’t of any real importance because it will leave your ID badges cluttered.

What should your employees photos look like?

With photo ID badges, the pictures of your employees is a very important element that shouldn’t be overlooked. If you want your badges to look cohesive and professional, consider setting a day or two to take all of your employees’ photos. Ask them to wear a specific color or professional clothing and shoot each photo in front of the same backdrop with the same lighting. This will help you ensure all of their photos look uniform. Read our tips for taking the best photo ID pictures here.

What brand elements should be included?

Many companies overlook the branding opportunity in name tags and photo ID badges. Be sure to design your new badges with your brand in mind. What colors are present in your logo and other branding elements? What fonts do you use on your website, brochures, and other marketing materials? Use these same elements when designing your badges!

What orientation is best for your badges?

Once you’ve decided on the information that should be included and have your design in mind, it’s time to think about what orientation will work best for your photo ID badges. Will your design work best on a horizontal or vertical badge? Try both options and see how what makes everything fit best.

What security features do you need?

Many companies choose to implement a photo ID badge system to increase their security. If this is the case for your business, don’t forget to personalize each ID badge with the unique bar code your employees will need to enter your building or a department on your campus.

How will your employees wear them?

Will your team members wear their ID badges on a lanyard around their neck or with a magnet on their shirt pocket or collar? Consider how you want your employees to wear their new badges before you finalize your order. You’ll need to choose from all of our backing options, so thinking about this beforehand can help you get ahead of the game. It is also helpful to know that magnetic badges are often the most popular because they provide ease of removal and they do not poke holes in clothing.

Now that you’ve considered these key elements of your ID badge, you’re ready to design your new badges and place your order. What’s great about choosing Name Tag Wizard is you’ll get your new photo ID badges really quickly! Most of our orders ship the very next business day, and we always stand behind our product to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with your product. We hope we’ve made designing your new badges a bit easier!


7 Tips for Welcoming New Employees

Expanding your team is exciting for any company. It signals the growth of your business and gives you the opportunity to bring new talent onto your team. On a new employee’s first day, you want to make a positive impression and properly welcome them into your work environment. Just as a first impression says a lot about a person, an employee’s first day in the office teaches them a lot about your company and how it operates. Make sure you’re always ready for the arrival of your new employees with these tips for welcoming them!

1. Establish a Company Process for New Hires

Establish a formalized process for welcoming new employees into the office. By having a company-wide process in place, you will avoid any confusion and keep things consistent across the board. Often times new employees begin their first day on the job in the Human Resources or Training departments. Find what works for your company, make sure your entire leadership department understand the process, and keep it consistent.

2.  Be Transparent

What are your goals for your new hire? And what standards will they have to follow? Knowledge is power, so educate your new employee on your expectations for them and your team as a whole so they are set up for success from day one. Tell them about your company’s mission and how they are a valuable piece of the whole picture.

3. Have their Work Space Ready

Will your new team member have their own work space? Make sure it is ready for them. Clean their desk and make sure all equipment is set up and ready for their arrival. You of course want your new employee to feel welcome and like you’ve been anticipating their first day. Make sure their new work space reflects that. Complete their new desk with a desk plate or engraved cubicle sign so they know you’re considering them a permanent part of your team.

4. Tell your Current Employees

Let your current team know there will be a new member of your team joining so they too can make them feel welcome. Some companies like to send their new hire emails to read on their first day or have an ice cream social so everyone has a chance to get to know them. Instead of having your employees wonder who the new face in the office is, prepare them for their arrival so they’re ready to introduce themselves.

Custom Name Tag for Dentists

5. Give Them the Tools They’ll Need

Consider what tools they will need in their new role, and have them made and ready for them before they arrive. If your new employee will be interacting with customers, make sure you have a new name tag ready for their first day. Not only will this help them when they’re engaging with your customers, it will also help your current employees remember their name faster and make conversation easier.

6. Take Them to Lunch

An employees first day can be a little intimidating and even overwhelming. There are so many new things to learn, and so many new people to meet. Make their first day easier by taking them out to lunch! And while you’re at the restaurant, leave the office and work behind and get to know them on a more personal level. Give them a break from learning all the ropes and instead show them you genuinely care about them as a person and are happy to have them on your team.

7. Follow Up with your New Employees

Don’t wait until their 90 days to ask them how everything is going. Check back in with them often and ask how their training is going and if they’re getting the hang of things. As we mentioned, starting a new job can be overwhelming because it’s a lot of information to process and retain. By following up with your new employees, you’ll show them you care about their individual welcoming and training experience and want to set them up for success.

Now that you have your established new hire system in place, you’re ready to welcome your new hire! Making a great first impression to your new employees is key to your success as a company, but as long as you prepare yourself ahead of time and do your best to make them feel welcomed, they’re sure to love their new work environment.

Common Name Tag & Photo ID Badge Mistakes

Name tags, photo ID badges, and other professional identification tools can have a huge, positive impact on your company. Not only will they make your team more approachable to your customers, they are also a great opportunity to establish your brand. When designed and used properly, there are so many benefits to your ID tools, but there are also many common mistakes in name tags companies often overlook. It’s a common misconception that by just having name tags your business will already be ahead of the competition, but by wearing ID tools that don’t represent your brand or are made poorly, you may be doing more harm than good. When ordering your team’s name tags, photo ID badges, desk plates, etc. be sure to avoid these common mistakes!

Photo ID Badge for Medical Professionals
Clearly separate your background image from your text.

1. Design Flaws

Designing your company’s new name tags is an exciting experience and the possibilities truly are endless, but sometimes those design possibilities can be taken a bit too far. Keep in mind to not get too carried away and clutter your name tags or photo IDs. The intention of your name tags should be clear and concise. A simple logo, complimentary colors, the employee’s name and their title is all that is necessary. If you choose to incorporate a background image on your name tags, make sure your font is legible over the design and in the right contrasting color so your customers will never struggle to read the badge.

2. Missed Errors

Always have a designated person on your team to proofread every name tag before your final order is submitted. A simple typo or misspelling of a team member’s name will really detract from the overall goal of your name tags, and while we will always do our best to catch obvious errors, there may be some that we wouldn’t be able to recognize. The last thing you want to do is offend an employee by misspelling their name or giving them the wrong title.

custom name tag
Use your name tags as a branding opportunity.

3. Missed Marketing Opportunities

While that small name tag on your employees collar or the photo ID badge on their lanyard may not seem like a huge marketing opportunity, it truly is! Your professional ID tools are a powerful tool for branding your company. It’s often said that the best branding begins from within, and that statement could not be more true. Use your name tags, photo ID badges, desk plates and other tools to make your brand identity known to both your employees and your customers.

4. Sacrificing Quality

If you’re going to invest the money in professional identification tools (and, of course, we believe it’s one of the greatest investments you could make), make sure you do it right. Choose quality when deciding where you will order your name tags from and the materials you want to be used. Here at Name Tag Wizard, not only do we create top-of-the-line name tags, we always stand behind our product, so in the rare occasion that there is a flaw, we will always make sure to do the right thing and ensure your satisfaction as our customer.

Name Tag on Lanyard
Your employees should always wear their name badges.

5. Not Using Them

And finally, make sure your team always wears their name tags and photo ID badges! What would be the purpose of having them if they’re not being put to good use? Not only would they be a waste of your company’s money, it will be a missed opportunity across the board, from a customer-service standpoint all the way back to your marketing and branding goals.

Professional identification tools can really benefit your company in a lot of ways, whether you’re a small business or a huge corporation. They will make your customers feel welcomed, help establish great relationships both externally and internally, and help you create a memorable brand. While the positive impact could be huge, be sure to always remember these common mistakes when ordering your name tags, photo ID badges and more so you can avoid making them yourself. For answers to your questions about how to design your name tag, what artwork can be uploaded during your design process, or how to take the best photo ID photo, browse our blog for tips from the ID professionals!

4 Service-Oriented Industries that Require Name Tags

Connecting with customers means everything in the world of service. Different customers need different things, depending on the type of service you’re providing and your clientele, but making that initial connection is your first step toward success. There are seemingly endless genres within the Service Industry, from waiters to banking agents, car salespeople to travel specialists, and while their responsibilities differ greatly from one to the other, they all have the same goal: to make their customers happy. The tools you or your team will need in order to succeed will also vary, but there’s one that’s instrumental across the board, and it’s professional identification tools. Not only will name tags, photo ID badges and desk plates eliminate the barrier between your team and your customers, they’ll also be the foundation for a lasting, professional relationship.

Barista with Name Tag

1. Food & Beverage

According to, the projected sales for restaurants in New York City alone in 2017 was over $43 billion. The Food & Beverage industry has huge potential for foodies and entrepreneurs, but there’s also a tremendous amount of competition. Service is one of the most defining elements of a restaurant that can help make or break its success. By equipping your team of Food & Beverage professionals with name tags, your customers will immediately feel more welcomed in your restaurant. And what’s better – if your customers love your establishment’s service, they’re more likely to turn into repeat customers – a dream-come-true for your restaurant.

Stewardess with Name Tag

2. Travel

The Travel & Tourism Industry makes up 1/10 of all world jobs, according to the World Travel & Tourism Council, making it an essential part of the world’s economy. More and more people are recognizing the need to travel, while others are required to travel for work-related purposes. This places the Travel Industry in a position for success, but just like Food & Beverage, it’s necessary to make yourself stand apart from the rest. Whether you run a travel agency, an airline, or a hotel, your customers want to feel like they can trust you and your team every step of the way. What’s the best way to do so? Establish strong relationships. Professional photo ID badges are a great way to introduce your team to your traveling customers, while also increasing your companies security with customizable bar codes.

Professional with Silver Name Badge

3. Car Sales

If you live in a large city, chances are you’re often stuck in traffic during your morning and afternoon commutes. The LA Times reported there are over 250 million cars on the road in the U.S., and while car sales declined in 2017, the market still remains strong. Every working American citizen is in need of reliable transportation and they look to car salespeople when it’s time to buy their new vehicle. In any type of sales, establishing trust and good service is necessary, so make sure your team of salespeople are ready to do so with custom name tags.

salesman with custom name tag

4. Banking

There are many different reasons why finances are important to your customers, but one of the most common explanations is their need to care for their family. According to Statista, there was an average of three people per family in the U.S. in 2017. Most people work hard for the money they earn which is why they want someone they can trust to care for it. Bank Tellers and other banking professionals are the faces of any financial institution so it’s important they always make a good impression. Name tags and desk plates are a great way to help your customer service representatives establish professional relationships with your customers, but they’re also a good tool to help you hold your team accountable.

There are many companies in different industries that strive to go above and beyond their customers’ expectations. In all of these industries, there’s a great level of competition and thus even more of a reason to always maintain top-quality customer service. If you’re a leader of a company in any of these industries, it’s essential you give your team members what they need to succeed, and one of the largest necessities is professional identification tools.

At Name Tag Wizard, we’ve made ordering the name tags, desk plates, and photo ID badges you need for your team a seamless and simple process. Just like the above industries, customer service is a top priority for our team, so if you have any questions along the way, we’re always here to help.

18 Tips for Success in 2018

While it may be hard to believe, 2017 is quickly coming to a close, but with a new year comes the opportunity to set new goals. Whether it’s starting your own small business, increasing your company’s profits, or getting the promotion you’ve been dreaming of, it all starts with deciding what you truly want. Clearly defining your goals before January 1st is a great way to start the new year off right. Today we’re sharing our 18 tips for a successful 2018, from getting yourself in the right headspace before the year begins, to the things you’ll want to remember as you conquer the year.

1. Get started early

Don’t wait until January 1st to decide what your resolution and yearly goals will be. Get ahead of the game, determine what you want, and find the mentality you’ll need to be successful in the new year.

2. Map out your goals

Once you’ve decided what it is you want to accomplish in 2018, write it all down and separate your work and personal goals.  When mapping out your work goals, break down your responsibilities into different categories and focus on what it is you want to achieve within each category.

Notebook with Goals

3. Take small steps

Make big goals more attainable by identifying what small steps you need to take to reach them. For example, if your main goal for 2018 is to be more productive, you might wake up earlier and create a workspace that eliminates distractions.

4. Set intentions

Another proven way to reach your goals is to set daily intentions. When you wake up each morning, determine what it is you want to accomplish that day. Whether it’s keeping a positive attitude or knocking out a reasonable to-do list, it’ll be easier to guide yourself through the day with an intention.

5. Be valuable

One of the fastest ways to gain more customers or get that promotion is to show your value, but before you can show the world why you’re an asset, you must first recognize it yourself. What do you bring to the table that no one else does? What makes your specific skill set unique? Know what makes you important and be sure your peers do, too.

Business Meeting at Coffee Shop

6. Continue learning

Recognizing your value is important, but so is remembering there is always room for improvement. Take every opportunity you get to continue learning and bettering yourself.

7. Commit to a healthy lifestyle

When improving yourself mentally, don’t forget to improve yourself physically. Whether you commit to a workout routine or choose to eat healthier, you will feel stronger and more capable of achieving your goals.

8. Volunteer your time

Make it a point to feed your soul in the new year. These days, it’s easy to overlook how fortunate we are when we get busy with our daily hustle. Take a few days out of your year, or more if you’re able, and volunteer to help others in need.

9. Stay organized

At times, you’ll undoubtedly be overwhelmed with all there is to do. Making lists or keeping notes is the easiest way to stay organized and be sure you get everything done in a timely fashion. Buy a planner or a personalized portfolio to make staying organized easier and a bit more fun.

Personalized Portfolio

10. Be grateful

Another great way to gain perspective when you’re feeling overwhelmed is to think of how lucky you are. If you have a job, a roof over your head, and people who care for you, you’re automatically better off than many others in the world. Don’t forget to be practice gratitude every single day.

11. Welcome small failures

When a big project doesn’t turn out the way you’d imagined or you miss a deadline, find a way to make it benefit you. If we never failed, we would never improve, so take each failure as a learning opportunity.

12. Travel

What is all the success in the world worth if you don’t take the time to enjoy experiences? If there’s a country you’ve been dying to visit, or a loved one in another state you miss, buy the ticket and take the ride.  Be sure to travel safely with our tips and avoid worrying about finding your luggage with a personalized tag. Not only will travel give you a well-deserved break, experiencing new things will also expand your mind.

13.  Spend time with family

At the end of the day, it’s not about where you are but who you’re with. Chasing your dreams is time-consuming and stressful, but be sure to always make time for those who mean the most to you, whether it’s your family or your close friends.

14. Share your goals

Always share your goals with your team. Not only will it empower you to turn your plan into a reality, but your transparency will also give your team the motivation they need to do their part. Make sure your team is equipped for success with tools like name tags for customer interactions or photo ID badges to increase security.

Inspirational Team Meeting

15. Celebrate small victories

Each time you reach your sales target or gain a new profitable account, recognize how that accomplishment puts you one step closer to reaching your overall goal. By celebrating small victories, you’ll inspire yourself and your team to keep up the momentum.

16. Envision your success

So often we put all of our focus on what we need to do to get there, but don’t think about what it will be like when we arrive. What will it look like when you reach your goal? How will you feel about what you’ve accomplished? Envisioning your success helps you take the right steps to get you there.

17. Stay positive

Success is hardly ever achieved over night. You’ll face stress, failure, and hardship along the way, so it’s important to stay positive. Always remember you’re capable of getting exactly what you want out of life, as long as you’re willing to put the work in and never give up.

18. Plan for the future

Where would you like to see yourself three, five or even 10 years down the road? Some things may be hard to accomplish in just a years time, especially if they’re huge goals, so think about your long term goals and give yourself a place to begin next new year. You may even surprise yourself and accomplish them in a shorter amount of time than you thought.

We hope you feel ready to map out your goals, take steps towards them, and celebrate your small victories along the way. With your priorities in order and the right mentality you’re sure to make 2018 the best year yet! So what will your plan for success be going into the new year?

Travel Tips for the Holiday Season

Christmas Tree and family

Heading back home for the holidays should be an exciting experience, not a dreaded one. But it’s no secret that some of the busiest times of year are during the holiday season. Whether you’re flying, driving, or taking a train to your destination, so are plenty of others that are also going home to their loved ones. The holidays are a time for joy and appreciation, but maintaining that mentality can be challenging when you’re worried about missing your flight or stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the highway. To avoid the fuss and headache of traveling during this busy time, be sure to follow these tips for a seamless, enjoyable trip.

1. Do your Research

Plan out your trip well in advance. If you’re road-tripping for the holidays, look into what routes will be the most crowded, and instead opt for an alternative route. It may be a mildly longer drive, but if you can skip sitting in traffic for hours, it’ll be well worth it. If you’re flying or taking another form of public transportation, travel on a calmer day. If you can wait until Christmas day to travel, you’ll avoid the long lines. If you want to make it to your destination sooner, you can also travel in the early morning or late at night.

2. Pack just a Carry On

By traveling light, you’ll speed up your day of travel and you won’t risk losing your luggage. Pack a well-organized carry on and avoid waiting for your luggage at the conveyor belt after your flight. If you have kids or are traveling for an extended period of time and need to check a bag, be sure you bring important belongings and a change of clothes in your carry-on bag. A personalized luggage tag can be a life-saver when you’re peering into a sea of black bags in search of your own.

Passport and Map

3. Bring your Photo ID

This may seem like a given, but on the day of your trip you may be in such a hurry you aren’t thinking completely straight. Set everything you’ll bring on your trip by the front door the night before, including your personal item holding the proper form of identification. Check out this article to be sure you bring the right photo ID with you.

4. Ship your Gifts

If you’re heading home to see your family, you’re most likely bringing along their holiday gifts. If you’re flying to your destination, ship your gifts ahead of time so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of lugging them through the airport. If you do bring them on the plane with you, TSA recommends wrapping your gifts after you arrive at your destination because they may have to unwrap your gifts for inspection.


5. Prep for your Trip

If you’re driving, bring snacks along for your trip and make the ride more enjoyable with a great playlist. When traveling with your children, try to keep them entertained, whether it’s with a coloring book, movies, or roadtrip games. If you’re flying, check in online the night before  and look at the status of your flight before you leave the house. Before you board the plane, grab something healthy to eat so you are full for your trip and don’t have to rely on airline food.

6. Stay Positive

There is only so much preparing for your trip you can do. While there are plenty of things you can do to try to avoid a mishap, they may still happen. When you feel overwhelmed and stressed out because things aren’t going as planned, take a deep breath and remember everything will work out. You will arrive at your destination and it will all be worth it in the end.

We hope you feel prepared and at ease for your upcoming adventure. We’re wishing you a safe and easy trip and hope you enjoy the holidays with those closest to you!

What are Visitor ID Badges and Why are they a Necessity?

There are many different systems that can be utilized in a large number of office settings and other work environments to improve efficiency, organization, security, and more. At Name Tag Wizard, we’re here to provide you with the tools you and your team need to succeed. By providing your visitors with a visitor ID badge, your company will be able to welcome everyone at a specific place within your building, properly identify and record each guest, and give them an ID that will allow them to safely visit your facility.

Increase your Security

When was the last time you were walking through the halls of your work building and saw someone you didn’t recognize? Whether you work in a production facility, a school or a hospital, welcoming visitors is very common in all work environments. There are plenty of reasons visitors need to be allowed into your facility, but it’s easy to see how this could also pose a potential threat to your business and your employees’ safety. These days, companies are increasing their security systems because we simply just aren’t as safe as we once were. Visitor ID badges are a great way to keep your company safe. By implementing a visitor ID badge system, your receptions or front door security can properly identify any visitors that come to your campus. This will automatically deter many potential threats, but in the event something does happen, you will have record of who was on your campus and when. While this may be the most obvious benefit, there are other ways visitor badges help your business.

Welcome & Help your Visitors

Another great benefit of using visitor ID badges is the opportunity to welcome every visitor. By establishing a visitor check-in system, you’re ensuring every guest will be properly welcomed into your building. It will also increase your ability to help them. Say your work environment is in a school setting, and you notice someone with a visitor badge wandering through the halls. By identifying this person as a visitor with their ID badge, you’re able to approach them and offer your assistance. Whether they need directions to their child’s classroom or you’re able to answer a simple question they have, a visitor ID badge will bridge that gap.

Collect Data

When a visitor enters your building, whoever is in charge of checking them in will ask for a valid form of identification to confirm who the visitor is. Many companies ask for a driver’s license or state ID and make a photo copy of the ID while checking them in. This is a great opportunity for businesses to obtain information on who is visiting their facility. For example, if you work in a hospital that is hosting a case study, by checking each visitor in, you’re able to collect information on who is interested in your study. Maybe not every visitor is welcomed into the study, but by having this information, it will help your business know who is interested and who you should be marketing to when in search of other candidates.

By being able to properly identify and record your company’s guests, you are increasing your security, welcoming them properly, and collecting potentially beneficial information about is visiting your facility. These are just a few of the many benefits of using visitor ID badges in your work environment. At Name Tag Wizard, we offer visitor badges that can be customized with your company’s logo, visitor numbers, and areas for the guest’s name, company, date, and time of check-in. We’ve also created reusable visitor ID badges made from chalkboard and dry erase surfaces. This allows different guests to use the same badge, cutting your cost and offering an environmentally-friendly option. Check out our visitor ID badges and customize yours today!

Tips for Taking Photo ID Pictures

There are an endless number of horror stories when it comes to taking photo ID pictures. From driver licenses to company ID badges, it may sometimes seem like taking a flattering, professional photo is close to impossible. The pressure of waiting in line and the close angle on a person’s face certainly presents a challenge, but there are tips and tricks for success. Whether you’re the subject of the photo or behind the camera, follow these tips to make sure you take the best photo ID picture possible.

Company ID Badge

When Posing…

  • Always Smile

Believe it or not, there’s an art to smiling for your ID picture. Find the perfect balance for you between not too much teeth and not smiling at all. A slight smile will add warmth and professionalism to your picture.

  • Practice makes Perfect

Part of the beauty of living in a world with smartphones is you have a portable, instant camera in your hands at nearly all times. Take a few practice selfies before photo day to find your most flattering angle. Practice different head tilts and smiling with slightly squinty eyes to find what makes you look the most confident.

  • Hair & Make Up

If you’re planning to wear make up for your photo, make sure you go for a more natural, every day look so it doesn’t come out too drastic and distracting. Professionals say it’s best to have long hair neatly pulled back so it doesn’t cast shadows on your face. If you have a dark beard, be sure it’s trimmed before your photo.

  • Professional Attire

When choosing what you will wear, avoid bright, busy patterns and nude-colored options. A dark color like black, navy blue or grey are your best choices and will make for the most professional-looking photo.

Canon camera

When Photographing…

  • The Background

If you’re taking company photos for a group of people, be sure to choose a plain, uniform background to use for all. A white background will make your photos pop, but a dark blue color is best for corporate headshots. If the photos are for a company’s photo ID badges, you may want to consider what the design of the ID badges will look like beforehand.

  • The Positioning

Once your background is in place, measure roughly a foot away from the backdrop and mark the ground with a piece of tape. Set your camera on a tripod and adjust the height according to each subject. Have your subjects stand or sit in a chair on your mark when you take their photos. If you have your camera in a stationary place and your subjects positioned correctly, your photos will look uniform across the board and more professional.

If you’re photo is being taken for a photo ID of any type, whether for your license or your company ID badge, chances are it will be with you for a long time. Be sure you like your photo and it presents you in a professional way by following these tips. Check out the many benefits of company photo ID badges, from personalized security to increased productivity, here.


Reusable Name Tags: the Next Generation of Name Tag Stickers

Reusable Name Tags

Unless you love name tags just as much as we do, there’s a chance you haven’t heard of the next big thing in identification tools: reusable name tags. Well we’re here to fill you in! Gone are the days of asking each of your conference attendees to slap a sticker name tag onto their favorite suit, or, as a teacher, struggling to remember each of your students’ names. Available in both dry erase and chalkboard, this professional yet fun temporary name tag option has quickly grown into an industry favorite. So today we’re sharing five opportunities to use your reusable name tags!

Woman giving a speech

1. When Hosting a Conference

No matter what industry you’re in, hosting a conference can do tremendous things for your business. It’s a great opportunity for networking with potential business partners, positioning yourself as an expert in your industry, and even learning a few things from your peers. But, of course, there’s a lot of planning that goes into hosting a conference, and one of the many things you need to consider is how to set your attendees up for success. By providing your guests with name tags, you’re eliminating barriers and making it easier for them to network with one another. Sticker name tags are helpful, but with chalkboard or dry erase name tags you’re showing your attendees you’ve invested a little more into your conference, and you will also be able to use them again and again for future meetings, conference, training classes, etc.


2. When Holding Training Classes

With every new hire you bring on board, you will need to hold training courses to introduce them to your company and make them feel welcome. Many companies bring a few of their new hires in at one time and have at least a day of proper training in a classroom setting. This would also be a great opportunity to use your reusable name tags, as you will need them each time you host a training session. By supplying your new hires with name tags, you’re making it much easier for them to interact with their new co-workers and get to know one another.


3. When Welcoming Temporary Employees

In many industries, there are the peak seasons that generate a large portion of the companies’ annual revenue. Whether you’re producing more products for your e-commerce business, serving more guests in your restaurant, or welcoming more guests into your hotel, this is an important part of the year and the influx in business will require an increase in staffing. Many companies look to temporary employees for help during this busy season. Chalkboard and dry erase name tags are a great option for your seasonal employees. Not only will they make your temporary employees part of the team, but they can also be used season after season.

Science Classroom

4. When the New School Year Begins

At the beginning of each new school year, most teachers receive a minimum of at least 20 new students they must get to know. There are many things a teacher must learn about their students, from their education to personal needs, but it all begins with their name. Reusable name tags are a fun and economically-friendly way for teachers to learn each of their students name successfully and efficiently. The chalkboard and dry erase base of the name tags perfectly relate to a classroom setting, and creating the name tag unique to each student could also be a fun project for them on the first day of school.

Business Colleagues

5. When Welcoming Visitors

Potential investors could be touring your facility, or maybe you’re trying to win over a manager you’d like to have on your team. No matter who it may be you will leave a positive, lasting impression by giving them a temporary name tag to wear and allowing your team to greet them by name. Not only will they immediately feel welcomed, they will be impressed by the time and thought you put into their visit. Bring out your reusable name tags every time a visitor enters your doors!

There are an endless number of ways you could use your reusable name tags. Never again will you be forced to throw out a temporary name tag; simply erase the name and add a new one! They may be more professional and even fun to use, but their lifetime value is truly the best thing about them. Choose from a variety of sizes, oval or square shapes, green and black chalkboard surfaces or the dry erase option, whatever best suits your needs, on Name Tag Wizard today.


5 Proven Ways to Connect with your Customers

Connecting with customers will always be important to the success of any business. These days, there are endless opportunities to do so, giving businesses a huge advantage. In order to be successful, we must first listen to what our customers have to say. We need to understand their needs and how we can better serve them. Knowing who your customers are and how they communicate is the first step, but there are proven ways across the board that will help many different types of businesses.

1. Talk, But More Importantly, Listen

Listening is key in any relationship. By listening to your customers, you’ll learn something about not only them but also about your business. Things are changing everyday no matter what industry you belong to, and being able to identify your customer’s needs and provide answers to those needs goes a long way.


2. Write a Blog

The next step after listening to your customers and understanding what they need is providing them with information to help meet their needs. You don’t have to give everything away, but by giving your customers valuable information they’ll be more likely to trust you, your products and your company. Write tutorials, answers frequently asked questions, and show the people who make up your business.

Woman Wearing Professional Name Badge

3. Be Relatable

Humanize the people behind your business and make yourselves relatable. Customers enjoy buying tools, products, services, etc. from a person they can relate to, not just an employee there to earn a paycheck. Name tags and desk plates are great tools for breaking down barriers and making employees more relatable. By connecting names and faces, your customers will feel more comfortable with your employees and in turn be loyal to your business.

Thanks notes and Stamp

4. Send a Handwritten Card

This timeless token on your gratitude is a gesture that will not go unnoticed. During holidays or on customer’s birthdays, send them a handwritten card. It could be in celebration of something or to show your gratitude for their business. Sending letters and cards may seem old school to some, but there’s not many more profound ways of showing your appreciation.


5. Be Active on Social Media

If you own a business, it’s more likely than not that your customers are on social media. Since you want to be where your customers are, create profiles on the networks that suite your business best. If you’re running a restaurant, create an Instagram or Snapchat account. If you sell name tags, be present on LinkedIn and Facebook. These outlets are just another method of communicating with your customers. Social media networks are also a great way to share a message with your customers whether you’re wishing them a happy holiday or advertising a sale.

Developing solid relationships with your customers isn’t something that happens overnight, but with these proven ways to connect with them and good intentions your efforts will definitely be rewarded. Customers are more likely to be loyal to a business they can relate to and feel they can trust. By listening to your customers, providing them with value and sharing your gratitude, you’re guaranteed to build a solid customer base that will make your business a success.