What are Visitor ID Badges and Why are they a Necessity?

There are many different systems that can be utilized in a large number of office settings and other work environments to improve efficiency, organization, security, and more. At Name Tag Wizard, we’re here to provide you with the tools you and your team need to succeed. By providing your visitors with a visitor ID badge, your company will be able to welcome everyone at a specific place within your building, properly identify and record each guest, and give them an ID that will allow them to safely visit your facility.

Increase your Security

When was the last time you were walking through the halls of your work building and saw someone you didn’t recognize? Whether you work in a production facility, a school or a hospital, welcoming visitors is very common in all work environments. There are plenty of reasons visitors need to be allowed into your facility, but it’s easy to see how this could also pose a potential threat to your business and your employees’ safety. These days, companies are increasing their security systems because we simply just aren’t as safe as we once were. Visitor ID badges are a great way to keep your company safe. By implementing a visitor ID badge system, your receptions or front door security can properly identify any visitors that come to your campus. This will automatically deter many potential threats, but in the event something does happen, you will have record of who was on your campus and when. While this may be the most obvious benefit, there are other ways visitor badges help your business.

Welcome & Help your Visitors

Another great benefit of using visitor ID badges is the opportunity to welcome every visitor. By establishing a visitor check-in system, you’re ensuring every guest will be properly welcomed into your building. It will also increase your ability to help them. Say your work environment is in a school setting, and you notice someone with a visitor badge wandering through the halls. By identifying this person as a visitor with their ID badge, you’re able to approach them and offer your assistance. Whether they need directions to their child’s classroom or you’re able to answer a simple question they have, a visitor ID badge will bridge that gap.

Collect Data

When a visitor enters your building, whoever is in charge of checking them in will ask for a valid form of identification to confirm who the visitor is. Many companies ask for a driver’s license or state ID and make a photo copy of the ID while checking them in. This is a great opportunity for businesses to obtain information on who is visiting their facility. For example, if you work in a hospital that is hosting a case study, by checking each visitor in, you’re able to collect information on who is interested in your study. Maybe not every visitor is welcomed into the study, but by having this information, it will help your business know who is interested and who you should be marketing to when in search of other candidates.

By being able to properly identify and record your company’s guests, you are increasing your security, welcoming them properly, and collecting potentially beneficial information about is visiting your facility. These are just a few of the many benefits of using visitor ID badges in your work environment. At Name Tag Wizard, we offer visitor badges that can be customized with your company’s logo, visitor numbers, and areas for the guest’s name, company, date, and time of check-in. We’ve also created reusable visitor ID badges made from chalkboard and dry erase surfaces. This allows different guests to use the same badge, cutting your cost and offering an environmentally-friendly option. Check out our visitor ID badges and customize yours today!

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