Reusable Name Badges

Why Reusable Name Badges?

There are 2 key reasons to order reusable name tags. 1 - Savings! Reusable name tags offer great value! Keep them on hand for meetings, conferences, trade shows and other business gatherings that require temporary badges. These eliminate the need to reorder custom badges for each event and each employee. 2 - Branding! You can add your logo or slogan to reusable badges so that they present your staff or attendees in a cohesive and professional way. This way, the names are temporary but the badges are high quality and can be used many times. They do not have a temporary appearance.

Types of Reusable Badges

There are 2 types of reusable name tags, dry erase and chalkboard. 1. Dry Erase. The dry erase badges come on high gloss single ply acrylic material. This durable material creates a professional look and can be reused many times. 2. Chalk Board. The chalkboard name tags are also made of acrylic, but they have a micro texture finish that keeps chalk writing on while in use, but also makes it easy to erase. Each of these reusable badges can be used indoor or outdoor and comes with several backing options, from pins to magnets. Find white and black dry erase styles, and black, white and pine green colors for the chalkboard tags.