Reusable Name Tags: the Next Generation of Name Tag Stickers

Reusable Name Tags

Unless you love name tags just as much as we do, there’s a chance you haven’t heard of the next big thing in identification tools: reusable name tags. Well we’re here to fill you in! Gone are the days of asking each of your conference attendees to slap a sticker name tag onto their favorite suit, or, as a teacher, struggling to remember each of your students’ names. Available in both dry erase and chalkboard, this professional yet fun temporary name tag option has quickly grown into an industry favorite. So today we’re sharing five opportunities to use your reusable name tags!

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1. When Hosting a Conference

No matter what industry you’re in, hosting a conference can do tremendous things for your business. It’s a great opportunity for networking with potential business partners, positioning yourself as an expert in your industry, and even learning a few things from your peers. But, of course, there’s a lot of planning that goes into hosting a conference, and one of the many things you need to consider is how to set your attendees up for success. By providing your guests with name tags, you’re eliminating barriers and making it easier for them to network with one another. Sticker name tags are helpful, but with chalkboard or dry erase name tags you’re showing your attendees you’ve invested a little more into your conference, and you will also be able to use them again and again for future meetings, conference, training classes, etc.


2. When Holding Training Classes

With every new hire you bring on board, you will need to hold training courses to introduce them to your company and make them feel welcome. Many companies bring a few of their new hires in at one time and have at least a day of proper training in a classroom setting. This would also be a great opportunity to use your reusable name tags, as you will need them each time you host a training session. By supplying your new hires with name tags, you’re making it much easier for them to interact with their new co-workers and get to know one another.


3. When Welcoming Temporary Employees

In many industries, there are the peak seasons that generate a large portion of the companies’ annual revenue. Whether you’re producing more products for your e-commerce business, serving more guests in your restaurant, or welcoming more guests into your hotel, this is an important part of the year and the influx in business will require an increase in staffing. Many companies look to temporary employees for help during this busy season. Chalkboard and dry erase name tags are a great option for your seasonal employees. Not only will they make your temporary employees part of the team, but they can also be used season after season.

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4. When the New School Year Begins

At the beginning of each new school year, most teachers receive a minimum of at least 20 new students they must get to know. There are many things a teacher must learn about their students, from their education to personal needs, but it all begins with their name. Reusable name tags are a fun and economically-friendly way for teachers to learn each of their students name successfully and efficiently. The chalkboard and dry erase base of the name tags perfectly relate to a classroom setting, and creating the name tag unique to each student could also be a fun project for them on the first day of school.

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5. When Welcoming Visitors

Potential investors could be touring your facility, or maybe you’re trying to win over a manager you’d like to have on your team. No matter who it may be you will leave a positive, lasting impression by giving them a temporary name tag to wear and allowing your team to greet them by name. Not only will they immediately feel welcomed, they will be impressed by the time and thought you put into their visit. Bring out your reusable name tags every time a visitor enters your doors!

There are an endless number of ways you could use your reusable name tags. Never again will you be forced to throw out a temporary name tag; simply erase the name and add a new one! They may be more professional and even fun to use, but their lifetime value is truly the best thing about them. Choose from a variety of sizes, oval or square shapes, green and black chalkboard surfaces or the dry erase option, whatever best suits your needs, on Name Tag Wizard today.


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