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Swivel Clip

Make sure you end up with the name tags that you want the first time! This Mylar Swivel Clip is a great way to securely fasten your plastic name tags or ID badges to your personal uniforms or to your regular everyday clothing. Made with high quality materials, these Mylar swivel Clip will assist all of your employees secure their name tags and badges quickly, efficiently, and with ease. Whether you have one employee or many, our laser engravers can handle just about anything!
SKU: 1006921
Swivel Clip

Need a new backing piece for your name tag? Maybe you feel like it’s time for an upgrade? Allow us to help you out! Here at Name Tag Wizard, not only do we sell amazing name tags but also the accessories that go with them! This Swivel Clip is a jack of all trades! Great for securing a custom Photo ID to your clothing, or a standard name tag, this swivel clip will ensure that your name tag stays safely in place all day.

Unlike traditional pin backings for name tags that riddle your clothes with tiny puncture marks that can lead to them needing to be replaced, the swivel clip is great for those who want the security of a traditional pin backing, and don’t entirely trust the security of magnetic name tags. It has an extra stable spring for securing neatly and rests the name tag upon an adhesive plastic swivel base. The clip itself is reusable and comes with the adhesive strip to attach your badge risk and hassle free.

In a hurry and need your order now? You’re in luck! When you order from Name Tag Wizard, we make our goal to ship all of our orders within one business day of receiving them. We’ve been in the name tag industry for over sixty years so you can trust that we’ll get your order out as quickly as we can! And have we mentioned that all orders over $75 ship for free? Order from us today!

Swivel Clip


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Swivel Clip
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Swivel Clip
   1   Review(s)