4 Different Name Tag Backings And Their Use

Magnet, Pin, Clip

When designing the perfect name tag, the possibilities are endless! There’s colors, font styles, shapes and sizes all to consider, but the one thing we often forget about are the backings. A backing is very important because it holds your name tag in place the way you want it displayed to customers and business partners. Many don’t realize how many different options there are when choose a name tag backing, so we’re here to explain each one and when they will be most useful for you.

magnetic name tag backing

1) Magnetic Backing

The first is the magnetic backing which is a great way to securely fasten your name tag onto your clothing. Name Tag Wizard’s magnetic backings are hard to beat because they really hold! But these have another advantage aside from how well they hold – magnetic name badges won’t damage your clothing. Many of us wear suits, blouses and some of our nicest clothing to work. A magnetic backing will eliminate the need to poke holes in your clothing therefore making your clothes last longer.

Plastic Badge Pin


2) Plastic Badge Pin

A plastic badge pin has many great uses as well – it all depends on what you’re looking for. Plastic badge pins allow you or your employees to securely attach a name tag efficiently and with ease. These backings are also fairly less expensive than a magnetic backing and are a great alternative when ordering a large quantity of name tags.

Swivel Clip for Name Tags


3) Swivel Clip

A swivel clip is also a great, economically friendly backing for your name tags. This backing can hold a photo ID as well as a traditional name tag. Like the magnetic backings, it will not puncture holds in your clothing. It has an extra stable spring that is great for securely holding name tags in place.

Mylar Clip for Name Badges


4) Mylar Clip

A mylar clip is a great backing option as it can be reused. If you like to change your name tag or photo ID often, this may be the backing choice for you! Just attach your name tag using the clear vinyl mylar strip and you’re ready to engage with customers and business partners. Best of all – this clip will also leave your clothing damage free.

As you can see, there’s a number of options to choose from when deciding which name tag backing to use. Not all backings are created equally! Just like a name tag, your backing choice depends on what works best for you. If you have questions related to a name tag backing or anything else Name Tag Wizard related, we invite you to leave a comment down below!

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