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Photo IDs

Tips for Taking Photo ID Pictures

It's all about posing & background. Here's how you can capture the best employee smiles.

Name Tag & Badge Mistakes

Avoid common name tag and photo ID badge errors that can damage your brand.

Student Identification Policies

How schools are using photo IDs and student name tags to increase security.


5 Industries that Require Name Tags

For some businesses, name tags are a given. Create connections with every customer.

Are Visitor ID Badges a Necessity?

Quickly identify outsiders, whether at a production facility, school, or hospital...

Name Changes: Steps to Remember

See what it takes to legally change your name, as well as updates you must make after.


Do You Have Appropriate Travel ID?

Before you head to the airport, train station or bus stop, make sure you have the proper ID.

Name Tag Timeline

Where has your name tag journey taken you? A look at life milestones through past name tags

Design Help for ID Cards

Get answers to your name tag FAQs as we walk you through using our design wizard.