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When choosing a security system for your business, what industry you’re in, how many employees you have and how strong of a system you need are all important things to consider. In modern times, establishing a strong security system is crucial to your company’s success and can even increase productivity over the long-term. Employee photo ID cards are a cost efficient and effective way to ensure the safety of your company, its products and even your employees. Name Tag Wizard makes it easy to order your employee ID cards online and get them fast, but if you’re still not sure what the real importance of employee ID cards are, here are four undeniable benefits:

1. Ensure Safety

If your company employs a large number of people, photo ID badges are the easiest way to identify an employee. By dis...

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No matter what the nature of your business is, your goal is to connect with your customers. Whether you’re helping them achieve personal, fitness goals, serving drinks at the town’s most hip bar, or caring for someone while they are ill, we all want to engage our customers. But what’s the very first step in establishing a relationship? Wearing a name tag will break down the wall between you and your customers and make you approachable. Name Tag Wizard is the easiest way to design your own name tags, whether you need hospitality name tags, retail name tags or secure photo ID badges.

Easily customize your name tags (read tips for designing the perfect name tag here) and grow your business today! Studies have shown wearing a name tag makes customers more comfortable, and while there are many d...

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Traveling for business is exciting, especially if it’s to a place you’ve never been before. Whether business trips bring you closer to co-workers you only knew from inside the office or give you the chance to meet partners you’ve never met in person, they’re an excellent opportunity to connect. But moving away from your comfortable desk space and adding a lengthy itinerary can quickly turn your trip from exciting to stressful. Next time you’re preparing for a business trip, keep these five tips in mind to ensure an experience you’ll enjoy.

1. Pack with a Strategy

Know what your itinerary will be, who you will meet on your trip and pay attention to the weather forecast. From there, create a packing list for the outfits you’ll need for different occasions. Utilize the master “roll don’t fold”...

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When designing the perfect name tag, the possibilities are endless! There’s colors, font styles, shapes and sizes all to consider, but the one thing we often forget about are the backings. A backing is very important because it holds your name tag in place the way you want it displayed to customers and business partners. Many don’t realize how many different options there are when choose a name tag backing, so we’re here to explain each one and when they will be most useful for you.

1) Magnetic Backing

The first is the magnetic backing which is a great way to securely fasten your name tag onto your clothing. Name Tag Wizard’s magnetic backings are hard to beat because they really hold! But magnetic backings have another advantage aside from how well they hold – they won’t damage your clothi...

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Whether your business is at the top of its industry or you’re just getting it off the ground, your identity and making yourself known is vital to your success. Name tags are a powerful tool because they welcome others and make you more approachable. This will allow you to communicate and make connections with ease. However, your name tag can do the exact opposite if it’s not designed and worn properly. Follow these tips to ensure your name tag is effective in growing your business relationships and ultimately your company.

Tip #1: Make it Legible

Beginning with size, your name tag should be legible from 10 feet away. Choose a simple font and a font size large enough that potential business partners and customers won’t struggle to read it. Make your name the spotlight of your name tag! Your ...

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Standard name tags are a thing of the past! Our name-tag-creating “Design Wizard” helps our customers completely customize their name tags. Whether you choose full color, oval, text only or engraved name tags, our design wizard tool gives users ultimate design power! Add logos, change color components or select curved edges to ensure your name tags perfectly represent your brand.

We’re thrilled to be able to provide our customers with a tool that allows them to create the name tags of their dreams. With so many different options and capabilities, there are often questions. Follow these step-by-step instructions to help simplify your name tag designing process.

  1. Decide which name tag best meets your needs (custom name tags, engraved name tags, pre-designed name tags, metal name tags) Choose th...
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Like anything should in modern times, Name Tags have evolved.  Gone are the days when you had a boring backer and simple Arial font placed on top.  These days, businesses are finding ways to get even more creative with their name tags.  And we’re not just talking about various shapes, printing methods, or designs.  

There are new trends popping up on what customers are actually placing on their name tags.  Could name tags help ignite and foster better internal employee relationships?  Stronger team work even? The short answer is yes. That’s exactly what’s new in the name tag industry!

Recently, we know of several companies identifying employee’s personalities on their name tag.  There are many personality tests that people use today. Some of them are: 

  • The Sixteen Personality Factor (16PF)
  • Pre...
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What’s in a name? Well, just about everything in business, say the experts.  Being able to attach a person’s name with their face is vital for many reasons and today we’re here to shed light on four reasons wearing name tags will help improve your customer service and sales.

1. Develop a Personal Relationship

Studies show that customers are more likely to start a conversation with an employee if they can call them by name.  With employees proudly displaying their name tag, customers can immediately identify and connect with the employee. And guess what happens when customers have connected with an employee of a business?  Their confidence and comfort level skyrocket!  This is when purchasing power comes into play.  

2. Secure a Level of Professionalism

Having your employees wear name tags with...

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The holidays mean a lot of different things for businesses but one thing's for sure, you need to be prepared. Affordable seasonal employee name tags that you can quickly and easily customize to suit any business are what we specialize in at Name Tag Wizard.  We’ve got you covered!

The holidays are the start of large gatherings with family and friends, gift-giving and sending out the perfect holiday cards. They mean hot cocoa and wood crackling in the fireplace (if you live anywhere other than Florida like us!) They mean a contagious joy spreading through the air like no other!

But with all that, if you’ve ever worked in the customer service industry, you know the holidays also mean your busiest season of the year. Whether it’s retail, hospitality or food and beverage, it’s when a business ne...

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In typical wizard fashion, the Holidays proved to be more exciting than any of us, or Santa’s reindeer or elves could handle! But now that the party is over (as well as the cleanup) - the Wizard is ready to take on the new year in style!

The start of a new year means new trends and the name tag world is no exception! All over the country countless businesses use the start of January just like the millions who use the clean slate of a new year as a starting off point to accomplish whatever goals and dreams have been nagging them since at least September of the previous year.

With the final numbers for the year in, now may be a good time for your business to re-evaluate your image, not to mention perhaps your payroll. Once you’ve finished making any personnel changes that you may find necessar...

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The holidays are just around the corner, and like most retailers or manufacturing plants around the world, it’s an extremely busy time of the year! According to data collected throughout the 2013 holiday season, it is estimated that businesses hired roughly 800,000 seasonal employees to help get the job done. And even though we have a handy dandy Wizard to help us make it through the holidays, we also have a number of new faces here as well to help out - after all, there is only so much the wizard can do!

Now are we about to tell you that name tags make great gifts for the holidays? Absolutely not! In fact, we really don’t recommend it unless you’re looking to find a belated lump of coal in your not-yet-put-away stocking the next morning. No, name tags are not the ideal holiday gift for tha...

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As winter arrives, the Name Tag Wizard is getting inspired to try his hand at something new. He's been watching a few too many cooking shows, so now his magic is being worked in the kitchen instead of in his wizards tower. He's been combining ingredients and mumbling over his cookbooks for weeks now. While he hasn't quite created his masterpiece and achieved the rank of chef just yet, there are a few sweet treats coming out of the kitchen. And now thanks to his efforts, we now have new Restaurant themed name tags with a variety of charming designs available!

Something For Every Taste

There's no need to stick with the same old basic designs when outfitting your restaurant staff. The Wizard has whipped up custom looks for different industries and food types. For example, we've got a range of b...

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Everyone who has had the pleasure of working with our beloved Wizard knows that he likes to kick back and relax occasionally (especially when his friends are in town). You wouldn’t believe the mess that we had to clean up after his 600th birthday party – we played host to Santa, Gandalf, Merlin, and a very rambunctious leprechaun.

The wizard may produce some of the best high quality custom name tags on the web today – but the man can throw a party and keep up with the best of them. As for the after effects – well how would you feel being over six hundred years old with a hangover. Magic or not, it’s not fun.

Regardless of the after effects, it’s incredibly safe to say that the Wizard has visited his fair share of bars over the centuries. Taverns, pubs, bars, clubs, and alcohol in general hav...

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Enjoy our post last week? We decided to take our dedication to outfitting teachers with everything they need to successfully head back to school another step forward. While yes the wizard supplies countless name tags suitable for teachers of any subject – there’s more that we can do! No, the Wizard is unable to cast any protective spells or charms over your school, but he’s still got a few tricks up his sleeves!

In an age where school safety is of the utmost importance, there has never been a better time to re-examine your school security system than before the start of a new year! With parents more concerned than ever about their child’s safety while at school, news outlets, blogs, and countless articles\ have popped up online with the hopes of steering schools into the right direction whe...

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It’s that time of year again! School buses across the country are gassing up, teachers are stocking up on classroom décor and supplies, and parents are getting ready to send their kids off to school for yet another year. New school years are a time for new beginnings, second chances, and a chance to change things up in your classroom - so why not make the most of it?

For months we’ve been gearing up for the start of a brand new school year (since May actually). We just can’t wait to send all of our little ones back to the teachers who are, no doubt, just bubbling over with excitement!

Despite all of his grumblings, the Wizard really is a lenient man. For the past couple months it hasn’t been all that uncommon to see the occasional child sticking out from under a desk. They bring their summer...

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We have a visitor! All the way from the ice and snow covered tundra way up in the North Pole, Santa Clause has decided to venture down south and get some sun during the off season. And while we’re all quite sad that he couldn’t bring his reindeer (because we had so much fun last time they visited) we are extremely thankful that he brought us a little winter chill. A little known fact about Santa is that the man brings winter-like temperatures wherever he goes!

To be quite honest, it was getting a bit hot down here in our Florida based Name Tag Wizard factories. For the past few weeks we’ve been wandering around like zombies in the heat – flip flops, tank tops, and all – we even broke out our portable desk fans. Now don’t get us wrong, we live in Florida, so we’re used to it – but even we ha...

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Did you know that the Pest Control Industry represents $12 billion dollars in annual sales, according to this survey? With the annual bug boom happening every summer, there's no arguing over why. Pests and insects can cause all sorts of problems from just being plain unsightly and creepy, to creating several severe health concerns in your home and for your family and pets. It's true, pests carry any number of diseases from the seriously dangerous and life threatening Lyme disease found in some ticks, to less severe but still serious and potentially life-threatening asthma.

Over the past number of years, countless studies are beginning to show that children in homes with more cockroaches show higher rates of asthma and breathing issues than children in homes without. With more and more homes...

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The Holidays are just around the corner and baked good sales are beginning to rise! From holiday cookies, to apple pies, pumpkin pies, and anything and everything pumpkin related, there’s no shortage of things to buy in the bakery section of your local grocery store! Some grocery chains like the southeastern Publix stores, Walmart, and Trader Joe’s are looking to get people back into their kitchen and making their own baked goods with specialty recipes, made with ingredients purchased from their stores of course.

So how can you keep your local bakery full of customers this fall and not in their kitchens spending more money on ingredients than necessary? Take a page or two from Trader Joe’s whimsical Fearless Flyer! It’s fashionable design (in that new old-fashioned sense) strikes customers ...

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A well-run medical office functions a little like a ship. Every team member knows their responsibilities and works with the rest of the team to get through the day. From the high-pressure setting of an emergency surgery clinic to a quiet dental practice, name tags clearly define different parts of the office. Set up a better experience for your patients while enjoying a more organized system by getting a custom name tag for every member of your medical team.

Reduce Awkwardness

How do you feel when you can't remember the name of your postal carrier or the door man of your building? Eliminate this kind of awkwardness in your office by requiring everyone working in the office to wear a name tag. Your visitors can greet the front office team with confidence, even if they can't exactly recall the...

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With late winter storms dumping snow and ice across the country when March began, the Name Tag Wizard is looking forward to his next tropical trip now more than ever! Whether you prefer to join the jetset crowd or want to take a leisurely cruise around the Caribbean, you need to keep track of your luggage during this spring break and for every other vacation throughout the year! Getting a brand new set of luggage tags reduces the chance that you'll end up spending two weeks in the sun with only one change of clothes (or robes). With all the traveling our friendly wizard has done throughout his lifetime, it’s safe to say he’s picked up on a few tips and tricks when it comes to making sure your luggage doesn’t get misplaced along the way. With that being said, let the Wizard guide you throug...

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Without all the support and help from his many, many professors, the Name Tag Wizard wouldn't be the confident spell caster he is today. Throughout his educational career, the Wizard spent many nights toiling over his cauldron and perfecting many spells much too complex for our mere mortal minds to comprehend!

It is these days of scholarship and learning have inspired his newest creation! Employees across the retail and office spectrum sport name tags to ease interaction, but now the trend is catching on in schools. Even daycare franchises with hundreds of employees can afford to get a custom ID tag for everyone on payroll. Discover how the Wizard's new tags can transform your classroom experiences, whether you run an educational daycare center or manage an entire district of public schools...

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Editors of the wizarding presses! Alert your magical staff and tell them to start sharpening their quills! After centuries of surly disposition, and grumbling about ‘that meddlesome fool of a Cupid, the Name Tag Wizard himself has at long last found love! And not a moment too soon if you were to ask any of us – every year around this time he just seemed to get progressively harder and harder to deal with.

All of us had to keep our flowers under our desks, our chocolates in drawers – he did however show some leniency with stuffed animals, but that’s only because he has such a soft spot (no pun intended okay maybe it was) for animals real or fake. For years we’ve suspected that maybe he was still carrying a torch for Mrs. Clause, or maybe he had contracted a horrible case of Grinch-Itis when ...

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Happy 2015 from the Name Tag Wizard! The New Year came and went without incident in our shops, no champagne was spilled on any of our equipment and all the confetti was swept up before the Wizard returned from his mysterious New Year getaway. When he returned to our fair factories, he had managed to misplace his luggage somewhere along the way and was quite literally kicking himself for not taking advantage of all of the awesome luggage tags that we have.

Honestly, when anyone travels as much as our resident wizard friend, you’d think they would have invested in some luggage tags for this very reason. Every year millions upon millions of businessmen and women travel all over the world, in the hopes of forging lasting and successful business relationships and partnerships with other like min...

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We’re not going to lie, things get a little bit crazy here during the holidays. Over the course of those few short pre-holiday weeks, it feels as though our lasers run nonstop. Our hours may be longer, but our days seem shorter. Name tag orders come in and go out, and the wizard works overtime making sure that only the most beautiful (yes, name tags can be beautiful – they’re kind of our thing) products and designs leave our factories.

But after all the holiday parties, gift giving, and cookies, it’s safe to say that not all of us here are quite ready to let the holidays go just yet. It’s safe to say that we’ve all still got a little bit of leftover holiday fever and this year it’s getting a little ridiculous. In a way, we’re a little like Santa’s elves in that way. And speaking of Santa, w...

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Oh the weather outside is frightful! Wouldn’t a nice warm fire feel nice to curl up in front of? Wouldn’t it be even better to curl up with someone or something that you love? Every holiday season all across the country, countless animal shelters and sanctuaries work to find homes for as many of their rescued dogs, cats, and other creatures as they can. And while no pet adoption should ever be taken lightly, the holiday season does make a great time to give the gift of love. After all, what more are pets than small little creatures that want nothing but love, attention, respect, and a roof over their heads?

Year in and year out, shelters all over the country act as half way centers for domestic dogs, cats, and other creatures in dire need of a place to stay. The streets are a dangerous plac...

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It’s that time of the year again and Santa’s in trouble! Now the Wizard and Santa go way back – they’re old friends! There is a rumor that our own Wizard used to be a special admirer of Mrs. Clause, but that’s a story for another time and honestly he doesn’t like to talk about it. Truth be told, we think he was a little miffed when Santa came along but there are no hard feelings and the two have been known to share an eggnog or two on occasion! The truth is, that our Wizard absolutely adores those flying reindeer of Santa’s. Whether it’s because they are so magically unique or just because he likes animals, they always manage to leave a few pounds heavier than before after filling up with only the best carrots and other forms of vegetation that the Wizard can conjure up. But Santa’s reinde...

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Sometimes we just need to get out. Break routine. Break boredom and monotony and all of those other things that we’ve come to expect on an everyday basis. In moments like these, sometimes you just need to pick up your coat and walk outside and breathe. Take a break, take a walk around the parking lot or building and just momentarily unwind. You are no longer at your desk, that stack of papers that were once in front of you no longer exist and you are exercising other muscles than your brain for the time being and your body thanks you.

Various studies suggest that taking the occasional breather (literally) could prove beneficial to your overall productivity including giving your serotonin levels a boost which will help you to be more happy and positive throughout the day. According to fresha...

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Here at Name Tag Wizard, it should come as no surprise that we get a lot of questions about our products. While we’ve tried to answer as many of your questions as we can via our handy FAQ section, there are just some things that require more specific details, and other things that are solely up to you! For example, if you have a large number of employees and wish to employ the use of name tags, it may be a good idea to include more than just the employee’s name when you order them.

This is exactly what one library in Garden City, New York discovered recently during one of their routine meetings. During the meeting to discuss general issues, both employees as well as various patrons expressed problems that some of the library employees had faced while working. Because their name tags only fe...

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There’s something truly magical about Halloween! The air cools, the pumpkins appear in mass quantities, and nothing quite compares to the crunch, crunch, crunching of recently fallen leaves beneath your feet on your morning walks. For adults, Fall tends to mean Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Thanksgiving with the family, and lower A/C bills, but to kids all over the country all they can think about is the arrival of Halloween! So with the Halloween season already here after a summer that went by much too quickly, it’s time to start figuring out those Halloween costumes. Considering that some costumes may take longer than others to complete, there’s no time like the present to get started!

So what are the top Halloween costumes for little girls this year?

The most classic costume for babies! ...

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Being the snazzy Name Tag Wizards that we are, we get a lot of questions about our name tags.

“Which one should I buy?”

“How do you make them?”

“How can something so small be such a magically magnificent accessory?”

Okay, so maybe we made that last one up, but for the record, our name tags are manufactured so quickly that magic is really the only possible explanation. But believe it or not, today’s post actually has nothing to do with magic and really has everything to do with science.

(Cue the Bill Nye The Science Guy 90’s theme song)

Because out of all of the questions we get on a regular basis, the questions about magnets – how do they work? How are they made? Are they truly every bit as strong as the time old tradition of the standard pin backing?

That last one is by far the most interesting ...

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Greetings and salutations my dear friends and humble followers!

It has been a short while since I've written to you and I apologize for my absence. You see, I've had some work done recently and it has taken me a while to fully recuperate. Now don’t sound so shocked! We wizards need this sort of thing once in a while! Unlike humans, the aging process for us is much different and once you hit around 500 years old, you really are overdue for a little nip and tuck- and even though we wizards use magic instead of a plastic surgeons, we still require some down time. From what I was told however, my minions associates have been handling things quite well in my absence! No spontaneous fires, and only one intergalactic rave! All things considered, everything went quite smoothly!

So in honor of my new...

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Great ghouls and goblins the Halloween season is upon us! It feels as if almost overnight, a chill has taken up residence in the air and summer is officially over. Fall and Halloween candy and home decor is out in full force and lining the shelves of just about every local grocery store in your neighborhood.

While it may not seem like it, throughout the course of the year and almost as if by magic, countless stores clear out their products and spaces. Before the public even realizes what has happened, the store is gone and you know what’s even creepier? No one even notices. They stop and stare but for the life of them, cannot seem to remember what had occupied the now vacant and abandoned space. Almost as if their memories were wiped by some mysterious force, the store front windows and doo...

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Remember way back when you were just a lowly 6th grader starting middle school for the first time? Think back before your shiny new car, your snazzy apartment, and that awesome new suit you've been wanting for the past month. You gathered your pens, pencils, notebooks, and folders – grabbed your backpack and ran out to meet the bus. You found your friends and did your best not to act nervous or intimidated by the 8th graders who seemed to have everything figured out. You went through your first day of classes with ease and managed to find your friends in the lunchroom after a few nerve-wracking minutes - but “what happened to recess?” you asked and then you were told the horrifying news that recess was gone.

But despite your horror, the teachers around you tried their best to be welcoming a...

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For all those enrolled in college campuses across the country, summer is officially gone with the start of August. After nine long months of countless research papers, insane deadlines, and hour lectures that feel as though they have lasted at least four hours each, summer came and all was right in the world again.

Alarm clocks were finally silenced and no one could rush you around your apartment for anything other than a trip to the pool, a party, or the allure of free food. Yes, times were good, but ultimately those sizzling summer days must always come to a close with the end of July and the beginning of August.

But before you order those textbooks, and organize your pens and notebooks - there is still enough time for one last summer hurrah! So why not pack up your bag, grab your luggage ...

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Football season is almost here! Some of us non-sports loving folks are moaning and groaning about more sports updates on our various social media accounts, while others are rejoicing and anxiously counting down the days. But for those who don’t necessarily feel like whipping out the tried and true tailgating necessities that come along with football season, you can take comfort in knowing that it may not all be sunshine and roses for the players either, especially when there are often so many new faces and name to recognize and remember!

Whether you have a child who plays football or you just like to watch it on the big screen at home or at your favorite sports bar, there is a lot of preparation that goes into planning the next season as soon as the first one is over.

After the Superbowl and...

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With their furry little faces and ability to cheer you up no matter how badly your day has gone, it’s not all that surprising that our pets quickly become our family. So when they get sick, there is no doubt that it can be a terrifying experience. While, like children, they depend on their owners for everything, pets are unable to tell you where it hurts or what’s wrong. It’s the uncertainty and the fear that comes along with a sick pet that will drive you to the animal hospital in the middle of the night.

In those terrifying seconds, minutes, and even hours - you’ll find that it’s the most simple of things that bring you comfort. A warm smile, a shared concern by a complete stranger over your pet, and a veterinary name tag can be far more comforting than one might initially imagine. It mig...

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It’s been a busy month for us here at! While most manufacturing companies have been forced to lay people off over the past few months and years, our humble store has been lucky enough to survive and then some! This last month in particular we’ve been lucky enough to add 7 new smiling faces to our staff!

But with all these new hires, we knew that we had to get a proper system in place for dealing with all the new changes. In the past, we admit we were a disorganized lot, with random papers being thrown at new hires over the course of their first two weeks, messy parking situations with unhappy neighbors, sporadic training schedules, and delayed uniform and name tag arrivals. It wasn’t a pretty sight.

So the managers got together with our human resources department and came u...

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As any CEO or businessman or woman will tell you, consistency is key when it comes to being successful. Here at it comes as no surprise that we make tons of name tags on an everyday basis; and ultimately, we get a lot of return customers- therefore obviously consistency is crucial for us! But while most places may sell their items in terms of two, three, or even five, with name tags, it isn’t uncommon to sell twenty or more name tags in a single order.

As the economy starts to pick back up, more and more companies are hiring. And along with the new hires comes the constant need for new quality name tags. Here at our humble factories, we understand the need for buying and bulk, as well as the need to save time. This is why we’ve decided to make it as easy as possible for ou...

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Here at we get a lot of questions when it comes to name tags - and rightly so! The Wizard is a wizard after all and he knows his craft inside and out! But that doesn’t stop us from getting tons of the same questions every week.

What is the future of name tags?

What kind of name tag should I buy?

The truth is that whether you buy a metal name tag, a plastic one, one with or without a logo etc..etc.. is entirely up to you! We’re the experts who make the tags what you want them to be, it’s up to you our beloved customers to decide how to best utilize them and to tell us what works best for your business!

We work hard to provide our customers with as many options as we can manage to ensure that you hard working men and women get exactly what you need the first time around!

And as ...

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The world can be a scary place. Fully of uncertainty, bad luck, and terrifying twists and turns of events in our everyday lives. During the course of a standard 24 hrs, thousands are admitted into hospitals across the countries. Sometimes it can be for something as basic as a routine checkup, or as exciting as a baby being born, other times it could be as scary as a multiple car pileup on a highway somewhere, or a sudden debilitating pain that you can’t explain. Regardless of the reason, hospital and doctor’s office visits can be stressful. And while yes, doctors are on call 24/7 and come and go throughout the night, it is the nurses that often find themselves doing the heavy lifting when it comes to actually interacting with patients and their families.

Often overlooked, under appreciated,...

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So who exactly is the Name Tag Wizard?
Well given his recent makeover, he’s feeling better than ever and feels that it’s time to introduce himself to the world. So without further ado, I give you The Wizard!

Greetings and Salutations, my dear people!

My  associates have been spouting the limitless virtues of this internet for decades now and have insisted I learn its magical ways. Given my age of 512 yrs, this may take some time-but seeing as how I am a wizard and therefore possess magical capabilities, I foresee no substantial problems. However, this crystal ball I’ve used the past few centuries has gotten quite cloudy as of late, and may need recharging- leave it to Merlin who  bestowed upon me this ancient heap of rock in the early 1700's to give me something that needs charging.

Anyway. Wh...

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Nothing communicates that you are someone of importance more than a custom Desk Name Plate with your name etched across the front. They may be slightly more pricey than name tags, but far more classy and a sure sign of importance and status if done in the right style for your position and profession.

Shiny and proud, desk name plates are the perfect addition to anyone’s desk no matter if they are a proud and successful CEO, or even a trusted and valued secretary. Here at we offer a fine selection of quality custom desk name plates for you to browse and choose from. We showcase various styles and designs to ensure a perfect fit between you and your new desk accessory regardless of you or your employee’s position.

We know you and your employees work hard all day, so any notic...

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Here at we naturally get a lot of questions about name tags :

“What kind of name tag should I get?”
“What different types of name tags are there?”
“Will my logo show up on this background?”
“Which option is the most affordable?”
“Why exactly is a name tag important?”

That last one is a doozie for us, and as you can imagine, we decided to explain it to our faithful and loyal customer’s blog style! And the truth is - Well, how many times have you found yourself wandering around a store, looking for someone to ask a question who actually works there?

Well there you go.

Name tags let your customers know just who they can ask for help, a suggestion, or just information in general.

And while customers may seldom use an employee’s name when speaking to them about a particular issue o...

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Hospitals are busy places. Hundreds of complete strangers all converge on one building throughout any given day, most of the time under unsettling circumstances. In situations like those sometimes a smile can do wonders. Not to mention that when one is faced with so much uncertainty even the most basic of knowledge can be a comfort. Even something as simple as name badges can make a person who just sees chaos, find some sense of structure, clarity, and control.

And out of everyone present in a hospital, it is the nurses who see the most of the patients, therefore it is them who absolutely require the name badges themselves. Constantly looking after their patients, ultimately name badges just save time and remind their charges that they have someone looking after them- someone who has made i...

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