Name Tags with Logos and Magnets

We make sure your logo looks its very best on every badge! We also offer magnets so that your name tags stay in place and never damage clothing. Need another backing? Shop pins, clips and accessories.

Logo Name Tags with Magnet Fastener

Name Tag Wizard is an online leader in high quality magnetic logo name tags! Our full color printed name tags can be customized with names, job titles and official company logos. We offer color matching to ensure your logo meets your brand color guidelines. These full color badges come in various sizes ranging from 1" x 3" to 2" x 3" . Also shop full color oval badges!

There are many styles of fasteners for your name tags, but magnets are the most popular. Magnetic badges safely fasten onto shirts and thin jackets without leaving holes or tears. We don't suggest wearing magnet name tags with thick coats or heavy clothing since the magnet may not be strong enough to secure the name tag to your person. We also provide pins, clips, military bars and other fasteners for your name tag. Simply make your selection using the drop-down menu for "backing" when you've selected your product.

Click to shop all our magnetic name badges! We've put together an easy-to-shop selection of magnet only badges. Just customize with your text and logo and add to cart.

Our full color logo name tags are available in plastic and metal. Choose from gold or silver brushed aluminum, or pick from white, silver, black or gold plastic.