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He Who Must Be Obeyed

You can't miss a prominent sign like this "He Who Must Be Obeyed" playful title. Be sure that your office looks the most professional with the assistance of our 2" x 8" desk plates! Ideal for any work desk, purchase yours here!


He Who Must Be Obeyed
It's time to clarify for everyone at the office who deserves a brand new title. The "He Who Must Be Obeyed" desk plate is a great gift for a coworker. Nothing says says status quite like a high-quality engraved name plate! Ideal for almost any company environment, our 2" x 8" desk plates are customized to your specs and are available to you in a assortment of variations for your choosing. These types of custom desk plates are meant to be amusing and display good cheer to any desk. Get yours today!
He Who Must Be Obeyed