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Name Tags When You Need Them - How it Works

We understand that your company's need for name tags, desk plates & photo ID cards grows and changes as your company grows and changes, so we have made it as easy as possible for you to purchase these essential items as cheaply and frequently as you need.

Sign up for Free Shipping at NTW

1. Purchase Free Shipping for your account for a single low cost fee, for however long you need

Create a Name Tag Design and Repeat Orders

2. Next easily create and then save multiple unique designs for quick, simple repeat future purchases

Quickly Order Name Tags Online

3. Order as many products as you need - No minimum order amounts or limits on how often you purchase

Receive your Name Tag Order In Two Business Days

4. Profit - All products will be shipped from our facilities in two business days with $0 shipping costs to you

How Long Do You Need Free Unlimited Shipping For?

Pick Which Free Shipping Package Best Suits Your Needs

6 Month Trial

Not sure if this is for you? Choose our low cost trial and see how great it is! Just $25 for 6 months of free economy shipping.

$25 for 6 Months


1 Year

Ready for more commitment? Choose our 1 year option for just $45. You'll quickly see the benefits of our Loyalty Program!

$45 for 1 year


2 Years

If you're a regular customer of Name Tag Wizard, take advantage of our best value of 2 years shipping for just $80.

$80 for 2 years


Companies Who Trust Us With Their Name Tag Needs

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Have Questions? - Read Our FAQ

1) Can I Order as Many Times as I want? Are There Really No Limitations on Ordering?

Yes it's really true! You can order as many times as you want (no order too big or too small) and whatever you purchase will be delivered to you via economy shipping 100% free for the time period of unlimited free shipping that you have paid for. Not to mention we will ship your custom order from our facility in 2 business days or less.

2) Can I Cancel My Free Shipping Service Before it Expires?

As you are already getting great value pricing for our unlimited free shipping and we do not charge for our free shipping service on a per monthly basis (it's a single flat fee) we are unable to provide partial money back returns. That said if you are unhappy with the service you have received for any reason, we will do our utmost to remedy it.

3) Does Purchasing Unlimited Free Shipping Stop Me Getting Other Benefits?

Absolutely not, you can still make use of the same great benefits that we offer to all of our customers as standard. We will still provide you with free proofs upon request, save you money with any applicable special offers & coupon codes, as well as ensure that all your orders leave our facilities in 2 business days or less from your time of order.

4) Can I Purchase Unlimited Free Shipping For My Entire Company?

The unlimited free shipping service is tied to the individual account that purchases it and cannot be shared across accounts. It also cannot be purchased or applied to our VIP Business Accounts, as these accounts already receive special pricing, shipping rates, dedicated personal assistance & company store, as well as many other benefits.