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Fabric Wall Cubicle Pins

Our Fabric Wall Cubicle Pins are a lightweight, flexible, and easy-to-use option for attaching signage or other lightweight items in your work space.

  • Cubicle Pins for Fabric Walls
  • includes double-stick adhesive tape
  • Slightly adjustable after placement
  • Plastic & aluminum cubicle pins are ideal for hanging signage and lightweight decorations


Fabric Wall Cubicle Pins

Protect the fabric on your cubicle walls with our premium cubicle name plate pins, sold in sets of 2.

  • Made of high-quality plastic and aluminum
  • Included double-stick tape easily adheres to back of article to be hung
  • Long pin length for effortless installation
  • Pins can be slightly adjusted as needed
  • Recommended placement is 1/2" from top of article and 5" apart
Fabric Wall Cubicle Pins


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Customer Reviews:
Fabric Wall Cubicle Pins
Ordered pins for cubicle name plates

work perfectly!

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Fabric Wall Cubicle Pins
   1   Review(s)