Back to School Special Featuring Our PTA Name Tags!

back to school ptaRemember way back when you were just a lowly 6th grader starting middle school for the first time? Think back before your shiny new car, your snazzy apartment, and that awesome new suit you’ve been wanting for the past month. You gathered your pens, pencils, notebooks, and folders – grabbed your backpack and ran out to meet the bus. You found your friends and did your best not to act nervous or intimidated by the 8th graders who seemed to have everything figured out. You went through your first day of classes with ease and managed to find your friends in the lunchroom after a few nerve-wracking minutes- but “what happened to recess?” you asked and then you were told the horrifying news that recess was gone.

But despite your horror, the teachers around you tried their best to be welcoming and give you everything you would need to know to survive not only your first few weeks, but also the year ahead. And as the weeks passed you realized that there were even more fun events than in elementary school. Plays, bake sales, and talent shows are a common occurrence, and while we were all too young to understand what was going on then, we know now that all of these awesome events were the results of an awesome and organized PTA team.

PTA Meeting name tagsFor over a hundred years, Parent Teacher Associations have made it their mission to better the lives of not just parents and teachers, but mostly the children attending the countless number of schools all over the country. For years they have organized newsletters, countless events and fundraising methods all in the hopes of generating more money to be put back in to the schools for all the tools necessary for success. In today’s world, information and technology are constantly evolving, and as a result things like computers and textbooks become outdated in no time at all. Remember when Pluto was no longer considered a planet? Countless science books across the country that haven’t been replaced still say otherwise.

Getting your own PTA group up and organized can be a challenge. To help you out, the official PTA website has dedicated an entire page to helping you set up and organize your very own PTA organization, and a whole other page designed to give you some awesome fundraising ideas to get you started. Remember to order your name tags! For many years, Name Tag Wizard has worked to bring the very best name tags available.  The start of the school year has already arrived! Need a lot of name tags and need them fast? We’re proud to say that most of our orders ship within one business day of being processed.

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