Veterinary Name Tags Are Going to the Dogs!


With their furry little faces and ability to cheer you up no matter how badly your day has gone, it’s not all that surprising that our pets quickly become our family. So when they get sick, there is no doubt that it can be a terrifying experience. While, like children, they depend on their owners for everything, pets are unable to tell you where it hurts or what’s wrong. It’s the uncertainty and the fear that comes along with a sick pet that will drive you to the animal hospital in the middle of the night.

In those terrifying seconds, minutes, and even hours- you’ll find that it’s the most simple of things that bring you comfort. A warm smile, a shared concern by a complete stranger over your pet, and a veterinary name tag can be far more comforting than one might initially imagine. It might not seem as though something as simple as a veterinary name tag could make much of a difference in your mood, but it can.

In stressful situations like that of a sick or injured pet, a veterinary name tag tells you ‘this is a person who can help’. Unlike the average pet owner who may think they know everything about their pet, veterinarians have gone through extensive training to know just where to apply pressure, what tests to run, and what to test for. While you may think you know everything there is know about your pet, vets are there to tell you just why Miss Priss has been crying for 3 hours straight, or why Buddy has stopped eating.

Veterinary name tags also allow you to connect with your vet, not only are they qualified to help you but they’ve made it their life’s work to help animals as well. Being able to see their name lets you know who to send a thank you card to- it also helps to remind you that you are dealing with an actual person- a fact that is easily forgotten when people become stressed and scared.

At NameTagWizard, we offer an assortment of special name tags just for veterinarians. And because we know that some of your patients may not be the most calm of customers, we’ve added the option of multiple backings for your tag to help avoid rips and tears to your clothes!

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