ID Badge Templates

With our versatile and easy-to-use ID Badge templates, the possibilities are endless in identifying your employees.

  • Personal Identification – each of our ID card templates represents your team members' names and faces, which helps to foster genuine connections in the workplace
  • Scanning Capabilities – our barcode badge templates increase security in your workplace by allowing staff members to scan into different parts of your building
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Customize Our Photo ID Badge Templates

Our photo ID card templates make it easy to design professional photo badges for each of your employees or students. We have several pre-designed photo ID templates that can be customized with a name, photo, job title or grade level, and a custom company logo or school mascot. For increased security, we also offer templates that include a bar code or QR code. Our ID card templates are perfect for industries including financial, technology, medical, school and more.

Choose from vertical and horizontal layouts and multiple color schemes and designs. Our templates also include conference badges and temporary, reusable event badges. Simply choose the template that works best for you and add a name, photo, logo and other pertinent information. Our ID cards are made of high quality plastic and printed with our state of the art printing machine.

Why Order Photo IDs from Us?

  • Your order ships next business day!
  • You can choose from several pre-designed templates that are great for business, school, conferences and events
  • Our Design Wizard makes it easy to add names, photos, official company logos, art, bar codes, QR codes
  • You can choose from several fasteners including lanyards, clips, pins and magnets
  • No minimum order is required. Order one or as many as you need. Quantity discounts apply!
  • Easily add a list of names for multiple cards without recreating your design (Use "enable bulk item wizard" button below the design area)

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