Magnetic Name Tags

Magnetic name tags are our top sellers! We offer magnet badges in several styles, including plastic, metal, oval, leatherette and reusable! Easily add your text and logo and place your order. These name tags come with a magnet backing for no extra charge.

Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

Custom Magnetic Name Badges

Make sure your professional attire isn't damaged with pins and clips - order magnetic name tags. Our magnetic name badges are designed to stay put to shirts and thin jackets. We don't recommend wearing them with thicker materials because they may not stay on. Our magnets are adhered to the back of quality custom plastic or metal name tags. You can add names, job titles and company logos with our full color or two color styles.

We have put together this easy-to-shop collection of magnetic name tags that includes leatherette, plastic, metal and oval designs. Simply pick the style you like and customize with names and job titles. We have a couple of sizes available. You can also design your own name tags here. Our other options can feature a clip, pin or lanyard. Our custom badges are fully customized and shipped next business day.