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Holiday Scandanavian Pattern Face Mask

Holiday Scandanavian Pattern Face Mask

Stay safe and show off your holiday spirit with a Holiday Scandinavian Pattern Face Mask. Our non-medical holiday face mask collection featuring winter prints and patterns provide a safe, comfortable fit and add a fashionable, festive touch to all of your winter attire.

  • Face mask measures 7.45" x 5.45"
  • Material is 100% polyester
  • Elastic ear bands
  • Sublimated design
  • Comes with two non-woven, fabric inserts
  • Fabric filter fits into designated mask pocket
  • Includes two rubber ear loop adjusters to provide a custom fit
  • Machine washable in cold water on the gentle cycle
  • *Air dry, do not bleach, iron, or machine dry

How To Adjust Your Mask's Ear Loops

  1. Materials Required: mask, rubber adjusters, bobby pin or crochet hook
  2. Slip ear loop into bobby pin
  3. Slip one adjuster over the open end of the pin
  4. Pull adjuster down the pin onto the strap
  5. Remove the pin and repeat for the other ear loop
  6. Put on your mask and tighten adjusters to your preference
Holiday Scandanavian Pattern Face Mask