Custom Wall and Door Plates

Name Plates for Walls and Doors

Make a professional impression on clients, customers and fellow team members with customized wall and door name plates. Name Tag Wizard offers an attractive line of personalized wall name plates that are deigned for doors, cubicles and interior walls. We can engrave or personalize aluminum, gold and full color wall and door name plates for your office. Use our easy design wizard and customize a wall name plate for every member of your team. From banks to law offices and other professional office buildings, our customized wall and door name plates will add color and style to many types of business settings. We offer fast turn around and free shipping on orders over $49. Name Tag Wizard - your go-to for custom name tags, photo ID cards and business promo items.

FAQs about our Name Plates:

Do I need foil or magnetic tape on my name plate insert?

This depends on the plate model you choose. Some name plates slide into a holder. Other models require foil, magnets or double sided tape. For cubicle walls you may need to consider fabric pins to hold the name plate to the cubicle. For doors and walls, double sided tape is a popular choice to hold the name plate to the wall.

What kind of art file do I need to upload for a custom logo?

Vector art is best, at least 300 dpi.

What styles and colors of holders do you offer?

For cubicle or wall plates, the color options generally depend on size, however we offer black, brown, grey, tan and white.

When ordering online, how do I know which customization process is right for the art I want to use?

You can choose from UV printed full color plates or engraved. It's important to know that if you want your logo featured in full color, or matched to specific colors, we recommend ordering a full color name plate. Full color plates will be UV printed and can feature any color you need. If you want simple 2 color name plates, select an engraved name plate. Your art and name will be engraved to reveal the color of the material beneath.