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ADA Sign Square

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Design Your Own ADA Sign Square

Create a unique professional looking product with ease:

  • Follow a short guided design process
  • Add your personal information to make your product unique to you
  • Review a full virtual proof to make sure your product looks perfect
  • Boom, your unique design is ready to be made!

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If unsure if your design meets ADA standards please feel free to add a note on the notes tab to have us verify for you.



ADA Sign Square

ADA Compliance guidelines include the following:

  • Text must be at least 5/8" tall but not more than 2" tall
  • Text should be a block type font (Arial, Helvetica, etc) and be in ALL CAPS (unless explaining directions)
  • Braille is to be centered under the text but be surrounded but at least 5/8" space on each side