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Sku:   nurse-nt-dig-logo-3x1.5

Sku:   nurse-nt-dig-logo-3x1

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Sku:   nurse-lnt-3x1.5

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Sku:   nurse-nt-3x1

Sku:   nurse-nt-3x1.5

Sku:   nurse-nt-oval

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Sku:   nurse-lnt-sof-3x1.5

Sku:   nurse-lnt-sof-oval

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We know that when you live your life always on the go- you deserve only the highest quality products with the faster results guaranteed and we aim to please! That’s why nurses all around the USA count on the quality and great customer service that is expected from ordering with Name Tag Wizard! We make ordering name tags and photo ids as quick and easy as possible!

We here at Name Tag Wizard are firm believers in options, and as a result we've made an effort to provide our customers with as many custom name tag and photo ID options as we can manage. Choose from some of our stock templates from the selection below, or create your own design with or without your custom logo. Have specific size restrictions? Not a problem for our skilled professionals! At our factories, we have the skill set and technology necessary to create almost any size or shape name tag or photo ID badge you could possibly want.

Our name tags and badges not only come with the option of featuring you company logo design, but are also available in an array of font choices and various backing options. In the past, the majority of name tags were manufactured with that tradition pin backing, but after years being easily ripped from uniforms leaving unfortunate tears and numerous puncture marks, name tags with magnetic backings have been to grow in popularity. Every bit as strong and as sturdy as the pin backings, these magnetic backings will never damage your clothes nor will they ever come off unless you remove them yourself.

When you dedicate your life to ensuring the safety, comfort, and care of complete strangers, you deserve the very best that our fair factories can manage. We know that being a nurse is no easy job and we applaud all those who have decided to pursue this career. And with your busy schedule, we also know that you don’t have time to deal with mistakes, that’s why prior to us shipping out your unique custom order, our supervisors fully and thoroughly inspect you new name tag or photo ID in an effort to insure that the product meets our rigid code high quality, as well as your individual specifications.

Our nurse name badge and photo ID designs range from simple engraved text only name tags to full vibrant color name tags that are produced on your choice of high quality plastic or aluminum/metal to guarantee years of future use. We've worked hard to make it easy for our customers to order your custom nurse name badges! And as an added bonus, we've got a turn-around time! Order today- ship tomorrow! Please feel free to Contact us for a quick discounted quote for volume discounts. And don’t forget that we make re-ordering a snap- learn about our Corporate Name Tag Pages! Order your new name tag today!