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Name Tags are convenient wearable signage which allows people to easily identify one another. They display information such as company logo, job title, and position both quickly and efficiently and without so much more than a glance. Name tags are also exceptionally handy to use at trade shows and conventions. Order company name badges today for your next business function! Please note that most orders are shipped within 48 hours to ensure a speedy delivery!

Magnetic Name Tags are made by attaching a magnetic clip behind the face of the name badge itself. Magnetic Name Tags are great way to keep Name Tags fastened securely and hassle free without damaging one's clothing. It is important to note that magnetic name badges are NOT recommended to be used with pacemakers. Magnetic Name Tags are as easy to use as they are effective and can easily be applied or removed.

Engraved Name Tags are constructed with laser precision and are our most popular form of name badge. At our facility, we are capable of engraving custom text on your Name Tags as well as a company logo (only one color). To ensure a superior quality, we not only laser engrave but also rotary engrave for the best precision possible.

Employee Name Badges come with corporate branding and can be met to high end demands. Our factories have made Name Tags for a number of Fortune 500 companies and are experienced in dealing with high-priority custom name tag demands. Company employee name badges are excellent at promoting your unique brand with a friendly human element.

Personalized Name Tags We specialize in personalized Name Tags of all types and styles ranging from simple text only, to full color vibrant Name Tags. Perfect for almost any occupation or field, Personalized Name Tags are sure to be of the highest quality and effectiveness.

Full Design Uploading is one of the many options we have made available for those who already have a complete graphic file (minimum 300dpi) for custom upload. Not only are we capable to make your badges complete with custom options such as shape, and size, we all offer millions of color possibilities! If you do not have a complete name tag file ready, please feel free to make use of our Three Step Custom Name Tag Wizard.

Top Quality Name Tags

We guarantee your satisfaction with our professional Custom Name Tags. Name tags and Badges are reusable and can be personalized in professional styles to replace existing nametags or be designed from scratch. By following the steps to create your Name Tag we are able to provide you with the finest in name badges; including custom Engraved Name Tags, Magnetic Name Tags, Employee Name Badges and much, much more.

What makes Name Tag Wizard the name badge source?

Ease of customizing badges. Create fully custom badges with professional quality and without hassle. NameTagWizard.com makes the process simple and fast, we even offer professional design review to ensure the best transition of your badge vision to your hands. Multiple Name Tags can be made from your designed template to accomodate additional badges.

Scalability. We are not limited to any name tag production number. You are capable of creating that one badge you really need or if you have a large corporate employee badge order, we offer substantial bulk discounts. In any case NameTag Wizard does not include a setup fee for badges made using the custom name tag wizard.